B2C Lead Nurture Opportunities


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Many B2B companies nurture leads due to their long sales cycles. Today's B2C companies can apply lead nurturing philosophy to segment contacts + differentiate messaging. Learn key steps + see actual lead nurture emails from top B2C brands.

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B2C Lead Nurture Opportunities

  1. 1. B2C LEAD NURTURE OPPORTUNITIES Wordsmakeadifference. Choosewiseones.
  2. 2. Lead Nurturing is the process by which leads are tracked and converted into sales qualified leads. Forrester Group
  3. 3. Used in B2B due to long sales cycles
  4. 4. More B2C companies are applying lead nurturing to convert prospects and keep customers engaged.
  5. 5. Focuses on contacts' position in the sales cycle Delivers targeted, need-based messages What B2B lead nurturing does
  6. 6. Retention: Build loyalty, cross-sell + upsell Onboarding: Assimilate new customers Accelerate: Remove roadblocks to purchase Why Us: Explain how you solve problems Educate: Get prospects ready to talk to sales Welcome: Greet new subscribers Types of B2B nurture campaigns
  7. 7. Engaged How they behave Make them feel special Open emails + click often Visit your website regularly Have made on or more purchases Like + share your social posts
  8. 8. Shows appreciation for loyalty Offers access to tips + insights Highlights special offer preview What works in this email?
  9. 9. Invites customers to exclusive club Details club benefits Offers thanks for loyalty What works in this email?
  10. 10. Interested How they behave Give them a reason to buy Have visited your website Open emails sometimes Have never made a purchase How they behave
  11. 11. Thanks contact for interest Explains next steps Allows contact control over interactions What works in this email?
  12. 12. Notes recent web visit Offers incentive for first order Highlights convenience features What works in this email?
  13. 13. InactiveHow they behave Grab their attention May have purchased before Rarely or never open emails
  14. 14. Makes contact feel missed Offers incentive discount Includes direct webiste link What works in this email?
  15. 15. Emphasizes ease of service Includes clear instructions Links to online account What works in this email?
  16. 16. Take a lifecycle approach to lead management Differentiate messages by customer segment Apply B2B lead nurturing in B2C
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