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Accenze Project Management


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Accenze Project Management

  1. 1. AccenzeProject Management Private Limited
  2. 2. Mission & Vision Mission To empower our clients with value creation by delivering quality oriented project management and consultancy services through insight, intelligence and resources. VisionTo achieve highest standards of excellence in project management and consultancy services by upholding integrity and transparency. Accenze Logo “The seven bars of our logo signify progress all days of the week”
  3. 3. About UsAt, Accenze Project Management Private Limited, we are engaged in delivering multidisciplinary Project Management services since 1999. Over the years we have developed a deepunderstanding of project management techniques providing optimal solutions to complex challenges anddelivered projects on time and within budget.Customer service and value creation are fundamentals to the success of Accenze Project Management. Weact as catalysts to enable our clients achieve their goals using holistic principles, processes, tools, andtechnology. We possess the knowledge, technical skills, and experience to deal with every aspect of ourProject Management and offer unmatched project management consulting services with a clear focus on theneeds of our clients by taking responsibility at every stage right from the point of initial concept, design anddevelopment.
  4. 4. About UsWith over 1,900 employees (including employees of partner and affiliated firms), our track record of project deliverysuccess through innovative approaches and initiatives ensure effective execution of our strategies that forms thecrucial link between objectives and performances of our clients.As a strategic advisory, we act as an out-sourced business unit and encourage proactive ideation that results inmaximizing the return on investment and utmost satisfaction for our clients. Excellent market knowledge, industryprocedures and global Project Management trends and practices make us one of the best Project Management inthe industry.We understand that we do not exist without our clients. To that end, our employees in every office around theworld live by these simple guidelines: Prioritizing Client’s goals and needs. Enabling clients to make the most informed Project Management decisions. Customizing our products and services to suit each client’s unique needs. Being innovative and delivering best results always.
  5. 5. Why PMCWhatever may be the need – whether it is the development of a new product or launching a new service ordiversifying in to a sunrise industry, one need to have well defined strategies in place in order to make itSuccessful. A structured methodology that comprises of resources such as people, money, materials and timethat paves the way for successful implementation of the strategies is called Project Management.Irrespective of the nature of the project, project management typically constitutes the following components: Concept Initiation Planning Budgeting Execution MaintenanceThe key to successful implementation of the project lies in the ability of the organization to align with its overallmission and objectives to achieve excellence. A well structured project management enables an organization toconsistently improve its performances and also serve their customers better.
  6. 6. BenefitsProject management is the key business driver that ensures right moves with right specifications. Projectmanagement brings an organization a strategic advantage to consistently deliver excellence in the form of productand services, especially in today’s changing economic conditions.A sound project management methodology results in bringing in the following benefits to an organization: SPOC (Single point of contact for all the needs & in single roof) Reduce costs Enable quicker product to market Produce quality deliverables Provide customer advantageAt Accenze, our centralized Project Management approach enables us to achieve optimum coordination andmaintain high standards across projects that transform in to result oriented delivery with speed, efficiency andvalue. Our extensive experience, comprehensive approach and customized solutions add up to measurable valuefor our clients in terms of cost control, quality assurance and meeting the deadline.
  7. 7. Accenze ServicesWe offer end-to-end Project Management services encompassing the entire life cycle of the project from concept tocompletion. Our core competency lies in our ability to assess and integrate a portfolio of key initiatives and strategiesto optimize delivery. Our centralized Project Management approach, enables us to achieve optimum coordinationand maintain high standards across projects that transforms in to result oriented delivery with speed, efficiencyand value. Our services are creative, professional and in line with the objectives, need, environment considerationand safety requirements of our clients. Our specialized Consultancy & Maintenance Services: Project Management Architectural Services Facility Management Safety Audit Asset Management Corporate Services BMS & Integrated Security Systems Energy Audit & Green Housing Data Centre and Networking HVAC
  8. 8. Project ManagementOur scalable resources and customized solutions add up to measurable value for our clients.Our extensive experience and comprehensive approach to every project enable us to maximizevalue for our clients in terms of cost control, quality assurance and meeting the deadline. Weensemble the activities such as planning, scheduling and maintaining through an establishedplatform of integrated services to successfully achieve the objectives of our clients.Armed with a team of professionally qualified and highly skilled project managers with expertisein architecture, interior design, planning, construction, and contract negotiations, we provide agamut of Project Management Services. We effectively coordinate with the clients and monitorthe progress of the projects at every stage of implementation and accordingly submit the reportsto the clients.
