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Adopting Cloud with Conviction


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You’re headed toward the cloud. But what about your legacy organization? Accenture’s implementation experience points to three ways you can effectively manage your cloud strategy while always keeping your legacy organization in mind.

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Adopting Cloud with Conviction

  1. 1. HOW DO YOU LEAD INTO THE FUTURE Are you ready for the challenges of adding cloud to your legacy operations?
  3. 3. DO SYNERGIES EXIST BETWEEN YOUR LEGACY OPERATION AND THE NEW BUSINESS? Operationally, companies need to reconcile their legacy, standard operating procedures with the cloud organization’s organic agility.
  4. 4. WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO INTEGRATE LEGACY IT RESOURCES WITH CLOUD RESOURCES AND SYSTEMS? Until the company has solidly integrated the new cloud-based capabilities, they must learn how to operate in a multi-speed way.
  5. 5. WITH CONVICTION, STRONG OPERATIONAL ALIGNMENT AND A CLEAR EXECUTION ROADMAP You can successfully integrate your cloud business at the operational level
  6. 6. CONSIDER THE OPERATING MODE CHALLENGES You need to reconcile legacy standard operating procedures with the cloud organization’s organic agility. In some cases, that will require introducing multi-speed IT strategies and reskilling for employees to function in the cloud environment. You don’t want the digital platform to become just another box on the org chart. This is the transformation engine you need to compete, so IT and business leadership need the conviction to say “Get on board.” INTEGRATE WITH CONVICTION CREATE A DETAILED PLAN FOR CLOUD ADOPTION Make a clear-eyed assessment about how to position the cloud organization in the larger enterprise, then create your strategy.
  7. 7. USING CLOUD TO FUEL DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION With Accenture’s help, Towergate has rotated to “the new” by migrating its IT infrastructure to the Azure Cloud, deploying new telephony and network solutions, and establishing a digitally enabled work environment. SUCCESS Achieve approximately 30% annual run rate cost savings, which translate into savings of about £4 million (US$5 million) per year, improve user experiences with new tools, a single service desk and enhanced self-service capabilities, more easily collaborate across departments, thereby making the company more agile and responsive to customer needs, reduce IT incidents and outages, and make better, faster decisions, based on greater visibility into its operations. LEARNING FROM CLOUD-BASED TRANSFORMATIONS
  8. 8. MOVING HEALTHCARE TO THE CLOUD AVALON HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS Avalon Healthcare Solutions wanted to accelerate service delivery with a 100% cloud-based claims editor. SUCCESS Accenture helped develop a portal for providers, patients and health plans to provide appropriate access to data, claims and prior authorization. Avalon can now edit up to 150K claims an hour (856 milliseconds) with 99% uptime and 99.5% accuracy. Infrastructure, network and security devices from the cloud. LEARNING FROM CLOUD-BASED TRANSFORMATIONS
  9. 9. SERIOUS ABOUT CLOUD?WAYS TO HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN3HERE ARE How to adopt cloud with conviction
  10. 10. Create a top-to-bottom agile organization, not just in development but for every area of the company. Manage projects and services in “sprints and scrums” with clearly assigned responsibilities. GO AGILE2 Reduce IT drag; embark on a lean mission for workloads and de-commission services you no longer use. GET RID OF EXCESS BAGGAGE 3 Train employees in cloud solutions, tools and apps. Make a “cloud first” pledge for all your future innovations. GET THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION ON BOARD 1
  11. 11. WITH CLOUD, THERE’S NO EASY BUTTON ADOPTING CLOUD WITH CONVICTION REQUIRES • Resolute leadership • Strong operational alignment • A clear execution roadmap
  12. 12. FIND OUT MORE WWW.ACCENTURE.COM/CLOUDCONVICTION HOW CAN YOU ENSURE CLOUD INNOVATION DELIVERS? Copyright (C) 2018 Accenture. All rights reserved. Accenture, its logo, and New Applied Now are trademarks of Accenture.