Apo Predictive Analytics


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Apo Predictive Analytics

  1. 1. Predictive AnalyticsResults through Automated Project Office SMAutomated Project Office (APO) is an IT management solution that reduces projectdevelopment costs by up to 40% by preventing rework. At the same time, APO optimizesteam productivity by up to 30%. APO’s Predictive Analytics drive these improved outcomesbased on:• Early operational insight into potential issues• Enforced defined processes• Highlighting anomalies from historical trends, data, and metrics• Acceleration of the adoption of enterprise standards and best practicesTHE APO DIFFERENCEAPO’s Predictive Analytics is a step above traditional project management and portfoliomanagement solutions. Dashboards provide an executive-level view of emerging risks at boththe portfolio and project levels. APO’s Predictive Analytics measures include:• Rework Prevention Level (RPL). Since rework accounts for approximately 40% of IT project costs, rework prevention provides tangible cost savings. Rework prevention also drives increased stakeholder and sponsor satisfaction.• Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Relevant, & Timely (SMART)– Clarity of Task Assignments. If the project team members don’t have clear and specific assignments, the likelihood of successful project delivery drops dramatically.• Process Adherence Level (PAL). If the organization’s standard processes are not being followed, project success decreases and project cost increases.• Senior Management Participation Level (SMPL). A powerful early indicator of project success or failure is the level of senior management commitment.
  2. 2. APO leverages historical information, current performance, and industry experience to provide real- time visibility into potential project risks. APO’s early warning capability allows course corrections before major project issues develop. With APO, executives and program owners can maintain forward-looking visibility into their projects. The result is reduced project costs, increased project success rates, and higher satisfaction from team members and project stakeholders. APO tracks responses against key predictors of upcoming project issues. The predictors are based on histororical data covering thousands of IT projects. The key questions directly relate to major reasons for IT project failure. APO calculates predictor scores by analyzing current performance responses and historical trends. The scores identify potential issues and show where effort is needed to prevent future problems. A summary dashboard, as shown on the front page, provides an initial view of the four predictive measures. Measures in red are considered high risk and require immediate attention. Measures reported in yellow are trending toward higher risk. A project or portfolio with all green measures indicates a project that is on track to be successful. For each measure, detailed drill-downs and trend reporting help managers focus their attention precisely to realize the greatest positive impact. THE APO VALUE Several of APO’s Predictive Analytics are based on peer-reviewed research on IT project failures by Leon Kappelman, Mary Sumner, and Capers Jones. Reflecting on the value delivered, our customers have told us: • “APO tells project managers what they really need to know to be effective.” • “APO significantly increased our level of confidence for a successful deployment.” • “APO provides visibility into risks while they are occurring. As a result we are able to make mid-course corrections.” • “The early stage identification of future project problems is immediately apparent.” EXPERIENCE THE RESULTS Visit us on-line at WWW.AUTOMATEDPROJECTOFFICE.COM. Take the first step and sign-up to attend a short webinar, take an assessment, or sign-up for a trial. Experience how APO can have an immediate, positive impact on your organization. COMPUTER AID, INC. World Headquarters 1390 Ridgeview Drive Allentown, PA 18104 United States (610) 530-5000 www.AMIPlatform.com/APO© Computer Aid, Inc. 2011. All rights reserved