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ORM presentation - Jannie Vermeulen


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Acceleration Media "The Mouse That Roared" Online Reputation Management Conference.

Published in: Business, Technology
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ORM presentation - Jannie Vermeulen

  1. 1. the mouse that roared online Reputation Management Conference (ORM)Date: Wednesday, 21th October 2011Time: 08H00 For 08H30 - 14H00Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Sandton, JohannesburgFurther details:
  2. 2. Jannie Vermeulen 082 417 @winsurfer
  3. 3. disclaimer The views and opinions expressed in this presentation are those of the author and do not necessarily represent any official policy or position + statistics are generalised for the presentation.10/10/2011 copyright count2five newmedia 3
  4. 4. ‘simple’ Ad10/10/2011 copyright count2five newmedia 4
  5. 5. “when does orm (without the r)become an invasion of privacy” Help! A Web Ad Is Stalking Me The creep factor ORM vs. OM vs. digital stalker Social Media ≠ ORM Apply for you “ORM” card today and sell, sell, sell
  6. 6. online reputation management .. (or monitoring) is the practice of monitoring the Internet reputation of a person, brand or business, with the goal of suppressing negative mentions entirely, or pushing them lower on search engine results pages to decrease their visibility.10/10/2011 copyright count2five newmedia 6
  7. 7. Electrons flow fromthe negative terminal to the positive terminal
  8. 8. Lets agree from the start ..ORM is monitoring mentions to manage the negative with thepurpose to get a positive result
  9. 9. Sounds like lip service to meControl how you look on theinternet ..really!?
  10. 10. sorry 4 u ..have some bad news!
  11. 11. a countervailing service is emerging which exposes reputationinformation suppressed by brands!
  12. 12. googling and telling me mashable said so!
  13. 13. 10/10/2011 copyright count2five newmedia 13
  14. 14. your company confidentialinformation will find its way online
  15. 15. pinky swear10/10/2011 copyright count2five newmedia 15
  16. 16. stop broadcasting.. start talking
  17. 17. if its not legal its not cricket
  18. 18. Why the good people“really” gave us ORMSell! Sell! - Hello there!
  19. 19. Have you ever been followed around the Web for months by ads for a product that youconsidered (but decided against) buying from an online
  20. 20. people talk10/10/2011 copyright count2five newmedia 20
  21. 21. sogood10/10/2011 copyright count2five newmedia 21
  22. 22. “hello world”10/10/2011 copyright count2five newmedia 22
  23. 23. $10M Suit Alleges Toyota Stalked Woman .. claiming intentionalinfliction of emotional distress, deceptive trade practices, and other offenses.
  24. 24. the I love I hate phase is over• “I did a search for .. lotion and now there is an ad on many of the sites I visit. After a few days I realized that the ad was the result of my searches and felt violated. I have decided to purchase a product from a competitor that is not stalking me.”• “If I wander into a store to browse, rather lost in thought, I don’t want a salesperson breathing down my neck.. Hard sellers, whether human or virtual, make me want to flee the scene.”• Remarketing technology is akin to an extremely annoying child who keeps repeating the same thing. Over and Over and Over and Over …. I experienced that with Zappos and the adds got so annoying that I added Zappos to the blocked sites on my Anti Virus software.• I bought a computer earlier this year and did online research and ads for the company STILL show up. I so would sign up for a “do not target” list but perhaps these marketers would ignore this list just like the ones still calling my home.• Same thing happened to me. The ad kept coming up for a particular store, it was very creepy. I wound up getting the item several weeks later but I made sure to ..not buy from the annoying store. When I’m reading the paper online I don’t want to be bombarded with random items I may have recently been researching. So when it happens I make a note not to do business with the company that’s involved in the onslaught.10/10/2011 copyright count2five newmedia 24
  25. 25. “You’re spending your money in all the wrong places.”David.C.Edelman – coleader of McKinsey’s Global Digital Marketing Strategy.
  26. 26. “People are going to shopwith companies they think really care”.” Brian.J. Dunn – Best Buy CEO
  27. 27. “The social web makes iturgent that companies get the basics right”Patrick Barwise, Marketing Professor – London Business School
  28. 28. you can’t hide anymore• Offer and communicate a clear, relevant customer promise!• Build trust by delivering on that promise!• Drive market share by continually improving on that promise!• Gain an edge by innovating in your market10/10/2011 copyright count2five newmedia 28
  29. 29. think first, do first10/10/2011 copyright count2five newmedia 29
  30. 30. retargeting or remarketingshow consumers the right ad at the right time.
  31. 31. the recipe for success is simple .. sorry I mean simply!
  32. 32. connect consumers toALL the information they WANT connect marketers to ALL/SPECIFIC customers WHO WANT STUFF
  33. 33. 10/10/2011 copyright count2five newmedia 33
  34. 34. The changes buffeting marketers in the digital era are not incremental—they are fundamental. Consumers’ perception of a brand during the decision journey has always been important, but the phenomenal reach, speed, andinteractivity and requires an executive-level steward. of digital touch points makes close attention to the brand experience essential—