(ATS3-PLAT09) Advanced Reporting Customizations and Applications


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The Reporting Collection offers many opportunities to provide rich and highly interactive reports, and “mini-web applications”. This session will cover a wide range of topics, illustrated with examples, including: Data Connector, Expression-readiness, Nested Reporting Elements, JavaScript examples, protocol linking, HTML Template, and Rich Tooltips.

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(ATS3-PLAT09) Advanced Reporting Customizations and Applications

  1. 1. (ATS3-PLAT09) Advanced Reporting Customizations and Applications Andrew LeBeau Advisory Product Manager, Product Management andrew.lebeau@accelrys.com
  2. 2. The information on the roadmap and future software development efforts areintended to outline general product direction and should not be relied on in makinga purchasing decision.
  3. 3. Topics• Data Connector• Expression Readiness in Reporting• Nested Reporting Elements• Protocol Links / Form & Work protocols / Protocol Function• JavaScript / Startup Function / Include / Data to & from JSON• Rich Tooltips• Canvas Components
  4. 4. Data Connector• Basic operation• Simple demo• As a form element• Scriptable• In SharePoint Works with Data Connector-enabled components
  5. 5. Basic Data Connector Operation Autowatch window Report: Full interactivity
  6. 6. Data Connector: As a Form Element• Example Protocol: Data Connector Select and Submit
  7. 7. Using the Scriptable Data Connector API (JavaScript API)• Example protocol: Scriptable Data Connector
  8. 8. Joining Data Streams: e.g., Across Web Parts in SharePoint• Use Component ID and Data Record ID• “join” operation on data streams• Across multiple Data Connectors
  9. 9. “Expression-readiness” in Reporting Components• Change some parameters to “ExpressionType”• Use PilotScript expressions to add functionality• e.g., Add symbol coloring and sizing to XY Chart
  10. 10. Nested Reporting Elements: Example• Nested Tile
  11. 11. Nested Reporting Elements
  12. 12. Linking Protocols: Building Interactive Reports and Apps• Three ways to link the first (calling) protocol to the second (work) protocol – Protocol Links: Work protocol execution is parameterized by user- clicks on the calling protocol report • e.g., clicking a point on a chart, or link in table – Form / Work protocols: Work protocol execution parameterized by user entering information in a calling (form) protocol • e.g., custom forms in Web Port – Protocol Function: AJAX version of a protocol link • More flexibility in how results of work protocol are returned to calling protocol report • Uses the Protocol Function and Dynamic Content Container components • See “Update Chart Axis” example protocols from Reporting Collection
  13. 13. JavaScript Components • Add JavaScript to a report • Call JavaScript functions after page load • Include JavaScript libraries or CSS • Convert Pipeline Pilot Reporting data records to JSON • Convert JSON to Pipeline Pilot Reporting data records
  14. 14. Example: Interactively Fit Curve To Data Example protocol
  15. 15. Example: Interactively Fit Curve To Data Fit Curve Excluding User Points
  16. 16. Example: Dependent List Boxes
  17. 17. Rich Tooltips (and JavaScript) Persistent and Repositionable Popups - Imaging
  18. 18. Rich Tooltip Example
  19. 19. Canvas Components• Set of drawing Waterfall Chart primitives• Can be used in conjunctions with XY chart
  20. 20. Why canvas?• Create new visualizations• Interact with images• Add content to XY Chart
  21. 21. Canvas components 1. Draw 2. Transform 3. Aggregate Aggregate elements, define Draw visual elements Transform their coordinates coordinate system, define dimensions of view Arc Label General Transformation Line/Polyline Rotation Oval Canvas Scaling Polygon XY Chart Shearing Rectangle Translation Slice Symbol
  22. 22. Image to Canvas Example (Nuclei and Vesicles) Data Connector When selections are made (canvas enabled charts, images, or tables), the corresponding elements on the other canvas are also selected Image Statistics Computes cell nuclei bounding boxes
  23. 23. Summary• Reporting Collection provides rich capabilities for creating interactive reports and web apps – Targeted for both scientific protocol authors – Developers (especially JavaScript)• Resources – Product documentation – Example protocols – Forum – “Masterclasses”• Contact: andrew.lebeau@accelrys.com
  24. 24. Extras
  25. 25. HTML Template Component
  26. 26. HTML Template: Example• Google Maps With HTML Template
  27. 27. HTML Template uses Apache Velocity, with Extensions http://velocity.apache.org/engine/index.html foreachDataRecord
  28. 28. The information on the roadmap and future software development efforts areintended to outline general product direction and should not be relied on in makinga purchasing decision.For more information on the Accelrys Tech Summits and other IT & Developerinformation, please visit:https://community.accelrys.com/groups/it-dev