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Job, Education & Research opportunities in Life sciences


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Are you looking for Fresher Biotech jobs?

This is just for you...!

BT2020 slides on Job, Education & Research opportunities in Life sciences
(Self explanatory slides)- number 1-42.
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Job, Education & Research opportunities in Life sciences

  1. 1. Job, Higher Education & Research Opportunities in Life sciences (Self explanatory slides) Presented by
  2. 2. Synopsis• Emerging world• Types of courses• Hierarchy of Higher education & research• Types of industries• Types of Private industries• R&D vs Manufacturing vs Marketing jobs• Few cases in Private sector jobs• Government sector jobs• Academic / teaching jobs• Higher education opportunities• Research opportunities• Non-core jobs• State vs Private vs Central Institutions• Short training/certificate courses• Education abroad
  3. 3. A thought to start with “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent,but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin, ‘The Origin of the Species’ Can you sense the “change” here?!
  4. 4. EMERGING WORLD• The world is going • 3.Information through a major • 4.Ideas change• Resulting in a • 5.Innovations "borderless world" • 6.Individuals where seven Is • 7.???? freely flow,• 1.Investments• 2.Industries
  5. 5. Types of academic courses• Job based courses • Research based courses• E.g.-Polytechnic courses, BCom, • E.g.-BSc/MSc/BTech/MTech BBA,BCA, BSc Comp Sci., BSc courses in Life sciences Nursing, BE/BTech in core (Microbio, Biochem, Biotech, engineering branches (EEE, ECE, Bioinfo, Botany, Zoology Mech , Chem, IT ,CSE) etc., etc),Nanotechnology, Robotics, • Immediate jobs are very less.• Immediate job after the PhD or minimum PG is completion of 3/4 years course. compulsory for better career scope.• Any moderately rated/ranked • It requires highly rated/ranked colleges/Universities can premier institutions for better provide better career/job job opportunities since it scope. requires highly sophisticated lab facilities and highly qualified faculties.
  6. 6. Hierarchy of Research/ Educational Institutions Institutions Individual/Autonomous research organizations Research (IISc, TIFR,NCBS, JNCASR)Go higher…..opportunities higher Research Council Labs (CSIR/ICMR/DBT/ICAR) Premier Institutions (IIT’s, NIT’s & IISER’s) Central Government Universities (JNU,PU,BHU,..) Educational Institutions State Government Universities Autonomous Colleges Private Universities Affiliated Colleges
  7. 7. Hierarchy-Continued• BSc/BTech/MSc/MTech/PhD., Whatever may be the course, the institution matters a lot in research based courses in shaping the job/career scope/opportunities for its students.• As we come down in this hierarchy, we pay many thousands and lakhs to get less/no quality degrees (UG/PG/PhD) with less/no job opportunities.• As we go up in this hierarchy, education is free/funded (get monthly stipend) with better facilities and career scope.• As we work hard, we get better institutions hence facilities & faculties and thus better opportunities.• We decide our future..!
  8. 8. Jobs in Biotech???• “India needs more than 30 lakh PhDs by 2025 and more than 1.5 lakh research scholars as we open up our economy and aspire for super power status“. -S R Rao, Advisor to DBT, Government of India on 01 Feb 2013.• Though PhD is the minimum/decent qualification in Biology if you plan your long term career/professional growth or opportunities , still there are limited & growing job opportunities for UG/PG degree holders.• What are they? Lets explore them here…..
  9. 9. 1. Private sector/Industry Jobs R&D Manufacturing Marketing 2. Government sector jobsNon-Fellowship fresher Fellowship based R&D Jobs fresher R&D Jobs 3. Academic Jobs Higher Education and 4. Research 5. Non core/ Other Jobs
  10. 10. Types of private Industries• Service industries • Manufacturing/production• No production/products. industries • Product based companies.• E.g.- All IT/BPO/KPO • E.g.- All Pharma /BT companies- companies- TCS, CTS, Infosys, Biocon, Dr.Reddys etc. Wipro etc. • Huge investment in Chemicals,• Comparatively lesser Instruments and other lab facilities. investment. • Lesser manpower requirements.• High manpower requirements. • Needs experienced candidates• Can take freshers , train for 6 /highly skilled freshers. Less/No months and then place. possibilities for training due to huge investments. Training and campus • Prefers premier central /top rated placements possible. private insts. for fresher recruitments (R&D jobs) due to better lab facilities and better skilled candidates.
