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الكهرباء والتوصيل على التوالي وعلى التوازي

Published in: Science
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  1. 1. C0|'IdllClOl/ lead closed SWltCh / open switch —®— ammeter —®— voltmeter leads crossing
  2. 2. Series circuit ‘_5v~‘. l§~7~‘. | ¢; ~‘A'f- dagmga’-ll If you arrange two globes one after the wii Q J53” :13 -BU rJ-. *-«= :3 {-32 09> other in a line with the battery, . 3‘-, '_)u= -ll‘ ca «ill-Ll‘ the globes are said to be in series. @535‘ .514: L13-= _;3ll o; Sa ills“ aim ‘,5 The voltage supplied is split between the 03>‘-.1‘-All 0.19 44933 933-» 45+“; two globes, but the current passing through each is 0933?‘ J13 yam 4+-=55 _)l-J3-ll Q53 the same. The two globes glow more dimly than a "l-'0‘-3&3‘-. ' oaal-. |-A-«ll Lg 7w‘—= -Y‘ 0:51" circuit with only one globe. -bl)‘ cl-. =-= -J‘ «fill 3J3‘=5l-3 If a globe in this circuit is removed or 3J3‘-“ e-3:“ 03:‘-. t-AA“ -‘fl J-“'5 J‘ ‘’‘-“J'‘ a3 :3 ‘blows’, the circuit is broken, so the dz»-ll on Jill (‘+4-Al‘ 4543.4-ng other globe will not work either.
  3. 3. Series circuit 9-llg-ill g-ls J-gag-ill 5 V no current bulb goes out é bulb removed
  4. 4. Parallel circuits . §3lg4’-llc; -A‘A¢ . _!—; ~'—~g-7-ll If you arrange the globes next to each ago} ‘At: oeal-. t-4-all Jam} 933 09: other but on separate branches you have . t_sJb35‘ G15 3335 L144 «ll-n3 til-3‘ all-33 built a parallel circuit. The voltage used by each globe is the 03:‘-. t-443‘ . ; 4:355‘ (12% e—"= -M43‘ -‘ell same, but the current is split between . c.')&°)5l‘ Q9 . ~»3-‘aw J‘-J35‘ «.353 each branch. Each globe glows with equal brightness. _ mill Zyb, -;‘-*4‘ cl-. L-an J5 If a globe in this circuit is removed or J-lée-A 3333‘ ~55 Q cl-3-44 l-0&5 J UU :5 blows, the other globe will remain lit as J-M-. v 1:31! there is still a circuit through which current may flow.
  5. 5. Parallel circuits . _5jlg. i.l| u.lsJgua9.”-II 5 V no current bulb goes out é bulb removed