Accelrys Announces Experiment Accelrys Announces ExperimentKnowledge Base (EKB) for Enterprise Lab ManagementEnterprise La...
Agenda: The New Experiment Knowledge Base Solution • Enterprise Laboratory Management:  Pillar of Accelrys’ Enterprise    ...
Enterprise Laboratory ManagementA Pillar  of the Accelrys Enterprise R&D Architecture      Modeling and                   ...
Delivering Core Services for Experimentation • Manages standard lab operations    – Flow of materials, samples,        req...
Applications Layer: Solutions built on ELM• Persona‐based interfaces to accommodate   all scientific personnel   – Electro...
Announcing Experiment Knowledge Base (EKB) :Packaged Professional Services Solution for ELM• Complex laboratory environmen...
Accelrys Experiment Knowledge Base:  Enabling  Laboratory Sustainability                                                  ...
The Problem:  Laboratory Complexity Slows Innovation                   Today’s S                        ’ Scientific Lab A...
The Problem:  Scientific Data Silos Lock Out Knowledge• Explosion of experimental data• Limited or no re‐use of data• No s...
EKB Manages the Experimentation Process        • Planning – Ad‐hoc or statistically designed experiments to           ensu...
Transforming Data Silos into Actionable Knowledge                            Ad‐hoc Query & Reporting                    S...
To Inform & Guide Future Experimentation                             Experiment Design &            Ad‐hoc Query & Reporti...
Accelrys EKB Empowers Breakthrough Innovation                                         Enable scientists to invent         ...
Benefitting Materials R&D                                            Chemicals   CPG      Agro         Petro     Manufactu...
SummaryEKB enables customers to develop better materials more quickly with fewer resourcesfewer resources                 ...
CONTACT INFORMATION:            Ted Pawela           Ted PawelaSr. Director, Product Marketing  ...
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Accelrys Announces Experiment Knowledge Base (EKB) for Enterprise Lab Management


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Today’s complex lab environments inhibit innovation productivity, slowing time-to-market and increasing costs. Improve lab efficiency, knowledge capture and reuse with a solution that quickly transforms scientific data into knowledge. For Chemicals, Manufacturing and Materials companies.

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Accelrys Announces Experiment Knowledge Base (EKB) for Enterprise Lab Management

