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Enterprise Cloud Services - Accenture Google Cloud Business Group


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Modernizing your enterprise infrastructure by migrating workloads to the cloud with managed services tailored for Google Cloud.

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Enterprise Cloud Services - Accenture Google Cloud Business Group

  1. 1. 500,000 workloads migrated (and counting) leveraging Accenture's migration tools and methodology. Work with the right partner, with the capabilities and the expertise, to make your cloud journey swift, smooth and secure. A solution that’s scalable. Services that meet your individual size, demands and varying capacity requirements. Business agility, now. Move apps to Google Cloud Platform, utilizing next-generation automation and deployment technology. Powerful data and analytics. Robust cloud features in AI and machine learning make finding answers faster, building better products possible, and fueling inspiring applications. Push computing limits. Harness data insights. Drive results sooner. Stay ahead of the competition JourneytotheCloud The 3 key phases of cloud migration explained: Accenture Enterprise Cloud Services. Accelerating your company’s digital transformation and empowering your business. Ready to tap the cloud for the business agility, speed to market and innovation? Reach out to and talk to us about accelerating cloud adoption. Copyright © 2019 Accenture. All rights reserved. Accenture and its logo are trademarks of Accenture. Google Cloud and it's logo are trademarks of Google. Getting your roadmap right Navigating implementation and migration Managing cloud services effectively 1 Strategy, assessment and roadmap. Defining your strategy, vision, target architecture and roadmap. Imparting insights and prioritizing planning to maximize cloud capabilities. Result Your business, in the cloud, sooner. 2 Cloud transformation and migration. Providing the tools and processes for moving and modernizing applications, building cloud-based apps and infrastructure. Result A new operating model for your business for innovating more quickly, effectively and efficiently. 3 Cloud management and optimization. With a Cloud Management Platform (CMP), fostering innovation while providing services and advanced analytics for precision cost control, governance, security and accountability. Result Optimizing your cloud investment. Equipping you with the confidence to manage your cloud environment and legacy assets. Proprietary features and advanced methodologies. Accelerated migration and optimization of your application estate. A rapid move to Google Cloud with Accenture ENTERPRISE WORKLOADAND DATAMIGRATION MADEEASY