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Business work.


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Business work.

  1. 1. Auckland Airport
  2. 2. Contents1.Company Background2.What they do3. Information about branches4. Main Financial Stats5.CEO+Board of Directors6. Important Info7. Why I have chosen Auckland Airport
  3. 3. Company BackgroundThe site of the airport was first used as an airfield by the Auckland Aero Club. In 1928, the clubleased some land from a dairy farmer to accommodate the clubs three De Havilland GypsyMoths. The club president noted at the time that the site "has many advantages of vitalimportance for an aerodrome and training ground. It has good approaches, is well drained and isfree from power lines, buildings and fogs." In 1960 work started to transform the site intoAucklands main airport. Much of the runway is on land reclaimed from the Manukau Harbour.The airport was officially opened the following year, with a grand air pageant on AucklandAnniversary weekend, 29 January to 31 January 1966.Auckland Airport is the largest and busiest airport in New Zealand with over 13 millionpassengers a year, expected to more than double by 2025. It is the homeAir New Zealand, and asecondary home for Pacific Blue.Auckland Airport is one of New Zealand’s most importantinfrastructure assets, providing thousands of jobs. It is New Zealand’s second largest cargoport and it contributes about $14 billion to the economy, It Caters for over four millionvisitors each year, resulting in a 70% share of New Zealands international travelers.
  4. 4. What They DoIf you want to know what Auckland airport do then look at thetitle, Auckland Airport is simply an Airport.
  5. 5. Information about BranchesAuckland Airport has connections with Queenstown Airport butapart from that there are no further or other branches,
  6. 6. Main Financial Stats Sustainability Auckland Airport Performance SummaryGeneral Financial Stats
  7. 7. CEO + Board Of DirectorsCEO = Simon MoutterBoard Of Directors: Sir Henry van der HeydenJoan Withers MBA KNZM, BEKeith Turner BE James Miller BComJohn Brabazon BCom Brett GodfreyRichard Didsbury BELloyd Morrision
  8. 8. My Interest in Auckland AirportI am Interested in Auckland Airport because I think it can onlyexpand as a business and it is a good business to buy shares inbecause it is a monopoly and New Zealand has a huge touristeconomy, but also New Zealand are hosting the 2011 rugbyWorld Cup which will create a lot of business opportunities forNZ but in particular Auckland Airport.
  9. 9. The End By Jack Laity