Abudawood Key Account Management


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Abudawood Key Account Management

  1. 1. Abudawood Key AccountManagement ServicesFor organizations that need to influence top decision- As in all our services, we regularly report to you onmakers effectively at their major customers and our progress, exchange feedback, and make aproduce an ongoing exceptional ROI, we offer our concerted effort to continuously improve our mutualKey Account Management Services: business.We represent you and your Our Key Account Management Services are:brands at your major customers Proven: We have been successful in growing major account business for Procter & Gamble, Ferrerowith the objective of in uencing all Rocher and other world brands for many years.critical buying decisions so that Strategic: The proportion of your business through key accounts will almost certainly grow over theyour brands achieve their strategic next several years and it will be important to have itmarketing objectives at an managed by the most capable and dependable people you can find.exceptional ROI. Financially attractive: Compared to establishing and maintaining your own internal key account manageKey Account Services provide you with strategic ment solution, our service is more cost and time-account management professionals in multi- effective to start and run over time.functional teams who identify and assess your majoraccount opportunities, then follow best practices, such Abudawood Key Account Management Services areas joint planning exercises, to create and monitor the best option for managing your key accountcustomer agreements, manage budget and business because of our superior strategic accountco-operative funds, secure critical business building knowledge, management processes and the qualityprograms — and even process orders, if needed. and training of our people.