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Boost your AIQ


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Summary of Accenture report, Boost your AIQ, which analyzes what companies must do to improve their innovation strategy to achieve successful digital growth.

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Boost your AIQ

  1. 1. ar·ti·fi·cial in·tel·li·gence /ˌärdəˈfiSHəl inˈteləjəns/ also AI Artificial Intelligence is a constellation of technologies that extend human capabilities by sensing, comprehending, acting and learning – allowing people to do much more. Accenture believes that AI will be most successful if enterprises design responsible AI systems with built-in accountability.
  2. 2. FROM EXPERIMENTAL TO EXPONENTIAL CAGR Funding for AI startups annual growth since 2010 60% Number of AI patents for AI. Annual growth since 2010 26% Proportion of 5400 IT and business execs investing in AI in next 3 years. 85% CAGR CAGR
  3. 3. AI DRIVES GROWTH By 2035, productivity in key economies to grow by up to 40% ANNUAL GROWTH RATES COULD ALMOST DOUBLE BY 2035
  4. 4. DO YOU HAVE HIGH AIQ? Source: Accenture Research, see “About the research”
  7. 7. APPLYING YOUR AIQ Put people first. Define business goals before applying AI Create the future workforce by reequipping today’s people TECHNOLOGY PEOPLE Recognize the importance of data convergence DATA
  8. 8. APPLYING YOUR AIQ TECHNOLOGY PEOPLE Does your AI amplify the skills of your people? Are you integrating your AI with internal and external systems? Are your proprietary AI bets truly differentiating you in the market? DATA Have you partnered with companies monetize your data? Can you integrate data with your legacy systems? Do you practice Responsible AI? Can you reskill your workforce to stay ahead of automation? Do you offer continuous on-the-job training? Can your leaders manage diverse teams?
  9. 9. APPLYING YOUR AIQ – STARTUPS Embrace a platform approach Join the sharing economy TECHNOLOGY PEOPLE Automate internal processes to inspire external trust DATA
  10. 10. • Seed public-private programs to share resources and best practices in the AI ecosystem. • Strengthen the international AI R&D ecosystem through better G20 cooperation • Incorporate AI in the public sector itself and create new open data platforms to support AI development. • Support the future workforce, fostering inclusive workforce models • Embrace Smart Regulation to safeguard Responsible AI POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS
  11. 11. LEARN MORE Visit PAUL DAUGHERTY Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Accenture FRANCIS HINTERMANN Global Managing Director, Accenture Research MADHU VAZIRANI Thought Leadership Principal Director, Accenture Research LAURENCE MORVAN Managing Director, Office of the CEO