  11. 11. Types of private Industries (Based on investment size)Small CompaniesMedium companiesBig companiesMulti national companies
  12. 12. 1. Private sector/Industry Jobs R&D Manufacturing Marketing 2. Government sector jobsNon-Fellowship fresher Fellowship based R&D Jobs fresher R&D Jobs 3. Academic Jobs Higher Education and 4. Research 5. Non core/ Other Jobs
  13. 13. Private sector -R&D Private sector-Manufacturing Private Sector-Marketing• Huge investment in lab • Skills needed- Limited/ •Skills needed- Limited/ infrastructure. moderate technical moderate technical• Skills needed- Sound knowledge. knowledge,communication, technical knowledge, • Mostly automated presentation,marketing and practical hands-on- /repeated job nature . management skills. exposure, creativity, • 3 entry points- innovation, problem solving 1) Experience of 2-3+ •Company needs more skills etc. years in middle levels. freshers with biological• 3 entry points- 2) Limited fresher intake. background and trains them 1) Experience of 2-3+ years 3) Back door entry for marketing skills. 2) Campus placement from (References) premier colleges •Demand for semi-skilled • Second choice for most manpower is more. Supply 3) Back door entry job seekers. (References). of manpower is less. Job Comparatively more jobs seekers generally do not• First choice for most job but huge competition. prefer. Hence the companies seekers. Supply of semi/no Hence fresher pay is pay more between 10-25k skilled manpower is huge limited to 6-15k pm pm for freshers depending than the demand. Hence depending on the size of on the size of the company. fresher pay is limited to 6- the company. 15k pm depending on the • Generally very less or no •More career/professional size of the company. career/professional growth opportunities in• More career/professional growth opportunities. marketing/management growth opportunities.
  14. 14. Private sector-Overview R&DDemand for experienced/ highly skilled fresher manpower is more. Supply of semi skilled/no skilled fresher is hugh.Less jobs. Huge competition. Pay limited to 6-15 k for freshers. Manufacturing Comparatively more jobs but repeated job nature with very less/no career growth. Huge competition. Pay limited to 6-15k for freshers. MarketingDemand for manpower is more. Supply of manpower is less. Trains freshers and pays 10-25k. More career/professional scope but less takers.
  15. 15. Private sector jobs &educational system• The problem here is largely with our policy makers and (Most of the private and State) educational institutions which does not provide practical hands-on experience/ qualified teachers/ well equipped infrastructure to the students or develop conceptual level understanding or trouble shooting methodology of teaching.• Biology being a research based subject it needs more of conceptual understanding and hands-on experience in practical techniques. So the industry cannot be blamed.• Every private company needs the best people from the best institutions for R&D jobs since huge money has been invested in the facilities.
  16. 16. Few Cases- Careers• “Okay..I am clear about private industry jobs. I like Biotechnology. I want to be in this field. I prefer to enter into R&D jobs . I come from a local private college. I do not have campus placements. I do not have experience. I do not have references.. How do I proceed? Who will give me that 2-3 years experience?”• “ I have taken a bank loan. I need to repay. I do not like IT/BPO jobs or getting into PG/PhD as it might take 2-5 years or more. I cannot wait. May be I will think about that after 2-3 years. Now I need a R&D job..What do I do?”• “I have spent more than Rs.4 lakh for my BTech. I have got first class. Following my friend, I have paid another 1 lakh for 6 months diploma program in Clinical research/Stem cells/Biotech lab training to add up to my qualifications. I have got all these certificates. Out of a batch of 10 students, only my friend has got a job after the training as the training company promised. When I approach other companies still they ask for real /industrial experience. I think I have wasted my 6 months and 1 lakh.. I do not like PG/PhD but I need a Biotech job?”• “I know all these issues in India. Thats why I am planning to fly to USA/UK for my PG/PhD. I am writing GRE. But i wish to get 1 year work experience in India in some reputed labs to add up to my profile to get top ranked universities. What to do?”• “PG/PhD… ? Biotech…? Again…? No jokes please…Show me a fresher Biotech job..”
