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Sales & Cust Service Traning ea4 ss

  2. 2. What is car rental business  Who are the major world players?  Who are the UAE Leading Companies?  Where does PRAC stands now, & what is the goal?  How do we reach, where we want to reach ?  SWOT & SWOT MATRIX2 November 2011 By 2
  4. 4. The PROGRESS Rental Care  The Progress Rental Care programme will equip you with the framework, skills and tools which you will require in order to provide professional service to our customers, while delighting them and building long term relationships.  By the end of the course you will understand the following:  Know and understand the essential role you play in the PRAC Rental Team  Be able to successfully turn enquiries into rentals  Know everything you need to know for professional rental check outs and check ins  Be able to assist customers confidently and professionally during the rental  Understand the importance of and how to build rapport and customer loyalty  Have improved your knowledge about Progress and our industry in general  Realize how Car Rental can be the most exciting industry to be working I  Our aim is not only to achieve higher revenue through increased rentals, but to also build long-term relationships with our customers. We want customers to be committed to us and to want to come back time and time again. ITS NOT WHO COMES TO YOUR COUNTER,2 November 2011 By ITS WHO COMES BACK! 4
  5. 5. General Guidelines:  Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. You can offer promotions and slash prices to bring in as many new customers as you want, but unless you can get some of those customers to come back, your business wont be profitable for long.  Good customer service is all about bringing customers back. And about sending them away happy - happy enough to pass positive feedback about your business along to others, who may then try the product or service you offer for themselves and in their turn become repeat customers.  If youre a good salesperson, you can sell anything to anyone once. But it will be your approach to customer service that determines whether or not you’ll ever be able to sell that person anything else. The essence of good customer service is forming a relationship with customers – a relationship that that individual customer feels that he would like to pursue.  How do you go about forming such a relationship? By remembering the one true secret of good customer service and acting accordingly; "You will be judged by what you do, not what you say."  I know this verges on the kind of statement thats often seen on a sampler, but providing good customer service IS a simple thing. If you truly want to have good customer service, all you have to do is ensure that your business consistently does these things:2 November 2011 By 5
  6. 6.  1) Answer your phone. Get call forwarding. Or an answering service. Or tell others topick line. But make sure that someone is picking up the phone when someone calls our business.  2) Dont make promises unless you will keep them. Not plan to keep them. Will keep them. Reliability is one of the keys to any good relationship, and good customer service is no exception. If you say, “Your replacement will be delivered on Tuesday”, make sure it is delivered on Tuesday. Otherwise, dont say it. The same rule applies to daily deliveries, client appointments, deadlines, etc.. Think before you give any promise - because nothing annoys customers more than a broken one.  3) Listen to your customers. Is there anything more exasperating than telling someone what you want or what your problem is and then discovering that that person hasnt been paying attention and needs to have it explained again? From a customers point of view, I doubt it. Can the sales pitches and the product babble. Let your customer talk and show him that you are listening by making the appropriate responses, such as suggesting how to solve the problem.  4) Deal with complaints. No one likes hearing complaints, and many of us have developed a reflex shrug, saying, "You cant please all the people all the time". Maybe not, but if you give the complaint your attention, you may be able to please this one person this one time - and position your business to reap the benefits of good customer service.  5) Be helpful - even if theres no immediate profit in it.2 November 2011 By 6
  7. 7. Practical Needs and Personal Needs  Customer’s have both Practical (business) Needs and Personal Needs. Satisfying both needs ensure Excellent Customer Service. Practical Needs Customers have Practical Needs that must be met. Practical needs are the needs for the products and services your company provides. In other words the to rent or lease vehicle or the need for transport is a Practical Need. Customers expect you have the expertise and ability to meet those Practical Needs, and your commitment to satisfying their Practical Needs will ensure customer loyalty to your organization. Personal Needs Customers also want to be treated with respect and care. You customers wants to know that you value them as people. Valuing people as individuals ensures a personal touch, which makes customers return again and again, builds long term relationships and also builds customers loyalty. Why Both? The rental sales agent who is extremely friendly and relates to you on a personal level, but fails “to get the job done” will not provide excellent customer service. Similarly, the rental sales agent who gets the job done by meeting your Practical Needs, but does not treat you with care and respect, will also not be providing excellent customer service. A careful balance between the two will result in excellent customer service.2 November 2011 By 7
