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Straight from the heart21

  1. 1. Straight from the HeartBy Abs DamahanNewswriter/ USTREAMING TV 13 onCuento Politica Y Otro Pa andAbsDamahan’sLiveMPOC Meeting at Tipo-Tipo Municipality BasilanTipo-Tipo Municipality, Basilan, Friday November 16, 2012- The recent Municipal Peace and OrderCouncil meeting was conducted at town Sangguniang Bayan Hall of this municipality with the Theme:“Peace and Development can be attained Thru Bridging the Divides”. The hosting Mayor Ingatun ‘Tong’Istarul, MPOC Council Members, SB Members and ABC President, Barangay Chairmen/ Chairwomen andHead of the Department offices, Honored Guests and Participants in the attendance were presents fromthe ARMM- Government led by Regional Governor Mujiv S. Hataman and some of his CabinetSecretaries, Assistant Secretaries and staff of the ARMM Officials. In the scene is also Vice GovernorAlrasheed Sakkalahul who sat alongside with RG Mujiv Hataman.From the Local government Units who represented the Governor’s Office led by the super-activeProvincial Administrator Tahira Ismael-Sansawi with the acumen of a long engagement in NGO and CSOvast experienced in peace advocacy. We were go along with the “TEAM Basilan” are: Col. Charlie Galvez,Jr. 104th Brigade, PD Supt. Mario Dapilloza, PNP, Major Akmad Muhalli, 104th Brgde, Major Ramil, 104thBrgde, and others AFP and PNP Junior Officers Team in RS Duty along the BCR dilapidated road ofBasilan, Ms. Mariam ‘Dedeth’ Suatico, Executive Director, Nagdilaab Foundation, Inc., Ms. MyraMangkabung-Alih, Dir. DOST, and Staff, PARO Swaib ‘PM’Ismael, DAR & Staff, Ms. Marilou Cruz, CDAOfficer and Staff, Ms. Lilia Bucoy, PSWD head and Staff who distributed Pantawid CCT and Philhealth ID’sat Tumahubong beneficiaries. Hon. Yusop Alano, Board Member District-I, Commissioner Ust. KaizerTotoh, NRUC, UST. Rajad Basri, BSUC Religious Consultant, Ms. Nurkaisa Alidain, Assistant ProvincialAdmin has also expertise in NGO & CSO Works, Ms. Emily Trumata Provincial Admin Officer the sameexperienced has also expertise in NGO & CSO works, Yours Truly AbsDamahan’Live from thepress/media has also long engagement on Peace, Conflicts and Development media so to says fordecades, Mam Sabala, NFI I’m sorry, I forgot her first name she is group in peace works for so long time,Ms. Myra Sarikin-Tan, Provincial CDA officer, Ms. Shaada Jingkatal-Sali Provincial Admin Staff andfacilitator, my first cousin and drivers and the security escorts of the convoy team I could mentionedone-by-one. And rest companions who join the team could be mislook pasenya na lang marami kasi taowho join the caravan.The elected Local Officials who join the TEAM Basilan convoys are: Mayor Rustam Ismael of Lantawanmunicipality and Vice Mayor Abdulbaki ‘Panther Ajibon of Isabela City.The MILF side were presents: Commander Abbas Salun from 112 Base Command-Basilan, and closeaides sat beside him and BIAF security station in the Municipal Compound area. MILF declares to
  2. 2. support peace efforts of the GPH-MILF on the Framework Agreement to end the 30 years struggles ofPhilippine internal conflicts and they promise to support Peace and Development programs strategy ofthe government if the GPH ask their support from the field were BIAF have Base Commands post.RG Hataman said, in his opening message based on COA reports ARMM Government accumulatedunpaid loan to WB amounting Php 5.8B. He revealed also that the Road maintenance from DPWH notDevolve to DPWH-ARMM. He also mentioned dilapidated road along Parangbasak and Lagayas portion itneed road maintenance. DPWH has road maintenance funds of Php1B for the province, but it cannot bedisbursed by DPWH-ARMM if DPWH Central Office will not transfer the said to their office.He made mentioned also has allocated funds for Basilan in the amount of Php375M, allocated Php36Mroad construction for Al-Barkah Municipaality and Php60M for Baiwas Rod for Sumisip Municipality.The main reasons why foreign donors’ projects are hesitance to pore more investments for Basilan andJolo is because of the peace and order situation in the area. RG Hataman said. He even revealed theintention of one big top Corporation in Malaysia, the Berjaya Group of Company has the interest ofputting their capital investment for Banana and Farm Oil Company in ARMM region if our peace andorder condition so to says improved.He even divulged the European Union of having to invest for Mindanao of 320M EU Currency and JICAformulate plan for the reconstruction economic development for Mindanao after post conflicts andafter the signed peace deal of GPH-MILF on the Framework Agreement. But of course the hindrance isthere, the issue of threats and security.Travel advisory of the foreign nationals by their countries and embassies Basilan and Jolo not included intheir routinely visits.One main cause of travel advisory, the Kidnap for Ransom (KFR), and peace and order situation of thetwo provinces of ARMM, Added to the problems 1. Lost Commands and, 2. Rido- family feuds.Vice Governor Alrasheed Sakkalahul said during the MPOC meeting “quote and unquote” Kidnap inZamboanga City, Kidnappers from Zamboanga area brought to Basilan sino kawawa at sino affected tayomga Basilenos. So, we are the victims’ hindi natin kasalanan Sakkalahul said. He advise the AFP, PNP,Barangays, Civilians and MILF it needs collaborative works for peace if want peace will reign for thewhole Basilan.On PNP Crimes reports by PDSupt. Mario Dilloza has recorder 59 cases on crime incidents and the IndexCrimes are: Homicides, Murder and Crimes against properties. They are two cases of murders recordedin Tipo-Tipo proper. Business sector is requesting more police visibility in the town proper according tothe business association. They are now number 4 business group of among 13 Municipalities and twocities of the province. And also they are requesting for a PNP Personnel to be posted for the town ofTipo-Tipo.The AFP reports from Col. Charlie Galvez Jr., 104th Brgde Com has recorded of 31 incidence mosthappens at Sumisip area and related cases or crimes are RIDO family feud. He said, as CMOs they join
  3. 3. TEAM Basilan for a works collaboration on the Celebration of Week of Peace from November 29 toDecember 5, 2012. Our direction he said, remain committed to: Peace, Security, Justices and Prosperity.He reminds everybody, the importance of the road networks along the line for the completion of BCR isnow under constructed by four contractors.He also recommends for a success of the Forum “Framework Agreement of Bangsamoro” between theGPH-MILF peace deals done in Malacanang Palace.Provincial Administrator Tahira Ismael-Sansawi delivered message on behalf of the Governor Jum J.Akbar upon assumption to office, she said, bundle of problems naka bindin sa aking opisina ( problemspending in the office) more particularly on conflicts and Rido family feuds. She special made mentionedthe internal crisis of TARBIDC.She announced during the MPOC meeting the incoming Forum on Framework Agreement ofBangsamoro (FAB) on November 24, 2012 at Basilan State College, GYM Isabela City, Basilan a jointprojects of the Provincial Government and Regional Government, the concept papers prepared by theTEAM Basilan and the Secretariats BasComNet Basilan base Communicators group. The targetparticipants by sector identified from: Academe, Business/ chambers, Religious, LGUs, NGAs, NGOs/CSO,Youth Leaders, AFP/PNP, MNLF, MILF and Non-formal sector.The next project of TEAM Basilan will be Mindanao Business Congress (MinBizCom) and to beannounced later anytime upon completed the documentation by the Secretariat.Note: This news write-up to be continued…