(ATS3-DEV07) Web Service Delivery with the Accelrys Enterprise Platform


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Pipeline Pilot has been developed to operate within a service oriented architecture (SOA) environment. As such, the protocols deployed in the server are accessible as web services, either directly or wrapped via a number of language-specific client-side APIs. We will explore these options and look at some of the possibilities for protocol-based service deployment using SOAP and RESTful techniques.

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(ATS3-DEV07) Web Service Delivery with the Accelrys Enterprise Platform

  1. 1. (ATS3-DEV07) Pipeline Pilot as a Web Service Delivery Platform Mike Peeler Senior Director, Platform R&D michael.peeler@accelrys.com
  2. 2. The information on the roadmap and future software development efforts areintended to outline general product direction and should not be relied on in makinga purchasing decision.
  3. 3. Agenda• Context: Pipeline Pilot Clients• Pipeline Pilot Protocols as Web Services – Parameter-centric – Document-centric• Client Libraries• SOAP Services• RESTful Services
  4. 4. Pipeline Pilot Integration Points Client Integration Build clients that connect to Pipeline Pilot and run protocol services. Web Browser Run Protocol .NET Client Java Client Professional JavaScript Client Command Line Web Port SOAP Client HTTP Client Client Client .NET Client JavaScript Client SDK Java Client SDK SDK Pipeline Pilot Enterprise Server Web Apps Web Services API Admin Portal Help Portal Protocol Runtime Environment VB Script VB Script Run SOAP & Telnet / ODBC / (On (On Java Perl Python .NET SSH / SCP Program HTTP FTP JDBC Client) Server) Java Perl .NET VB Script Cmd Line Classes Scripts ClassesServer Integration REST SOAP Cmd LineExtend pipelines with new Service Service DBscomponents that integrateyour code, data and services.
  5. 5. Client Interfaces & Application Integration SOA Client Written with .NET, Java, etc. Level of Customization SharePoint & JSR-168 Portals Brid ge Web Part Enterprise Web Port Workgroup Pro Personal Accelrys Third-Party Productivity User Scale and Scope
  6. 6. Web Services API & Client SDKs Client Server .NET Applications .NET SDK Pipeline Pilot Server Java Servlets, JSP Java Applications Java SDK Web Applications JavaScript SDK XML Perl SOAP::Lite & SOAP Protocol APIs Database other SOAP libs Browsers, Http Http Clients Authentication Layer Allows cross-platform access to Pipeline Pilot services
  7. 7. Protocols as Web Services• Mapping protocols to Web Services – “Visual” Services – Parameter Style – Document Style
  8. 8. Demo • “Visual” service • Parameter-style protocol – Protocol web service settings • Document style protocol
  9. 9. SOAP Services• WSDL generation for parameter style – Inspect Web Service• WSDL-first for document style• Protocol & Folder versions• Security
  10. 10. Demo • Inspect Web Service • Working a protocol SOAP service from SoapUI
  11. 11. Client SDK Libraries• Common client object model• .NET• Java• JavaScript
  12. 12. Client SDK Object Model Pipeline Pilot 1 1 1 1 Server Pipeline Pilot 1 Component 1 Server Config 1 Database * Remote File 1 Job Manager XmldbItem 1 1 1 1 * 0..1 Job Status Pipeline Pilot * 1 ComponentInfo Session 0..1 1 Job Result * ParameterInfo
  13. 13. Demo • Calling a protocol from .NET client • Help Center – Client SDKs
  14. 14. RESTful Services• Beyond the CGI model• Representational State Transfer• Typically pass documents (eg XML, JSON) between client & server that represent state of a resource• Uses existing verbs rather than creating arbitrary function names – GET, PUT, POST, DELETE• Resources identified by URI, so URI mapping required to underlying functions
  15. 15. Demo • Working a protocol service from REST browser plugin
  16. 16. Summary• Client SDKs wrap server web services• Various styles of protocol execution via Web Services – Parameter-centric/Document-centric – Fixed/Predefined WSDL – Blocking/Polling – Security models – SOAP/REST• Developer Section of Help Center – Client Side Integration
  17. 17. The information on the roadmap and future software development efforts areintended to outline general product direction and should not be relied on in makinga purchasing decision.For more information on the Accelrys Tech Summits and other IT & Developer information,please visit:https://community.accelrys.com/groups/it-dev