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The Future Belongs to Intelligent Operations


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New research from Accenture and HfS reveals that the future belongs to organizations with Intelligent Operations: Those that use diverse data driven by applied intelligence and human ingenuity to empower insight-led decision making, exceptional customer experiences and breakthrough business outcomes. Read the full report at

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The Future Belongs to Intelligent Operations

  2. 2. ADAPT, TRANSFORM OR BE LEFT BEHIND New research* from Accenture and HfS reveals that The Future Belongs to Intelligent Operations: Those organizations that harness diverse data driven by applied intelligence and human ingenuity to empower insight-led decision making, superior customer experiences and breakthrough business outcomes.
  3. 3. To survive and thrive today and tomorrow, enterprises must be able to act quickly—with intelligence, insight, and confidence—to changes in the competitive and customer landscape. Agility, flexibility, and responsiveness are now the keys to enhancing and optimizing the customer experience and delivering superior business outcomes.
  4. 4. 50% ENHANCE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Designing a customer experience strategy is the top driver of better operational agility, but 50% say their back office is not keeping pace with requirements to support evolving customer expectations. 80% KEEP UP WITH DISRUPTORS Nearly 80% of organizations are concerned with disruption and competitive threats, especially from new digital-savvy entrants. 80% ENABLE DATA-DRIVEN PREDICTIVE DECISIONS But almost 80% estimate that 50% to 90% of their data is unstructured and largely inaccessible. ORGANIZATIONS BALANCING MULTIPLE PRIORITIES
  5. 5. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 INNOVATIVE TALENT DATA-DRIVEN BACKBONE APPLIED INTELLIGENCE LEVERAGING THE POWER OF THE CLOUD SMART PARTNERSHIP ECOSYSTEM FIVE ESSENTIALS OF INTELLIGENT OPERATIONS When combined, these five ingredients can drive the required step-change and lasting transformation that companies need to compete today and in the future.
  6. 6. FIVE ESSENTIALS OF INTELLIGENT OPERATIONS #1 INNOVATIVE TALENT Organizations need creative and entrepreneurial talent who understand digital technologies, industry and functional priorities. Finding such people will require a much more agile human resources function and strategic partnering. 50% Ranked creativity and entrepreneurial spirit as the top workforce requirement today. But nearly half believe HR talent acquisition is not keeping up with the needs of the business. 1/2
  7. 7. #2 DATA-DRIVEN BACKBONE Structured and unstructured data across internal and external ecosystems is the backbone for breakthrough insights. FIVE ESSENTIALS OF INTELLIGENT OPERATIONS 92% Believe the ability to make data-driven decisions will have a major impact on achieving business goals. But in over 80% of organizations, 50% to 90% of unstructured data goes unused. 80%
  8. 8. #3 APPLIED INTELLIGENCE Integrated Automation, Smart Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence can help companies transform operations. But using those tools effectively requires human ingenuity and business- savvy talent. FIVE ESSENTIALS OF INTELLIGENT OPERATIONS 90% Nearly 90% believe automation and AI will help them achieve their business goals. Over 50% stated it takes months or years for business functions to change in response to business needs. 50%
  9. 9. #4 LEVERAGING THE POWER OF CLOUD Cloud ties together all the ingredients of Intelligent Operations, integrating diverse data across platforms in a secure environment with significant cost and speed-to-market advantages. FIVE ESSENTIALS OF INTELLIGENT OPERATIONS 90% Over 90% expect cloud- enabled capabilities such as plug-and-play digital services and enterprise- grade holistic security. But 49% still have legacy technology across half their enterprise functions. 49%
  10. 10. #5 90% Over 90% said working closely with partners will be important to meet business objectives. Said new ways of partnering across the ecosystem is a top- three talent need. SMART PARTNERSHIP ECOSYSTEM The ecosystem brings complementary skill sets and new technologies to drive innovation. 46% FIVE ESSENTIALS OF INTELLIGENT OPERATIONS
  11. 11. ARE YOUR BUSINESS OPERATIONS FUTURE-PROOF? FIVE QUESTIONS ALL ORGANIZATIONS MUST SUCCESSFULLY ADDRESS TO ENSURE THEIR FUTURE VIABILITY Do you have the right talent to navigate the future? 1 Can you get to the right data to drive real transformation? 2 Are you deploying applied intelligence to innovate faster? 3 Is your infrastructure agile and flexible to anticipate customer requirements? 4 Are you establishing smart partnerships and fully leveraging their innovation potential? 5
  12. 12. BECOME THE INTELLIGENCE ENGINE FOR YOUR BUSINESS Answering that call will require a fundamental shift in operations strategy and powerful new capabilities. With Intelligent Operations organizations can drive superior decision-making, exceptional customer experiences and breakthrough business outcomes and act swiftly to steer a new course with confidence.
  13. 13. SURVEY DEMOGRAPHICS The Future Belongs to Intelligent Operations, 460 enterprise respondents survey, 2017, HfS Research and Accenture. INDUSTRY FUNCTIONAL AREA JOB TITLE REVENUE U$D RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The research is based on the responses of 460 participants that are involved in buying decisions related to technology and services. The interviews were conducted in Q3 2017 with a combination of telephone and online surveys, with follow up to open in-depth questions. 39 25 21 98 96 56 45 41 39 HR Supply Chain/ Logistics Customer Care IT Finance & Accounting Procurement Shared Services/ Operations Marketing Sales <$10Bn >$10Bn Between $3B & $10B (322) Greater than $10B (138) Total responses: 460 163 100 119 78 Director VP Senior VP CEO 35% 22% 26% 17% 60 53 50 35 34 33 32 32 31 31 31 20 18 Retail Banking Consumer Goods High Tech Software & Platform Oil & Gas Utilities Energy Healthcare Insurance Life Sciences Telecom Chemicals 12 COUNTRIES SURVEYED US (130) NA Canada (30) UK (30) EALA Germany (30) France (30) Italy (30) Spain (30) Brazil (30) Australia (30) APAC Japan (30) Singapore (30) China (30)
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