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Millward Brown Case Study


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Learn how leading market research firm Millward Brown uses Accellion Secure File Transfer to transfer large files between external and internal users. Accellion Secure File Transfer makes for happy users and less IT burden.

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Millward Brown Case Study

  1. 1. Accellion Customer Case StudyMillward Brown Case Study
  2. 2. Accellion ConfidentialDownload this white paper to learn how this leading marketresearch firm uses Accellion secure file transfer to transferlarge files between external and internal users. Accellionfile transfer makes for happy users and less IT burden. Thisgives Millward Brown the ability to send and receive largefiles in real-time and eases the use for non-technical users.Millward BrownCase Study
  3. 3. Accellion Confidential“Accellion had been designed specifically to alleviate largefile transfer problems,” said Millward. “The solution allowsinternal employees to effortlessly transfer files to externalusers, who could then leverage the same Accellion applianceto return files to us without clogging email servers or placinga burden on their own IT staff. We were very pleased.”Kean Millward, CTO,Millward BrownCustomer Quote
  4. 4. Accellion ConfidentialMillward BrownCase StudyDownload Case Study
  5. 5. Accellion ConfidentialRead our other white papers to see how corporations andgovernment agencies are using Accellion enterprise secure filesharing to improve business productivity, reduce costs, increasesecurity and enable today’s mobile workforce.Access all of our case studies at: www.accellion.comAccellion Case Studies