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Oracle Technology Vision Accenture Technology Vision for Oracle 2019


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Accenture and Oracle are helping leaders create their way forward through innovative cloud solutions that drive growth and value with trusted data. Accenture’s 2019 survey revealed five technology trends leading businesses into a post-digital world that tailors itself by the moment—with data.

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Oracle Technology Vision Accenture Technology Vision for Oracle 2019

  1. 1. Accenture Technology Vision for Oracle 2019 Applying the New with Oracle Technologies Now INNOVATE TO CREATE YOUR FUTURE TODAY
  2. 2. DIGITAL-ERA TECHNOLOGY IS NOW EXPECTED FROM EVERY BUSINESS. Companies that weave a technology strategy to meet and even exceed these growing expectations will find themselves far ahead of the competition—and ready for a post-digital future. 94% of 6,672 business and IT execs we surveyed report the pace of innovation in their organizations accelerated over the past three years due to emerging technologies.
  3. 3. THE POST-DIGITAL ERA IS UPON US. Are you ready for what’s next? TREND 1 DARQ POWER TREND 2 GET TO KNOW ME TREND 3 HUMAN+ WORKER TREND 4 SECURE US TO SECURE ME TREND 5 MYMARKETS Understand the DNA of DARQ Unlock unique consumer insights and opportunities Change the workplace or hinder the workforce Use technology as the first line of defense in an interconnected world Meet consumers’ needs at the speed of now
  4. 4. DARQ POWER TREND 1 New technologies are catalysts for change, offering businesses extraordinary new capabilities. Distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence (AI), extended reality and quantum computing will be the next set of new technologies to spark a step change, letting businesses reimagine entire industries. Understand the DNA of DARQ
  5. 5. DARQ capabilities are continually being integrated into Oracle’s suite, such as: Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service, AI and machine learning (ML) predictive analytics, high- performance computing and Oracle’s clustered network. As a result, customers avoid the cost and risk of separately evaluating and integrating DARQ solutions. DELIVERING DARQ TREND 1
  6. 6. Technology-driven interactions are creating an expanding technology identity for every consumer. This living foundation of knowledge will be key to not only understanding the next generation of consumers but also to delivering rich, individualized, experience-based relationships in the post-digital age. Unlock unique consumer insights and opportunities GET TO KNOWME TREND 2
  7. 7. Oracle’s revolutionary new data as a service (DaaS) delivers a set of solutions that enable agencies, brands, media platforms and publishers to use data more effectively. Companies are empowered with detailed knowledge about who their customers are, what they do, where they go and what they buy. DETAILS ARE IN THE DATA TREND 2
  8. 8. Workforces are becoming human+: each individual worker is empowered by their skillsets and knowledge plus a new, constantly growing set of capabilities made possible through technology. Now, companies must adapt the technology strategies that successfully created this next-generation workforce to support a new way of working in the post-digital age. Change the workplace or hinder the workforce HUMAN+ WORKER TREND 3
  9. 9. Combining AI, ML and DaaS, Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud aims to deliver a best-in-class employee experience. The Accenture Digital Assistant for Oracle Cloud uses sophisticated chatbots operating as “associates” to learn and become part of an organization’s ecosystem. PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST TREND 3
  10. 10. While ecosystem-driven business depends on interconnectedness, those connections increase companies’ exposure to risks. Leading businesses are recognizing that just as they already collaborate with entire ecosystems to deliver best-in-class products, services and experiences, it’s time security joins that effort as well. Use technology as the first line of defense in an interconnected world SECUREUS TO SECUREME TREND 4
  11. 11. Oracle Cloud Suite leverages a state-of-the-art security operations center. AI, ML, layered security and patching are used to protect against hackers. Plus, a major benefit of the Oracle Autonomous Database is that security is controlled and managed by Oracle, and any necessary updates or patches are applied without downtime. A WIDER FOCUS ON SECURITY TREND 4
  12. 12. Technology is creating a world of intensely customized and on-demand experiences, and companies must reinvent their organizations to find and capture those opportunities as they come. That means viewing each opportunity as if it’s an individual market—a momentary market. Meet consumers’ needs at the speed of now MYMARKETS TREND 5
  13. 13. Accenture and Oracle are delivering solutions that get to the one-to-one level of personalization, such as: Oracle Eloqua that helps transform large amounts of data into specific personalization recommendations, and Oracle CX Unity and Oracle ID Graph that help clients effectively analyze and use data about customer behaviors. ONE-TO-ONE PERSONALIZATION TREND 5
  14. 14. MyConcerto is the insight-driven, digitally integrated platform that we use to help clients envision, innovate, develop and deliver end-to-end Oracle technology- based solutionsfrom business case and roadmap through delivery and continuous improvement. ACCENTURE MYCONCERTO
  15. 15. THANK YOU #TechVision2019 #Oracle