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Accenture Technology Vision for SAP Solutions


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Accenture Technology Vision for SAP Solutions 2018 discovers how to infuse the DNA of an intelligent enterprise through agile processes.

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Accenture Technology Vision for SAP Solutions

  1. 1. Infusing intelligence everywhere with “NEW SAP” ACCENTURE TECHNOLOGY VISION FOR SAP® SOLUTIONS
  2. 2. The priority objective? Infuse the DNA of an Intelligent Enterprise EVERY BUSINESS IN EVERY INDUSTRY MUST CHANGE TO UNLEASH THE POTENTIAL OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES. • Innovation at speed • Always-on intelligence for better interactions • Value release through data, analytics and new business models
  3. 3. WHY? SAP systems run many businesses and hold the data and processes that provide the foundation for the intelligent enterprise. WHAT ARE THEY? • Real-time systems of record eg SAP S/4HANA® • SAP Customer Experience eg SAP C/4HANA® • New technologies (AR/VR, AI, analytics, IoT) powered by SAP Leonardo and SAP Cloud Platform • Data-centric architectures powered by SAP HANA® NEW SAP® SOLUTIONS AND TECHNOLOGIES ARE PIVOTAL
  4. 4. CITIZEN AI Trend 1 EXTENDED REALITY Trend 2 DATA VERACITY Trend 3 FRICTIONLESS BUSINESS Trend 4 INTERNET OF THINKING Trend 5 Technology Vision 2018 INTELLIGENT ENTERPRISE UNLEASHED Five key technology trends are shaping the future of business How can new SAP solutions and technologies unleash the intelligent enterprise?
  5. 5. CITIZEN AI AI is becoming pervasive. It must also be responsible. Put AI at the heart of business with SAP Leonardo. Accenture is already putting this trend to work, developing new applications based on SAP Leonardo and SAP Cloud Platform for our clients. Examples include: Herbot ― uses conversational AI and deep learning to revolutionize employee experience Mona Lisa ― an intelligent, self-learning assistant that makes interactions with SAP systems easy Field Force Drone ― uses computer vision, machine learning and IoT for field inspections and issue detection Trend 1
  6. 6. Trend 2 EXTENDED REALITY Removing the distance between people, information and experiences Extended reality connected to SAP S/4HANA for better results. Accenture uses extended reality technologies in new SAP Leonardo-based applications. Examples include: Virtual Bionics ― uses VR to help people with amputations become accustomed to and use prosthetics quicker and with more confidence Augmented Warehouse ― enables mobile 3D navigation to support more efficient and faster stock picking
  7. 7. Trend 3 DATA VERACITY Maximizing trust in a data-driven world Accenture’s data-driven applications using SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Leonardo machine learning, SAP Leonardo IoT and SAP Advanced and Predictive Analytics generate new value for our clients. Examples include: Shipping Rate Predictor ― uses machine learning, IoT and predictive analytics to track shipping fleets, forecast supply and demand and predict future shipping rates Payables Optimizer ― uses advanced analytics to provide actionable recommendations for working capital improvement, cost/discount optimization and process effectiveness
  8. 8. Trend 4 Using blockchain and microservices on SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo, we’re helping clients leverage the “new SAP” as an open platform to expand and extend their business partner networks. Examples include: Pharmachain ― uses blockchain and IoT to manage pharmaceutical product tracking in real time, preventing fraud across the supply chain Customer Experience Cockpit ― provides customer-centric views across SAP S/4HANA and SAP C/4HANA, enabling asset location, status alerts, and service instructions for field forces through AR FRICTIONLESS BUSINESS Rearchitecting the enterprise for ecosystem growth
  9. 9. Trend 5 Accenture’s SAP Leonardo-based applications power new connectivity and intelligence for our clients. Examples include: Well Performance Dashboard ― digitizes upstream processes to deliver better, faster and more automated decisions and forecasts New Supply ― uses SAP Leonardo IoT, RFID, geo-fencing and video analytics to track and optimize end-to-end inbound logistics INTERNET OF THINKING Supporting intelligent environments
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