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Picture poem


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Abril Teran Frias

Published in: Education
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Picture poem

  1. 1. Picture Poem 1. Choose a picture 2. Look at the photo and write 5 nouns, 5 verbs and 5 adjectives. Nouns:​ ​sky,​ ​atmosphere,​ ​memories,​ ​clouds and​ ​landscape Verbs:​ ​stroll, express,​ ​relax,​ ​feel​ and fly Adjectives:​ ​harmonious,​ ​Intense,​ ​silent,​ bright and ​blue 3. Look at the photo and think of 2 of these literary devices: -a metaphor: -a simile:​ "The weather transmits transparency, as the bright blue sky" -a personification:​ "Trees, full of green leaves expressing their cheerfulness" -a symbol:​ BLUE: It links to the sky, and represents eternity and immensity, and time and space. 4. Start writing The atmosphere makes me feel transparent, as well as the bright blue sky It makes me feel completely safe, and provokes my mind to fly. As I stroll through the silent landscape, I focus on full observation, I let my whole body relax and immerse in a world of full appreciation. Trees, full of green leaves expressing their cheerfulness, While the mountains covered by fog show they are meaningless.
  2. 2. The clouds portray that everything is not as transparent as the sky shows, But intense memories coming to my mind let harmonious feelings grow. The intensity of the blue, and the green trees that appear, leave humans with hope and anticipate that heaven is near.