What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out?   Public spaces are being reborn, and Circa is defining                ...
Product Specs                          Circa is remarkably configurable.                                       Enhance any...
Product Specs                                          Modular lounge seating with standard                               ...
Product Specs                                                                           Circa features straight and wedged...
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Circa brochure


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Circa brochure

  1. 1. USA_Alison Spear, 2006LANDSCAPEARCHITECTURECirca
  2. 2. What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out? Public spaces are being reborn, and Circa is defining ™ _ Alfred Hitchcock a new high standard of design. Luxurious yet practical, chic yet subdued, Circa offers designers a dramatic creative palette for configuring signature With Circa, you can do it all. Dramatize an architecturally bold open space. Revitalize components in straights, wedges, and distinctive rounds, are the system’s vigor-maker almost any lounge, lobby, or waiting area. Work smoothly around columns. Create ous pivot points. A planter adds instant atmosphere. intimacy or separateness. All with the same innovative collection. Circa’s quality and craft are abundant, in the fine stitching detail, expressive wood A striking alternative to conventional grains, and matching or contrasting fabrics. lounge furniture, Circa bestows an inviting High quality. High style. High time. For a residential feel. The seating is impressively landscape solution that raises the bar from comfortable. The solid wooden tabling almost every angle.2 . COALESSE
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  6. 6. Product Specs Circa is remarkably configurable. Enhance any waiting area with dramatic straight, circular, or serpentine arrange-APPLICATIONS ments. Create meeting spaces of comfort and utility for small groups. Turn lobbies and reception areas into showpieces. Do something different. With Circa. A Waiting in Style B Sitting Apart C Meeting Over Coffee D Lounging Artfully E Sitting Together6 . COALESSE
  7. 7. Product Specs Modular lounge seating with standard wood legs in walnut or maple. Coordinating modular tables with storage, benches, andPRODUCT LINE freestanding round tables. Legs optionally available in the following paint colors:ELEMENTS black gloss, graphite gloss, arctic white gloss, midnight brown gloss, platinum gloss, and metal. OUTWARD FACING CHAIR INWARD FACING CHAIR INWARD FACING CHAIR WITH OUTWARD FACING CHAIRS LOW END OF RUN TABLE WITH LOW GANGED TABLES STRAIGHT CHAIR STRAIGHT LOVESEAT INWARD FACING LOVESEAT OUTWARD FACING LOVESEAT OUTWARD FACING INWARD FACING STRAIGHT BENCH OTTOMAN FREESTANDING WEDGE BENCH WEDGE BENCH TABLE-PLANTER INWARD FACING STRAIGHT ARMREST OUTWARD FACING ROUND TABLE Half Round table ARMREST ARMREST (freestanding) (End of run)STRAIGHT TABLE HIGH TABLE high freestanding LOW TABLE Straight low LOW TABLE (freestanding, end (freestanding, end table (freestanding, end freestanding table (freestanding, end of run, or ganged) of run, or ganged) of run, or ganged) of run, or ganged) 7 . COALESSE
  8. 8. Product Specs Circa features straight and wedged seating Circa encourages freedom of configuration to complement innovative open plan and flexibility of design with elements that spaces. Freestanding, ganging, and end- lend themselves to great functionality.DETAILS of-run tables in maple or walnut veneers Its simple use of components with two leg are available in low or high versions with options (wood or paint) work to create wide or narrow dimensions as well as a a consistency throughout the entire line. large circular table. Attention to fine details allows specification to include contrasting textiles. PRODUCT DETAILSProductFeatures A B CA OptiOnAl pOWer/DAtAB BenCh DetAilC WOOD leg DetAilD freeStAnDing rOunD tABlee freeStAnDing tABlef plAnter DetAilg gAngeD leg DetAilh lOW enD run DetAili pAinteD leg DetAil D E FSurfaceMaterialsthis product can be made to order in your choice of fabric or leather. to see if your customer’s own G H Imaterial (COM) or customer’s own leather (COl) has been pre-tested and approved, go to the com approvals database on . COALESSE COALESSE.COMItem # 09-0000961 11/09 ©2009 Steelcase Inc. All specifications subject to change without notice. Circa™ and Coalesse are trademarks of Steelcase Inc.Printed in the U.S.A. Trademarks used herein are the Property of Steelcase Inc. or of their respective owners.