  9. 9. Asset Management ServicesWe ensure measurable returns, using a seamless platform of business applications with a goal oftransforming assets into opportunities. Our solution-oriented professionals with extensive industryknowledge and consultative approach understand the needs of our clients and help them maximize thevalue of their real estate assets. We deliver on our commitment and maintain a healthy relationships withour clientsTo meet the unique needs of our clients, we utilize multiple business solutions to implement an individualvalue-augmentation plan for each asset – a plan to create add protect value with a focus on revenueenhancement, operational efficiency, letting / leasing and service excellence. We leverage our resourcesto set the industry standards in market knowledge, expense containment and execution.
  10. 10. Architectural ServicesWith a reputation for quality and professionalism, we provide a range of Architectural works that extends fromquality of space, integration of engineered services that leads to greater functionality.We design projects aesthetically taking in to consideration of our clients’ specific needs and maximize the spaceand accessibility besides ensuring safety. We take adequate care in designing the interiors and analyze the colorschemes based on the client’s business needs as we strongly believe that the right interiors stimulate the userscreative potential to extent and reflects in the overall performance.We also and ensure adequate natural sources such as light and air resulting in creating an excellent ambience.
  11. 11. Facilities ManagementWe provide clients with effective methods to reduce their operational costs, support customer service andimprove productivity. By leveraging our extensive facility knowledge, we enhance asset values while creating afunctioning workplace designed to meet the evolving demands of our clients.We simply ensure that our clients focus on their core competencies while we facilitate with the requiredmaintenance and support that ensures uninterrupted operations and results in better returns.We have specialized in preventive maintenance, especially in engineering services that includesIntegrated Security Systems, Data Centre and Networking, Electrical, BMS & IBMS and HVAC. We alsoprovide onsite engineers as well as undertake AMCs for the critical machineries and equipments of our clients.
  12. 12. Safety AuditOrganizations across industries have installed a number of safety and security equipments to ensuresafety of both the human lives and resources. It is important to keep such safety and security equipmentsin appropriate conditions so as to serve them during emergency situations. But sometimes organizationsare not aware of the exact working conditions of these safety and security equipments which may lead todisaster.As a preventive measure, we undertake internal safety audit for all critical safety equipmentssuch as Firefighting Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguisher, CC TV, Burglar System, Bio Metric Lock andAccess Control safety and security equipments.Except Electrical equipments, which we consider as part of Energy audit, we undertake safety audit forCritical equipments. We act as an external investigation agency and undertake the internal safety auditfor all equipments as per the government norms and accordingly certify the equipments to be fit to use inany emergency. Our experienced and qualified engineers will carefully study all safety systems andequipments, identify trouble shooting areas and carry out the necessary rectifications to ensure 100% functionality of theequipments and safety. By ensuring service and maintenance of the equipments, we Providing organizations to protectthemselves from the possible damages.
  13. 13. ClientsSundram Fasteners Limited - Autolec DivisionSundram Fasteners Limited - Data center - - ChennaiFirst Flight Couriers Pvt. Ltd - ChennaiGreaves Cotton Limited - RanipetSCL Logistic Inc - ChennaiCaterpillar India Limited, ThiruvallurVijaya Nagar stalls India Enterprises – BellaryCaruna Bal Vikas - ChennaiSeshasayi Paper & Board Ltd - ChennaiUnion Transport Ltd - ChennaiKrupp Industrial Ltd - Chennai
  14. 14. ClientsTVS InfoTech Ltd - ChennaiVizual Business Tools Pvt. Ltd - Tidel park ChennaiIIS Info Tech - ChennaiIndia Software Group - ChennaiYapin Software P Ltd - ChennaiQatalys Software Technology Ltd - ChennaiAithent Technologies P Ltd - ChennaiScandent Group Limited - Chennai.VLS Ltd - ChennaiNordson India Private Limited - ChennaiPharmexx India Limited - ChennaiSame DEUTZ – FAHR India P Ltd - RanipetRockwell Automation India P Ltd – Mumbai
  15. 15. ClientsRockwell Automation India P Ltd – KolkataRockwell Automation India P Ltd – PuneRockwell Automation India P Ltd – HyderabadRockwell Automation India P Ltd – ChennaiRockwell Automation India P Ltd – BangaloreRockwell Automation India P Ltd – PuneRockwell Automation India P Ltd – CoimbatoreRockwell Automation India P Ltd – SahibabadCetex Petrochemicals Ltd - ChennaiAmadasoft India Pvt. Ltd - Ascendas ChennaiUGS India Ltd - Bangalor
  16. 16. Contact UsAccenze Project Management Private Limited No – 3/5, Spartan Nagar, Annanagar West Extension, Chennai - 600037 Tamilnadu, India. Tel +91 44 26563313 HP +91 95001 74885 E- mail : Web –
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