(ATS4-APP08) Managing Notebook Configurations with Accelrys Deployment Manager


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(ATS4-APP08) Managing Notebook Configurations with Accelrys Deployment Manager

  1. 1. Managing Acclerys ELNConfigurations with ADM
  2. 2. What is ADM?• New way of deploying client behavior• Old way: MSI installer• New way: downloaded from server – (a lot like section-only releases)• How does it work – Users assigned to Accelrys ELN configs – On log-in, correct version downloaded – If right version already there, no download – Log-in occurs against downloaded/incumbent client
  3. 3. Kinds of ADM Entities• Release Packages – All binaries required to log in to Notebook – All binaries not otherwise available from Vault – Pre-6.7 equiv: An MSI file• Release Profiles – A pointer to a Package – All Notebook app-level configuration – Pre-6.7 equiv: A Config file• Mapping Rules – Ordered rules – Map between Release Profiles and Users or Groups – Unambiguously maps each user to a single Release Profile – Pre-6.7 equiv: Manual process
  4. 4. Story: Changing a User Over to a New Profile• User is having performance problems and you want enhanced performance logs• Do this: 1. Get the rules XML file 2. Add a high-priority rule for that user 3. Apply the rules XML file
  5. 5. Story: Changing the Configuration for a Group• A group has their own release profile and they want to install an add-in• Do this: 1. Generate a working directory from profile 2. Modify config file to register add-in 3. Test 4. Update profile
  6. 6. Story: Taking a New Custom Release• A group has commissioned a customized release of notebook which is now delivered• Do this: 1. Import release package 2. Generate working directory w/old profile & new package 3. Test 4. Update profile
  7. 7. Story: Creating a Customized Release Package• An extension must be added to an existing release• Do this: 1. Generate working directory from existing profile 2. Modify working directory 3. Test 4. Add profile & package 5. Point test users to new profile 6. Log in and test via ADM
  8. 8. Story: Promoting a Customized Release Package• An existing Release Package is approved to promote from your development to your test environment• Do this: 1. Mark package as released 2. Export the new package from Dev 3. Export the new profile from Dev 4. Import the new package into Test 5. Import the new profile into Test 6. Modify mappings so pilot group can test new stuff