  17. 17. 1. Private sector/Industry Jobs R&D Manufacturing Marketing 2. Government sector jobsNon-Fellowship fresher Fellowship based R&D Jobs fresher R&D Jobs 3. Academic Jobs Higher Education and 4. Research 5. Non core/ Other Jobs
  18. 18. Government sector jobs• Yes..It is the Government sector jobs which can provide that 2-3 years work experience which the private industry wants.• The government cannot differentiate you based on your college/university for a fresher job.• The government has to provide equal opportunity for all regardless of what college you come from.• The opportunities are limited. But how do they filter the competition or how do they provide fresher research job (Temporary / time bound jobs) based purely on the merit of the candidate?• There are two categories of jobs in government sector ( in the capacity of JRF/Project assistant /Project associate etc ).• Research based jobs does not mean PhD but it may or may not accompany PhD.
  19. 19. Government sector jobs-IINon-fellowship fresher research Fellowship based fresher researchjobs jobsRequirements- Mere 1st class pass out in Qualification of any national level examsScience or Engineering (CSIR / ICMR/ ICAR/ GATE etc) with 1st(MSc/BTech/MTech). class pass in Science or Engineering (MSc/BTech/MTech).Cut throat competition as the qualification Less competition. Merit is very basic and common and therecomes all the back door entry systems(References /Recommendations).Low pay scale (Rs. 8000- 12,000/- pm) . Highest pay scale (Rs.16,500- 19,500/- per month) for fresher and Rs.22,000, Rs.24,000 and Rs.28,000/- pm in the corresponding years as senior fellow.
  20. 20. Government sector jobs-IIINon-fellowship fresher research Fellowship based fresher researchjobs jobsLimited / less number of opportunities. More opportunities in central & state institutions/labs.The employer (Scientist /Professor) has all The candidate has better chances andthe rights/freedom to select / suspend freedom to access his own choice ofany candidate based solely on his will and professor /Institute /Place/ area ofother factors at any time since it is non- research which he/she desires.funded post.Job insecurity is high or the need to resist More opportunities, freedom and optionswork place issues is more to stay in the due to the fellowship. Candidate may quitjob. the job in the look out of better job and opportunities.Less career growth. Employer may or may Candidate has the rights to do PhD.not provide PhD registration upon his will Candidate has the choice to go for it orand the circumstances. continue the research based job without doing PhD.
  21. 21. Government sector jobs-IVNon-fellowship fresher research Fellowship based fresher researchjobs jobsAfter 2-3 years of work experience More chances for the relevant Industrycandidate may look for relevant Industry jobs as the candidate comes out of topjobs based on his area of work in case if rated Institutions or Central Researchthe candidate do not get a chance for PhD council labs in case if the candidate optedor do not like to do PhD. out of PhD. More than 60% of fresher research jobs in India comes from the Government sector. We get and circulate minimum 300 fresher research jobs every month across India only from the Government sector at You may want to check out the numbers.
  22. 22. CSIREligibility:- Fresher or PhD Academic Entry Level JobsBTech/ MSc/ R&D JobsMtechincluding ELR Jobsthose DBT-BETcompleted PhD10+2+3years of ELR Jobs ICMReducation PhD(From IVyear BTech ELR Jobsto I year ICARMSc/MTech) PhD
  23. 23. GATE PhD/ IntegratedFresher Jobs MTech/MS PhD JNU MTech
  24. 24. Professional Fellowship examsQualification exam CSIR GATE ICMR(Mark/Percentage ICAR DBT-BET based) (Qualification based- Yes /No) Limited stipend of Gives monthly stipendRs.12-16,000/-PM for (~Rs.20,000/-PM for Fresher jobs/PhD fresher jobs/PhD Comparatively Less competition. More competition.
  25. 25. AIR 1 CSIR-JRFAIR 1000 Sample numbers. UGC-JRFAIR 2000 NETAIR 3000
  26. 26. 1. Private sector/Industry Jobs R&D Manufacturing Marketing 2. Government sector jobsNon-Fellowship fresher Fellowship based R&D Jobs fresher R&D Jobs 3. Academic Jobs Higher Education and 4. Research 5. Non core/ Other Jobs
  27. 27. Academic/Teaching jobs• As per the UGC regulations, NET/SLET/SET shall remain the minimum eligibility condition for recruitment and appointment of Assistant Professors in Universities/ Colleges/Institutions. Provided however, that candidates, who are or have been awarded a Ph. D. Degree in accordance with the University Grants Commission Regulations, 2009, shall be exempted from the requirement of the minimum eligibility condition for recruitment and appointment.• With NET/SLET, one can distinguish self from the rest of the crowd seeking teaching jobs. First preference and better pay scale than non- net qualified lecturers.• Lecturers with NET, are eligible for a limited stipend of Rs.12,000/ pm for pursuing PhD programs for career growth.
