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Abudawood Merchandising

  1. 1. AbudawoodMerchandising ServicesFor organizations that need to optimize competitive As in all our services, we regularly report to you onadvantage for their brands at the point of sale, we our progress, exchange feedback, and make aoffer our Merchandising Services: concerted effort to continuously improve our mutual business.We in uence any and all of the Our Merchandising Services are:sales drivers for your brands at Proven: We have successfully provided merchandisingthe point of sale. services since our companys inception. Strategic: As more and more consumer decisions areOur Merchandising Services include well-trained, made at the point of purchase, its essential thatcost-effective people who can: your investment there be well executed. Financially attractive: By almost any measure, includ-• Introduce products to retailers ing simple expense, we can cover and execute any• Ensure your brands are available where they initiatives at the point of sale far better, faster and should be more cost-effectively than your own organization.• Monitor and report on prices• Implement promotions and distribute related Abudawood Merchandising Services are the best materials option for maximizing brand advantage at the point• Ensure proper shelf and display presence of sale because there is no other way to staff, execute,• Check for packaging integrity manage and measure brand-critical initiatives as• Resolve other problems, such as executing urgent quickly and cost-effectively. product recalls