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AbudawoodRetail Sales ServicesFor organizations that need to maximize sales volume      Our Retail Sales Services are:thro...
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Abudawood Retail Sales


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Abudawood Retail Sales

  1. 1. AbudawoodRetail Sales ServicesFor organizations that need to maximize sales volume Our Retail Sales Services are:through retail, we offer our Retail Sales Services: Proven: We have been selling to wholesalers andWe call on wholesalers and retailers for over 75 years, in long-term, happy relationships with some of the best companies andretailers on your behalf with the brands in the world.objective of maximizing sell- Strategic: Independent wholesales and retailers comprise the bulk of volume in consumer goodsthrough volume on your brands. throughout the region. For your brands to succeed, you will want to ensure your coverage and influenceOur Retail Sales Services provide you with well- in these channels are at top levels.educated, well-trained, well-motivated sales represen- Financially attractive: Our experience and systemstatives who, on the basis of comprehensive analyses for recruiting and developing large numbers ofof your customers and channels, define and follow quality sales people and managing their coveragecoverage patterns that are exactly right for your and calls on vast numbers of wholesalers andbrands, channel by channel. They make all types of retailers enable us to provide these services at ansales presentations, implement all types of promo- investment unmatched by most other organizations.tional initiatives, process all orders, and monitor allkey activity at the point of sale. Abudawood Retail Sales Services is the best option for selling your brands through wholesalers and retailersAs in all our services, we regularly report to you on because of our large scale, extensive experience, andour progress, exchange feedback, and make a the quality and training of our people.concerted effort to continuously improve our mutualbusiness.