  28. 28. 1. Private sector/Industry Jobs R&D Manufacturing Marketing 2. Government sector jobsNon-Fellowship fresher Fellowship based R&D Jobs fresher R&D Jobs 3. Academic Jobs Higher Education and 4. Research 5. Non core/ Other Jobs
  29. 29. Higher education & Research• As Biology is predominantly a research subject, having a PhD or minimum a PG is must for better scope.• Doing a research course does not matter in most cases. But it matters where do we do? It matters where do we come from? We cannot change the past but we can prepare for the better future.• BSc/BTech candidates may opt for Integrated PhDs or top class MSc /MS courses with monthly stipend.• BTech candidates apart from getting into MTech /M.S programs at IIT’s /NIT’s, they will have a better future at MSc courses from Central Universities than MTech courses in terms of better job and research opportunities for MSc than MTech.• MSc/MTech candidates may opt for PhD programs at premier institutions with a stipend of ~Rs.20,000/- pm.
  30. 30. Premier PhD & Integrated PhD programs• IISc , Bangalore• TIFR, Mumbai• NCBS, Bangalore• JNCASR, Bangalore• IISER’s- Pune, Trivandrum, Mohali, Kolkatta & Bhopal.• AIIMS, New Delhi Eligibility:-• ACBR(DU), New Delhi BTech/ BSc/ MSc/ MTech including• NISER - Bhuvaneshwar those completed 10+2+3 years of• BARC, Mumbai. education (From IV year BTech to I year MSc/MTech).
  31. 31. Top rated PG programs• JNU, New Delhi on campus MSc programs (5 different programs) .• JNU-CBEE for MSc Biotechnology in 30 affiliated central univs.• AIIMS, New Delhi- MS in Medical Biotechnology.• ACBR (DU)-New Delhi- MSc in Biomedical sciences.• IIT Bombay & Roorkey- MSc Biotechnology .• CU-CET MSc programs in 7 central universities.• BHU,PU,HCU individual MSc programs in allied sciences.Eligibility:-BTech/ BSc includingthose completed 10+2+3 years of education (From IV yearBTech to III year BSc).More than 70% of the BTech students like basic sciences likeGenetics, Molecular Bio, Microbio over Bioprocess technology orBiochemical technology hence those candidates may focus onMSc/Integrated PhD as the job opportunities are far better than MTech.
  32. 32. • MSc- JNU, JNU-CBEE, AIIMS, ACBR, IIT-JAM, CU-CET, For BHU,PU,HCU etc. (Monthly stipend) BSc • Integrated PhD- IISc, TIFR, NCBS, JNCASR, IISER’s, NISER etc. (Monthly stipend) • Jobs- GATE, CSIR, ICMR, DBT-BET & ICAR. (~Rs.20 k pm) • MTech- GATE & JNU-MTech. (Monthly stipend) For • MSc- JNU, JNU-CBEE, AIIMS, ACBR, IIT-JAM, CU-CET,BTech BHU,PU,HCU etc. (Monthly stipend) • Integrated PhD- GATE, CSIR, ICMR, DBT-BET, IISc, TIFR, NCBS, JNCASR, IISER’s, NISER etc. (Monthly stipend) • Jobs- GATE, CSIR, ICMR, DBT-BET & ICAR. (~Rs.20 k pm)For • Academic jobs- CSIR / SLET. (Rs.12,000/- pm stipend forMSc/ PhD)MTech • PhD- GATE, CSIR, ICMR, DBT-BET, IISc, TIFR, NCBS, JNCASR, IISER’s, NISER etc. . (~Rs.20 k pm stipend)
  33. 33. CSIREligibility:- Fresher or PhD Academic The Entry Level syllabus for Jobs most ofBTech/ MSc/ R&D Jobs theseMtech exams inincluding ELR Jobs Lifethose DBT-BET sciencescompleted PhD are 60-10+2+3 80%years of ELR Jobs similar. ICMR Only theeducation PhD(From IV name ofyear BTech the exams ELR Jobs areto I year ICAR different.MSc/MTech) PhD
  34. 34. State & Private Institutions vs Central Institutions• State/Private Institutions / • Central Universities Institutions/Universities General case- General case-• Less financial resources or less • More financial resources from the financial allocation and more political Central Government and more or management interference with no allocation for better infrastructure or less freedom. Hence less and facilities , better pay for their infrastructure, less facilities, less faculties so they attract better human quality and lesser scope. resources. More freedom/• State /regional level competition. autonomous with less or no Comparatively easy entry system for interference. Hence better faculties. PG/PhD or jobs. better quality labs. better resources and better career opportunities. • National level competition for PG/PhD or jobs.
