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Malaysia’s Digital Performance Index: Faster Than Ever


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Accenture conducted an evaluation of top Malaysian public listed companies across nine industries, using a well-established tool called Accenture’s Digital Performance Index (DPI) that has already been deployed across 42 countries in the world

With the findings, Accenture has identified areas for urgent acceleration and outlined five key imperatives that will put the country on track to digital success. To realise its digital dreams, Malaysia must move quickly and decisively to accelerate both digital adoption and transformation.

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Malaysia’s Digital Performance Index: Faster Than Ever

  2. 2. However, most Malaysian companies remain in the early stages of their digital transformation journeys. Many have yet to realise improved financial performance through the execution of digital strategies. DIGITAL OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND Digital is accelerating growth in the region - ASEAN’s digital economy projected to add an estimated USD1 trillion to the region’s GDP over the next 10 years. Malaysian government has set a goal of growing its digital economy to 20 per cent of national GDP by 2020. As part of ASEAN – the world’s third largest market by population – Malaysian companies can benefit from looking beyond national borders for new growth opportunities made possible by digital innovation.
  3. 3. MEASURING THEDIGITAL PERFORMANCE OFMALAYSIAN COMPANIESTo gauge the current level of digital transformation across corporate Malaysia, Accenture conducted an evaluation of top Malaysian companies across multiple industries, using Accenture’s Digital Performance Index (DPI). This index measures a company’s digital performance across four key business dimensions: PLANNING MANUFACTURING SELLING MANAGEMENT
  4. 4. ACCENTURE’S DIGITAL PERFORMANCE INDEX Insights into Malaysian companies gathered from analysing 42 business activities, 117 behavioural metrics, covering 4 key business dimensions, each broken down into 3 action points. PLAN SEE PLAN ACT MAKE DESIGN BUILD RUN SELL ENGAGE SELL SERVE DIGITAL STRATEGY DIGITAL PRODUCTION AND DELIVERY DIGITAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE DIGITAL CORPORATE CULTURE AND OPERATIONS MANAGE ASSESS IMPROVE RENEW
  6. 6. Make Plan Sell Manage Average DPI Score of Malaysian firms (Scores between: 1-4) See Avg 1.9Plan Act Design Build Run Engage Sell Serve Assess Improve Renew Malaysia 1.7 United States 2.5 Avg 1.7 Avg 1.7 Avg 1.4 KEY FINDINGSThough Malaysian companies understand importance of Digital for their growth (‘see’), it is yet to be translated into actions across the four core business areas
  7. 7. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MALAYSIA DIGITAL PERFORMANCE INDEX 44% include digital in their growth strategy 52% have launched new digital products 37% sell via configured mobile channels 57% use analytics for internal performance 44% have appointed digital leadership 52% collect information via social media 30% provide digital skills training 4% Just use M2M in their supply chain 26% haveinitiated digitalpartnerships 11% usedigitalintheir manufacturingprocesses 11% Onlyreviewdigital effectiveness 15% onlyprovide deliveryservices viadigitalchannels And 44% have digitalized current products But only 26% offer mobile payment options But only 11% use analytics to evaluate employee competence 19% use digital for real time inventory management But none have gone beyond the pilot phase But only 19% have a CDO whose role is not combined with CTO/CIO etc. And only 11% use analytics to manage their supply network But only 37% provide real-time digital communication But only 15% break silos with initiatives to adapt to the digital agenda Digital Production and Delivery Digital Customer Experience Digital Corporate Culture and Operations Digital Strategy MAKEPLAN SELL MANAGE But only 7% have a dedicated budget for digital programmes
  8. 8. HARNESSING THE FULL POTENTIAL OF DIGITAL Companies that achieve high scores across all four business dimensions are considered Digital Leaders. Based on the World Economic Forum’s Digital Transformation of Industries research, thosethat understand the value and importance of digital transformation are potentially 26 per cent more profitable, contingent on their ability to successfully transform the existing organisation. What can Malaysian companies do to become Digital Leaders - ensure their investments in digital technologies enable them to expand and increase financial returns?
  9. 9. FIVE IMPERATIVES FOR MALAYSIAN COMPANIES Accenture has identified five imperatives to accelerate the journey towards becoming A Digital Leader Put digital at the core of your business strategy Digital Leaders understand that their digital and company strategies are one and the same. Digital Leaders leverage digital channels to create unique interactive experiences designed to grab and retain their customers’ attention. Digital Leaders ensure that digital transformations are treated just like any other business-driven transformation – with the right structure, skills and performance measures in place. Drive fast, iterative innovation Create hyper-relevant experiences (for the customer) Create flexible structures that cut across silos Leverage the ecosystem What differentiates Digital Leaders is not that they drive innovation, but rather the way in which they do so: intelligently, quickly, and with permission to fail. Digital Leaders enter into new and often unconventional partnerships to enhance their digital capabilities when buildingin-house capabilities may not be feasible. 1 2 3 4 5