Targeting Priorities: costing the Trinidad & Tabago National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS


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Targeting Priorities: costing the Trinidad & Tabago National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS

  1. 1. Targeting Priorities: Costing the Trinidad & Tobago National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS Katie Senauer, Health Systems 20/20, Deloitte Consulting LLP Martha Benezet, Health Systems 20/20, Abt AssociatesObjective Results ConclusionsThe objective was to develop transparent This was the first step in an iterative The total five-year cost for implementation of activities under the NSP wascosting estimates to strengthen costing process providing a workable initially estimated at 77 million USD. Individual activity estimates can beadvocacy for increased investments in a template for the NACC to use and refine adjusted based on the final choice of activities, targets, and progresscompetitive funding environment. as it finalizes the NSP activities before towards the anticipated targets. The costing narrative highlighted aspects of submission to the legislature. Following the NSP that would contribute to HSS. approval, the template can continue to be updated and used for coordinatingBackground Treatment, Care and Support Template multi-sectoral planning and for trackingIn Trinidad and Tobago, adult HIV progress against targets and across Annual cost in TTD Strategic Strategy and Activity Implementation 5 years total cost in Priority Area Strategy Activites Sub-Activities Unit of Measurement Unit cost Outcome/Result No. Strategies TTD Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 2 Goal: To ensure universal access to treatment, care and support services for all PLHIV in Trinidad and Tobago 49,595,776 51,827,534 54,845,489 55,204,381 56,485,353 267,958,532prevalence is approximately 1.5% and Total Five Year NSP Cost Estimate implementing government and 2.1 To improve access to treatment and care 2.1 44,676,526 45,802,744 47,262,689 48,871,596 50,412,478 237,026,033 for PLHIV Distribution by Priority Area (%) 2.1.1 Increase theannual incidence is about 1,400 in a capacity and quality of non-government agencies 2.1.1 health services in the clinical management of HIV and AIDS 480 million TTD (77 million USD)population of 1.3 million. As HIV/AIDS has Decentralize and increase the number of treatment sites Equipment for adults and procurement for new per new site 20,000 - 43,048 46,328 74,788 80,487 244,650 children in Trinidad sites and Tobago, including rural areasbecome a chronic disease and addressing Refurbishment and expansion of per new site 15,000 - 32,286 34,746 56,091 60,365 183,488 13.6% 20.9% treatment and care sitesthe epidemic has shifted from an Treatment and care per site per year 3,438,823 17,194,114 17,194,114 17,194,114 17,194,114 17,194,114 85,970,571 HIV/AIDS Health see commodity sheet 26,934,257 28,280,970 29,695,019 31,179,770 32,738,758 148,828,774 4.5% Broader Global Health products 5.1%emergency intervention to a sustained, Provide CME training Utilize national in collaboration with treatment and care Medical Research protocols guided by Foundation for the HIV Treatment Medical Practioners per training session 13,860 69,300 74,581 80,264 86,380 92,962 403,486 and Care Guidelines servicing theintegrated response, advocating for HIV Implications at all treatment sites Uniformed Services in Trinidad and and other ancillary Tobago sta (MoNS) Implement on-goingresources competes with other chronic training programme for identified Transparent costing estimates can help multidisciplinary treatment teams for 55.8% each RHA in clinical Consult with UWI to treatment and care develop (or update) per training plan 80,060 80,060 - - 99,792 - 179,852 of HIV and AIDS, the an overall nationalcondition demands and the trend toward use of anti-retroviral training plan therapies and issues shape national health strategies, of privacy, confidentiality, stigma and discriminationbroader health systems strengthening Train multidiciplinary teams at each RHA per training session 14,280 71,400 76,841 82,696 88,997 95,779 415,713 strengthen advocacy for increased in-(HSS). The National AIDS Coordinating 1.Prevention vestments to achieve health targets,Committee (NACC) included a costing 2.Care, Treatment and Support 3.Advocacy and Human Rights and inform planning and budgeting pro-component to help shape a ordable 4.Strategic Information 5.Policy and Programme Management cesses.activities as part of the iterative planningprocess to develop the National StrategicPlan (NSP) for 2011-2016. Strategic Info Template 2010 NASA: Expenditure from 2002-2009 (560 million TTD in Total)Design/MethodsCost estimates for the NSP weredeveloped using an activity-basedcosting methodology. Workplan andbudget reviews as well as consultationswith key stakeholders were held to breakdown objectives into costable activities,focusing primarily on most-at-riskpopulations, including youth 15-24, menwho have sex with men, and commercialsex workers. June 2011