  35. 35. 1. Private sector/Industry Jobs R&D Manufacturing Marketing 2. Government sector jobsNon-Fellowship fresher Fellowship based R&D Jobs fresher R&D Jobs 3. Academic Jobs Higher Education and 4. Research 5. Non core/ Other Jobs
  36. 36. Non-core jobs• IT/ KPO/ BPO/ Medical coding / Medical transcription/ Science publishing / Editing/ Copy writing jobs etc can be collectively categorized as non-core jobs or support jobs.• These jobs suits for candidates who have accidentally taken Biology courses without knowing the specific requirements or does want to stay in the field and look for any job opportunity .• Considerable percentage of science candidates in non-core jobs do not get job satisfaction in IT/KPO/BPO jobs if they have been forced to opt for it.
  37. 37. Short training/certificate programs• Few Months of trainings in private training labs or certificate courses (Clinical research/ Stem cells/ Bioinformatics) by paying Rs.5000- Rs.10,000/- may not help all the time to secure a fresher job in a private /government sectors as any one can pay , get trained and certified just like our college degrees.• You need to distinguish yourself from the crowd.• These programs will indeed add value to your profile but it is not the direct solution for finding a fresher job.• Most of these short training programs/ short courses help people to fill up resume if the programs are not backed by placements as assured by the training companies. In many cases, these companies place 2-3 candidates after the completion out of a batch size of 10- 15.• Please remember that we pay in lakhs to our colleges/universities for 2-4 years program but still they themselves do not provide the practical hands-on experience !!!
  38. 38. PG/PhD in abroad• Pursuing MS/PhD in American/European countries may give you better international research exposure, skill sets and facilities depending on the type of university you choose.• Many students tend to pick up “anything foreign” being pushed by the educational consultancies without researching on the reputation and standards just as we have done in our UG/PG.• Going international is more about the experience and exposure to better facilities but please do not think it as a solution to escape from the Indian systems/issues we have discussed in the previous slides.• You are expected to come back after few years and as you come back you will be treated at par with any other locally educated candidates unless you come from the top 100 global universities, you will need to undergo all the processes we have discussed for fresher jobs.• One year MS programs (post 3 years BSc) are not generally accepted by most government universities in India for job or PhD programs.
  39. 39. Why you should focus on Government sector jobs• You are a fresher. You do not have campus placements. You do not have experience. You do not have references.• Private sector is all about money and generally prefers experienced ready to join work force. Government sector is not just about money but it is also about human resource development.• CSIR/ICMR/ICAR/DBT/IIT all have HRD department which conducts all these exams (GATE/CSIR/ICMR/ICAR/DBT-BET) to recruit and train fresher man power for jobs/PG/PhD for its chain of labs across the country. Primary focus of all these national exams is to recruit skilled fresher workforce.• Only the government sector recruits more number of freshers.• Only the government sector pays more than the private sector for BTech/MSc/MTech freshers (~Rs.20,000/-pm in fellowship category).• Government sector does not differentiates you based on your college but purely based on your individual merit and skills. It gives you the 2- 3 years work experience which the private sector looks for.
  40. 40. Government sector-Profile• CSIR 39 laboratories and 50 field station or extension centres across the country.• DBT 15 research organizations.• ICMR 32 research institutes and 20 regional centres.• ICAR 04 Deemed Universities, 47 research institutions, 17 national research centres, 6 national bureaux, 25 project directorates and 56 Agricultural Universities.• 16 IITs• 20 NITs and 10 more to come up.• 5 IISERs and NISER• 7 AIIMS• 4 IIITs• 42 Central Universities• 285 state universities
  41. 41. We cannot change the past but we can create the future..! THINK & ACT WISE!"If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, youdont !..If you want to win, but think you cant, its almost a cinch youwont . If you think you will lose, youre lost; For out in the world wefind Success begins with a fellows will; its all in the state of mind.Lifes battles dont always go To the stronger and faster man, Butsooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can..!Walter.D.Wintle..
  42. 42. ?For any queries or clarifications or suggestions or careercounseling, please reach us at / 044-42867172