  1. 1. Accelrys Announces Experiment Accelrys Announces ExperimentKnowledge Base (EKB) for Enterprise Lab ManagementEnterprise Lab ManagementTed PawelaSr. Director, Product
  2. 2. Agenda: The New Experiment Knowledge Base Solution • Enterprise Laboratory Management:  Pillar of Accelrys’ Enterprise  R&D Architecture • Accelrys Experiment Knowledge Base (EKB):  A New Solution for  Enterprise Laboratory Management • The Problem:  Complex laboratory environment blocks innovation • Solution Overview:  EKB transforms scientific data into knowledge • The Benefits: Laboratory Efficiency Knowledge Capture & Reuse The Benefits:  Laboratory Efficiency, Knowledge Capture & Reuse • Target Markets/Customers:  Chemicals, Manufacturing, & Materials • Conclusion
  3. 3. Enterprise Laboratory ManagementA Pillar  of the Accelrys Enterprise R&D Architecture Modeling and Enterprise Lab Data Management Workflow Definition 3rd Party, Partner Simulation Management and Informatics and Capture & ISV Apps Discovery Materials LEA Isentris Registration Pipeline Pilot ELN Studio Studio EKB Pipeline Pilot Enterprise Platform Scientific and Generic Services Data Management Services Work Work Experiment Experiment Instrument Instrument Reports Reports Request Request Workflow Workflow Interfaces Interfaces Notebook ORACLE LEA Biology Vault Experiment Experiment Virtual Data Mining Scheduling Scheduling Design Design Chemistry & Analytics LIMS Recipes Other Modeling Biology Registration Imaging & Simulation …
  4. 4. Delivering Core Services for Experimentation • Manages standard lab operations – Flow of materials, samples,  requests & tasks, scheduling.. & k h d li • Built on Pipeline Pilot • Shared across applications Shared across applications – Provides both web user  interface and thick‐client  plug‐ins  plug ins • Scalable across the enterprise – Within the lab, between  departments & across  business boundaries • Delivered in ELM Solutions Delivered in ELM Solutions
  5. 5. Applications Layer: Solutions built on ELM• Persona‐based interfaces to accommodate  all scientific personnel – Electronic Laboratory Notebook – Lab Execution & Analysis  – Experiment Knowledge Base Experiment Knowledge Base – More…• Thick & thin clients using same scientific  services• Compatibility with future laboratory  informatics solutions – All Accelrys products and services that  integrate with the lab will be delivered  in the Accelrys ELM in the Accelrys ELM
  6. 6. Announcing Experiment Knowledge Base (EKB) :Packaged Professional Services Solution for ELM• Complex laboratory environment prevents effective use of data and  information  creating inefficiency and blocking innovation information – creating inefficiency and blocking innovation• EKB helps customers to intelligently plan, execute, analyze, and  manage experiments related to the development of materials. l d h d l f l• EKB accelerates materials innovation by improving laboratory EKB accelerates materials innovation by improving laboratory  efficiency and unlocking the value from experimental data • EKB i EKB integrates with existing lab systems to protect legacy investments ih i i l b l i
  7. 7. Accelrys Experiment Knowledge Base:  Enabling  Laboratory Sustainability Experiment Analytical Planning & Methods• Packaged Professional Services  Design Solution for Enterprise Laboratory Steps Management Work Request &• Based on Pipeline Pilot and ELM Scheduling• Adds important “Scientific Adds  important  Scientific Services” created by Accelrys  Professional Services Equipment Materials & Samples p• Preconfigured user interface for  materials application domains  Laboratory  Software (catalysis, polymers, biology, etc.) LIMS CDS SDMS Reporting Visualization Instruments HPLC NMR GCMS LCMS FT‐IR EKB helps customers to intelligently plan, execute, analyze, and  manage experiments related to the development of materials.
  8. 8. The Problem:  Laboratory Complexity Slows Innovation Today’s S ’ Scientific Lab A Diverse Information Ecosystem f Labs Formulation F l ti Process Analytical A l i l Contract Groups / Teams Method dev. Method  Val Method Val Execution QA/QC Lab  Manager g Processes Synthesis  Biology Analytical Process Formulation Laboratory  Laboratory Software LIMS CDS SDMS Reporting Visualization Instruments HPLC NMR GCMS LCMS FT‐IR
  9. 9. The Problem:  Scientific Data Silos Lock Out Knowledge• Explosion of experimental data• Limited or no re‐use of data• No single source for search, analysis, or  reporting• No consistency in experiment planning &  execution• Existing systems don’t allow scientists to  extract knowledge from data • What experiments have already been  run? • What experiments should be run next? Laboratory  aboratory• Creating Big Business Pain: Software LIMS CDS SDMS Reporting Visualization • Experiments are repeated Instruments • Time & money is lost y HPLC NMR GCMS LCMS FT‐IR FT IR • Environmental impact (energy, waste)
  10. 10. EKB Manages the Experimentation Process • Planning – Ad‐hoc or statistically designed experiments to  ensure that the experiments can be correlated with other  similar experiments i il i • Execution – tracks the step‐by‐step workflow of experiments,  gathers data produced from instrument files, spreadsheets,  databases to eliminate manual piecing together of data. • Analysis algorithms for ad hoc analysis of experimental data Analysis – algorithms for ad‐hoc analysis of experimental data • Reporting – Configurable report templates with integrated  p g g p p g charting, scatter plots and interactive reporting options • Mi i Mining and Knowledge Generation – t dK l d G ti to provide statistical  id t ti ti l guidance on what experiments should be performed next.
  11. 11. Transforming Data Silos into Actionable Knowledge Ad‐hoc Query & Reporting Standard Reports• Imports/accesses  Query Builder Project  Report Job Report Experiment  Report scientific data from  Query Visualizer Site Report Managemen disparate sources t Report• Organizes Existing  Data D t• Enables Standard &  EKB Data  Ad‐hoc Data Queries Ad‐hoc Data Queries Mart• Enables Mining of  Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Existing Data Existing Data• Automates Standard  Laboratory  Software Data Operations (e.g.  LIMS CDS SDMS Reporting Visualization Reporting) Instruments HPLC NMR GCMS LCMS FT‐IR
  12. 12. To Inform & Guide Future Experimentation Experiment Design &  Ad‐hoc Query & Reporting• Guides experiment  Execution Query Builder setup, both ad‐hoc &  ddd Query Visualizer Standard Reports structured Project  P j t Report Job  Experime nt Report Validate Report Site  Manageme Report nt Report• Ensures Consistent  Experiment Execution i i EKB Data • Enables laboratory  Mart operations and tracks  experiment status Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)• Enables Design of  Laboratory  Experiments Software Reporting LIMS CDS SDMS Visualization Instruments HPLC NMR GCMS LCMS FT‐IR
  13. 13. Accelrys EKB Empowers Breakthrough Innovation Enable scientists to invent  Accelerate step out products more  step‐out products more The Innovation Cycle quickly, improving time‐to‐ market Build a corporate knowledge  More Value base that can be searched and  From Data data mined streamlining  supply chain, reformulations Scientists can find and learn  Scientists can find and learn Reduce costs from past experiments  less repetition instead of repeating them  saving time and cost
  14. 14. Benefitting Materials R&D Chemicals CPG Agro Petro  Manufacturing Market  Chemicals Chemicals ry Vertical M Formulations Segments Catalysis Polymers Industr Other Functional Horizontal Market SegmentsFor Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Laboratory Operations
  15. 15. SummaryEKB enables customers to develop better materials more quickly with fewer resourcesfewer resources Research Compliance + Development Lab Efficiency & Productivity + Innovation in Products I i i P d Manufacturing = Sustainable Science Sustainable Business 
  16. 16. CONTACT INFORMATION:  Ted Pawela Ted PawelaSr. Director, Product Marketing T d l @ l