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Academic Ventures: Technology Commercialization Offerings


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Academic Ventures is a full-service technology commercialization company located in India.

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Academic Ventures: Technology Commercialization Offerings

  1. 1. Corporate Profile<br />Technology Commercialization Offerings – Feb 2011<br />
  2. 2. Academic Ventures<br />Academic Ventures is a full-service technology commercialization company. It has deep connections with Indian academia and industry and offers: <br />Technology Commercialization Services<br />market evaluation, technology assessment, business development and go-to-market strategy and end-to-end technology commercialization<br />Capacity Building Services<br />helping Indian academic institutes liaise better with industry and create awareness, policy and systems around IP protection and commercialization<br />Incubator Management Services<br />helping Indian technology business incubators run in a more profitable manner by grafting best practices from leading incubator<br />
  3. 3. Technology Commercialization Offerings<br />Overview<br />
  4. 4. Technology Commercialization<br />Helping Indian research reach its ultimate goal – the market <br />Handholding inventors through the process of commercialization<br />Four inter-linked offerings<br />IP Potential Evaluation<br />Business Evaluation<br />Business Development<br />IP Policy Handholding<br />IP Policy Handholding<br />
  5. 5. IP Potential Evaluation offering<br />Key skills<br />Deep understanding of technology<br />Evaluation of applicability of an invention to varied business scenarios<br />Process<br />Understanding the technology, its potential benefits and the competing technology solutions for the usage envisaged by the innovator<br />Undertake a qualitative evaluation of the value added by the invention to the product or the process affected by the invention<br />Present an overview of the market for the invention identifying the potential geographies and industry segments to be most affected by the invention<br />Result: Report based on real demo and feedback from end-users<br />Creation of a decision point for making investments in the invention<br />
  6. 6. Business Evaluation offering<br />Key skills<br />Quantifying the impact of an invention on an existing business<br />Creation of estimated of market sizes<br />Process<br />Secondary research of the market landscape of the invention<br />Primary research from the market sources to understand the value chain of the invention and its manufacturability<br />Facilitation of tests, if required, to ascertain the competitive advantage provided by the technology to the process or product it impacts<br />Developing a business model for manufacturing of the technology to evaluate the leverage provided by it to an existing product or a service organization <br />Validation of the findings by leading industry experts<br />Result: Report to prioritize target market segments<br />Second decision point for investing further in the invention<br />Outlining a future course of action<br />
  7. 7. Business Development offering<br />Key skills and resources<br />Deep connections in the industry<br />Understanding of business models to create a win-win partnership<br />Process<br />Using networks to establish preliminary contacts with industry<br />Arranging for demoing the prototype invention<br />Record the feedback and re-iterate the demo process<br />Once an intent of purchase is received, develop an understanding of client business model<br />Evaluate the impact of the invention on client business model<br />Prepare a valuation estimate for the IP<br />Negotiate the transfer and close the deal<br />Result: Agreement for transfer of technology<br />Paving the way to take an invention to the market by licensing or creation of a new business around it<br />
  8. 8. IP Policy Handholding offering<br />Key skills and resources<br />Deep connections with India’s innovation ecosystem <br />In-depth analysis of technology commercialization best-practices<br />Process<br />Conduction of periodic workshops for training the target audience in the process of commercialization<br />Formation of a industry panel to ascertain the needs of the existing ecosystem through high-level Industry-Institute symposia<br />Define policy objectives for the region/organization<br />Design customized linkages with the elements of the ecosystem through model best-practices for technology commercialization in India<br />Establish a helpline for supporting through the process of policy implementation for at least six months<br />Result: Handholding through the process of organization-wide IP policy<br />End-to-end program for creation of a next-generation Tech Transfer regime`<br />
  9. 9. Projects Executed<br />Client: CII (APTDC), Hyderabad<br />Overview<br />IP Potential Evaluation study for an independent invention <br />Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry<br />Process<br />Understanding of the invention, context of usage and applications<br />Market research from user and manufacturer community<br />Consolidation of inputs and making recommendations<br />Result<br />Successful award of next stage of funding<br />
  10. 10. Projects Executed<br />Client: Ministry of DONER/NEDFi, New Delhi<br />Overview<br />Capacity building exercise for technology commercialization<br />Assessing the needs of the entrepreneurship ecosystem<br />Process<br />Partnership with QAI and technology commercialization experts<br />Publicity through NEDFI, IIT, FINER, NETPDC in Guwahati<br />Result<br />Workshop to be held in NEDFi House in Guwahati on March 26<br />
  11. 11. People<br />Advisors and Executives<br />
  12. 12. Advisors<br />Sushanto Mitra<br />CEO of Society of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, IIT Bombay <br />Director, Techcap India <br />20+ years of experience in Sales, Consulting and investment banking<br />Pradeep Gupta<br />Chairman & Managing Director, Cybermedia India Limited <br />Active angel investor and holds several important positions <br />Tom Sopswith<br />Former CEO of Imperial College Incubator, UK <br />Advisor of Bio-tech Innovations Park being set up in Maharashtra<br />
  13. 13. Executive<br />Arpit Agarwal (Vice-President)<br />Co-founder of Headstart Network (non-profit)<br />India’s leading grass-root entrepreneurship support organization<br />4 years experience in business development and consulting. <br />Actively involved with IIT Bombay’s commercialization activities<br />MBA (IIT Bombay), B.Tech (NIT Trichy)<br />
  14. 14. Feel free to contact us!<br />+91 85275 81275<br /><br /><br />