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(ATS6-APP03) Thomson Rueters Content used in Acclrys Pipeline Pilot


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(ATS6-APP03) Thomson Rueters Content used in Acclrys Pipeline Pilot

  1. 1. (ATS6-APP03) THOMSON RUETERS CONTENTUSED IN PIPELINE PILOTMay 2013Richard LingardDirector of Partnership DevelopmentThomson Reuters Life Sciences
  2. 2. MePost Lunch Coma
  3. 3. Thomson Reuters?
  4. 4. Much more than news
  5. 5. LIFE SCIENCES DECISION SUPPORT• IDRAC: regulatoryenvironment in 50+ globalmarkets• Value add explanatorydocuments and regulatoryIntelligence• IDRAC: design globalregulatory submission / drugapproval strategies• Newport: identify & evaluategeneric drug opportunitiesDrug R&D Drug Pipeline• Drug pipeline, deals, salesforecasts, select patent &scientific information• Generic Drug Intelligence• Current awareness andcompetitive intelligence• Drugs pipeline and patentcontent for early stageresearch• Chemistry, genomics,biomarkers & pathology dataRegulatory• Understand disease, selectdrug targets• Demonstrate safety andefficacy• Design experiments• Evaluate marketopportunities andcompetitors’ pipelines• Source and evaluatelicensing and acquisitiondealsValuePropositionThomson ReutersIntegrity‘By Scientists for Scientists’Thomson ReutersPharma & NewportIntegrated business andscience contentIDRACRegulatory decision supportDisease Biology• Manually curated BiologicalPathway maps• Chemistry, genomics,biomarkers & pathology data• Target discovery and drugrepositioning• Understand disease andenrich your pathway insight• Identify upstream anddownstream effects• Integrate proprietary datawith public knowledgeThomson ReutersMetaCoreBiological Pathway and targetdiscovery
  6. 6. SOME OF OUR INFORMATION:FROM DISCOVERY TO GENERICSLifecycleManagementDiscoverySciencePre-ClinicalDevelopmentPhase IClinicalPhase IIClinicalPhase IIIClinicalRegulatoryReviewGeneric Drug Intelligence11,000 launched drugs,70 world markets12,000 manufacturers300 US patent challengesRegulatory IntelligenceEnhanced regulatory datacovering 70 countries & regionChemistry2 million+ compoundsStructures, Reaction SequencesGenetic SequencesOver 32 million nucleicand amino-acid sequencesPipeline Drug Intelligence37,000 drugs in R&Dstatus, indications, licensingScientific Journals11,000+ peer-reviewedJournals, 12,000 ConferencesCorporate IntelligenceCoverage of 40,000 companiesinvolved in Drug DevelopmentIntellectual PropertyValue added patents from92 countries. Abstracted 30 hoursafter publicationBenchmarks & ServicesGold Standard Pharma R&DBenchmarks and ServicesBiomarkers6,000+ Biomarkers withover 200,000 usesHealthcare DataPatient data & clinical decisionsupport informationPathway Analytics1,015+ Canonical Pathways980+ Network Maps
  7. 7. CORTELLIS IS AN OPEN PLATFORM –SUPPORTING INFORMATION FLOWCortellisPlatformCortellis forInformatics WebServices APIsCortellis forInformation IntegrationSecure hosting“Push” information onto theplatform to consumealongside other databasesand/or annotate and tagcontent for sharing“Pull” informationfrom APIs directly orvia partnerstechnologies tointegrate into day-to-day workflowsProfessional Servicesteam
  8. 8. WEB SERVICES APIs• Industry-Standard way to make structured, “DeepWeb” content available to users– Works through firewalls– Many tools available to consume APIs• Two common protocols, we support both– REpresentional State Transfer (REST)– Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
  9. 9. PARTNERSHIP ECOSYSTEM“To enable better decision making for our customers by making ThomsonReuters knowledge available at the point of need.”Thomson Reuters’ content should be seamlessly integrated into our clientswork flow at the point where it adds most value.Relevant knowledge should be presented at the pertinent time clearing the wayfor our clients to make more informed decisions.
  10. 10. CURRENT SIGNIFICANT PARTNERSWorkflow automationBiologyELNVisualisationIP ManagementText miningInfo sharingContent integration
  11. 11. THOMSON REUTERS CORTELLIS®PARTNER ECOSYSTEMCortellis technology integrations enable access to content from anywhere.11
  12. 12. ACCELRYSThomson Reuters content in Pipeline Pilot.• Automated analysis of Thomson Reuters content combined with datafrom many sources, enables researchers to explore, visualize, and reportresearch results fast.• Content seamlessly into the Accelrys electronic lab notebooks• Use the quality of Thomson Reuters structured content to validate theaggregated disparate research data that Pipeline Pilot can generatePipeline Pilot addresses the modeling and simulation, informatics, and scientificbusinesses intelligence needs of research and development organizations.It can manage scientific information and rapidly adjust workflows, to optimizeresearch cycles, and respond to changing market conditions.