  8. 8. Standard Operational Procedures on Documents  VISIT VISA  RESIDENCE VISA  CORPORATE2 November 2011 By 8
  9. 9. Standard Operational Procedures DOCUMENT COLLECTION MANDATED FOR RENTAL Visit Visa – Documentation required Copy of passport with photograph page. Copy of passport with entry stamp of visit visa (not more than 60 days old). Copy of Valid International driving License (Permit) Copy of Country of origin driving license valid for more than 01 year. A valid credit card. (Amex – 5% to be charged as banking charges) All originals will be verified at the counter. Minimum driving age for all vehicles – 25 years. Resident Visa – Documentation required Copy of passport with photograph page. Copy of passport with Visa Page. Copy of Valid UAE driving License. Copy of Country of origin driving license, valid for more than 01 year. If the UAE driving license is not valid for more than 01 year. A Valid credit card. (Amex – 5% to be charged as banking charges) All originals will be verified at the counter. Minimum driving age for all vehicles – 25 years.2 November 2011 By 9
  10. 10.  Corporate Clients - Documentation required The above applies ONLY point 5 is replaced with a purchase order would be required. Company Trade License Company Chamber of Commerce Client credit approval would be approved by account or Senior Management team. LPO to state all charges inclusive of rental, insurance, excess covered, fuel, Salik, Traffic violations and damages charges. If the above details are mentioned the driver does not require to produce the CC. Authorized signatory to counter sign the rental agreement eventually. (For Daily / Weekly not mandated / Monthly rentals must be signed)2 November 2011 By 10
  11. 11.  Drivers’ License  Sweden  Greece Ø All customers on Resident, Employment Visa  Austria or if the resident visa is under process need to  Ireland have a UAE driving license which must be at  Spain least one year old.  Norway Ø All drivers from the listed countries below can  Turkey drive in the UAE with only their country’s driving license if they are on visit or tourist visa  Canada only. The countries are:  Poland  Korea Britain  Finland USA  South Africa France  Australia Japan  New Zealand Belgium  Romania Holland Switzerland Denmark Germany Italy2 November 2011 By 11
  12. 12. - in writing - face to face - over the telephone - by email - online  This section covers that very first contact when a customer either phones PRAC or walks up to a PRAC counter: from the initial greeting, through successfully handling the inquiry and turning the enquiry into a rental. It is a comprehensive section and is often an entire training course on its own called Counter Selling Skills.  The First Contact section consists of the Five basic steps to result in rental. There are different ways in which you can conduct these steps. You do not only want to achieve rentals, you want to build long-term relationships with the customers too. You want customers to be committed to you and to want to come back time and time again.2 November 2011 By 12
  13. 13. Be in ControlWhat do the terms aggressive, submissiveand assertive means? Aggressive AssertiveAGGRESSIVE “I’m OK, you’re not OK” “I’m OK, you’re OK”Accusing othersNot respecting others(putting someone Controldown)Believing I am always right Depressive SubmissiveSUBMMISSIVE “I’m not OK, you’re not “I’m not OK, you’re OK”Not speaking up when I know I should OK”Believing I am not as good asothers(putting myself down)Thinking my opinions don’t matterASSERTIVEStanding up for myselfRespecting othersSaying I think, feel, in an honest waywithout hurting other’s feelings 2 November 2011 By 13
  14. 14. Features and Benefits A Feature of a product is a characteristic of that product A Benefit of a product is what it can do for the customer. Features Benefits Economical, easy to drive in traffic, value for money, low fuel Small Vehicle Easy to drive in traffic and long distances Automatic Spacious, comfortable, boot Large Vehicle space for luggage Luxury Vehicle Classy looking, status A type of brand Reliable, status Renting Convenience of having a Progress Locations vehicle 24 /7 service Convenience For any assistance, vehicle replacement2 November 2011 By 14
  15. 15.  If possible ask the customer for his business card or contact details, which you can pass on to the sales division for follow up business. So many sales opportunity are lost because the rental sales agent did not seize this opportunity. Don’t just think of your spot rental of the company’s long term sales as a whole.  You should aim to increase the value of the rental. If somebody asks you for a small vehicle, don’t pick the cheapest one. Rather show the customer a more expensive, then just come down gradually to a group / rate they are comfortable with. End on a Positive Note  Always end on a positive note, even if the customer does not rent. Saying thank you for the business will let your customers feel that you value and appreciate them and care about them. A thank you takes very little time, but it has a big impact on customers.  Telephone calls should end with: “Thank you for your call” “Thank you for calling Progress Rent A Car”2 November 2011 By 15
  16. 16. 1st of 3 Modules to Improve Communication2 November 2011 By
  17. 17. .2 November 2011 By