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“Our objective in using the                                                         Tracer tools, with Automated          ...
AUTOMATED PROJECT OFFICEAutomated Project Office enables managers and execu-tives to assess performance, identify risks, an...
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AmeriHealth Case Study


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AmeriHealth Case Study

  1. 1. “Our objective in using the Tracer tools, with Automated ® Project Office, was simple: Manage what you can measure.” Edward M. Figlar AVP, IS Solutions Delivery The AmeriHealth Mercy Family of CompaniesTHE CHALLENGE and staff. Work prioritization is made easy in Automated Project Office (APO) for con-The AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Compa- through Tracer. tinuous performance monitoring.nies’ IS Organization needed to manage In addition, as a managed healthcare orga- With a single-source of reference for alltheir organization like a business. They nization, the AmeriHealth Mercy Family of work, the AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Com-needed to: Companies is subject to government regula- panies IS Organization is better able to set■ Work with their customers to define the tions and subcontractor contract compli- schedules, assign staff, meet expectations, priorities of requested work ance. Under the Tracer suite of tools, they and deliver quality work to their customers. were able to organize that work in a “priority■ Align the IS Organization with their What does the Tracer suite in conjunction queue,” so that the business is keenly aware overall strategic goals with APO enable? Improvements in our of the need to address regulatory or contrac- tual items as they arise, above the regular delivery mechanisms, demand and work■ Set reasonable expectations of delivery date and effort operating plan for projects and maintenance, management processes, development on an ongoing basis. methodologies, as well as our metrics and■ Concisely quantify the amount of work measures. Additionally, the tool suite as- they could handle Tracer standardizes the approach to sists the IS Organization to anonymously completing work products, tracks progress, measure customer satisfaction through a■ Manage staffing requirements for key initiatives and standard support activi- and measures performance. By using a series of questionnaires. None of this would ties combination of Tracer and Microsoft Proj- be possible without the commitment to capture ect, AmeriHealth Mercy built staffing models work in one place, measure according to one■ Deliver a quality product that met the and “what if” scenarios. The resulting “key standard, and analyze those results on an needs of their customers performance indicators” were then defined ongoing basis for improvement.■ Measure and manage cus- tomer satisfactionTHE SOLUTIONThe AmeriHealth Mercy Familyof Companies adopted Tracerto build an inventory of workrequests, departmental activities,
  2. 2. AUTOMATED PROJECT OFFICEAutomated Project Office enables managers and execu-tives to assess performance, identify risks, and take “Tracer and APO have helped usproactive measures to address problems. Using defined improve our relationship with theanalytics and a project office type assessment methodol-ogy, the tool: business by enabling us to better manage the scope and progress of■ Monitors operations segments to determine which our work-efforts, particularly when are in trouble it comes to one of our key informa-■ Provides visibility into what needs the most attention■ Provides analytics to improve product quality tion systems products.”■ Enables organizations to leverage the experience and Nancy Hunsberger knowledge of their best people AVP, Healthcare SystemsTRACERTracer provides “visibility and control” of any service deliv-ery activity. Tracer:■ Enforces processes “The net result is a quality■ Provides a repository for logging and tracking specific events service, and a quality product■ Allows detailed tasks to be defined, scheduled, and managed meeting our Company’s strate-■ Provides detailed time tracking gic and business goals.”COMPUTER AID, INC. (CAI) Edward M. FiglarCAI is a global IT services firm that manages engagements around the world. Our ability to AVP, IS Solutions Deliveryprovide on-time and on-budget results has been critical to our success. Our unique meth-odologies and tools enable us to provide our clients with real techniques for increasingproductivity, profitability, and competitiveness. SOLUTION AT A GLANCETHE CUSTOMERThe AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies is the largest organization of Medicaid man- ■ Improves credibility withaged care plans in the United States, touching the lives of more than 6.5 million mem- businessbers. With more than 20 years of experience exclusively serving the Medicaid population,AmeriHealth Mercy’s core products include management, administration, PerformRx ■ Ensures the IS Organizationpharmacy benefit, PerforMEDsm care management, and PerformCare behavioral healthcare services. meets the needs of the busi- ness ■ Improves the quality and timeliness of the delivered solution Nancy Hunsberger ■ Significantly improves vis- ibility into the organization’s AVP, Healthcare Systems The AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies work effort and work flow Edward M. Figlar AVP, IS Solutions Delivery The AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies World Headquarters 1390 Ridgeview Drive Allentown, PA 18104 USA 610.530.5000 MKT00133-APOAMERH 20100202