  13. 13. API PARTNER CONNECTIONS ROADMAPAPI Current partnersInvestigational Drugs CI Drugs, Deals, Forecasts,Companies, DiseasesTargets Active TargetsAnalytics Drug Development, Trials,PatentsPatents CI Patents(Trials, Literature, PressReleases, ConferencesRegulatory Documents, Guidelines,Global Comparisons, DrugApprovalsDrug Design SI Drugs, PK/PD,Experimental PharmacologyOntologies SI & CI Ontologies, Auto-IndexingOmics Genes, Proteins,Biomolecules, Interactions,PathwaysOmics AnalyticsGene VariantsBiomarkersThese partners connect to all the API’s*******Soon to be released
  14. 14. API ROADMAPAPI Current Q2 2013 Q3 2013 Q4 2013Investigational Drugs CI Drugs, Deals, Forecasts,Companies, DiseasesTargets Active Targets New version - Active &Putative Targets, improvedsearchAnalytics Drug Development, Trials,PatentsPatents CI Patents DWPIClinical Trials, Literature, PressReleases, ConferencesEnhanced Trials Coverage Segmented Trial OutcomesRegulatory Documents, Guidelines,Global Comparisons, DrugApprovalsDrug Design SI Drugs, PK/PD,Experimental PharmacologyDDIs Experimental ModelsOntologies SI & CI Ontologies, Auto-IndexingEnhanced auto-indexingOmics Genes, Proteins,Biomolecules, Interactions,PathwaysV2Omics Analytics Pathway Enrichment, List-processing, Network-buildingGene Variants Variant-Disease/BiomarkercontentV2Biomarkers Biomarkers
  15. 15. CURRENTLY AVAILABLE – 1/3• Investigational Drugs– Drug, Company, Deals & Forecasts Information fromCortellis and Disease Briefings from Integrity– Text and/or structure searchable• Targets– Target information from Integrity and MetaCore• Ontologies– Synonym mappings for drugs, diseases, targets & actions– Integrity & Cortellis (CI) taxonomies– Auto indexing text to Cortellis vocabularies
  16. 16. CURRENTLY AVAILABLE – 2/3• Patents– Patent Information from Cortellis– Text and/or structure searchable• Clinical– Trials, Press-Releases & Meetings content from Cortellis– Literature (DDF) content from Cortellis (text/structuresearchable)• Analytics– Aggregated trial information (including adverse events),patents & pipeline data from Cortellis
  17. 17. CURRENTLY AVAILABLE – 3/3• Regulatory– Regulatory Reports, Global Regulatory Comparisons fromIDRAC• Drug Design– Core Drugs & Biologics, Experimental Pharmacology andPK information from Integrity– Structure and text searchable• Omics– Biological objects, interactions & pathways from MetaCore• Gene Variants– Variant-disease and Variant-response data from Integrity& MetaBase
  18. 18. API SUPPORT• Support site at• Documentation• Sample Code• Tips & Tricks• Support community
  19. 19. THOMSON RUETERS CONTENT USED INPIPELINE PILOTMay 2013Michael HughesConsultant, Text Analytics (Technical Consulting Services)Thomson Reuters Life Sciences
  20. 20. Pipeline Pilot Case Studies• Accessing Thomson Reuters’ APIs to import andprocess data• PP Reporting Collection to create interactive viewsfrom XML data• Using the TR Investigational Drugs API to highlightrelationships between drugs, indications andmechanisms of action• PP Text Analytics Collection to identify ScientificKey Opinion Leaders from Web of Science content
  21. 21. Interactive reports from Thomson ReutersInvestigational Drugs
  22. 22. Interactive reports from Thomson ReutersInvestigational Drugs API
  23. 23. Investigational Drugs API: New uses forexisting drugs?• Drug names• Primary Indications• Mechanisms of Action• Company Information• Sales Data• Highest Phase
  24. 24. Investigational Drugs API interactive networkvisualisation: Live Demo•
  25. 25. Thomson Reuters Web of Science: AnalysingScientific Key Opinion Leaders
  26. 26. Thomson Reuters Web of Science: AnalysingScientific Key Opinion Leaders• Extract metrics per author e.g.– Total Number of Journal Publications (as first/last author)– Conference Publications– Total Times Cited– Number of Collaborators– Author keywords– Institution Address– Country• Build network files– Author A to Author B– Collaboration Frequency
  27. 27. Thomson Reuters Web of Science: AnalysingScientific Key Opinion Leaders• Major challenge: Author Disambiguation
  28. 28. Thomson Reuters Web of Science: AnalysingScientific Key Opinion Leaders
  29. 29. Questions?