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2009/2010 Go Green Expo Sales Presentation

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Go Green Expo

  1. 1. The Nation’s Premier Eco-Friendly Tradeshows Featuring Both: Business-to-Business & Business-to-Consumers Expos all in one In 2009 Go Green Expo successfully produced events in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York & Atlanta. On average more than 250 exhibits were showcased featuring the latest in eco-friendly products & services. Over 10,000 people and 200 members of the press participated in LA. Go Green Expo’s Nationwide Mission: Partial List of • Stimulate sales & generate press awareness for eco-friendly companies Eco-Celebrity Speakers: • Educate & enlighten thousands on the environmental & monetary benefits of going green Ed Begley, Jr. • Enable eco-focused, non-profit organizations & charities to spread Presented by: LifeSource Whole-House awareness on our earth’s challenges Water Systems Through this interactive platform, Go Green Expo shall continue our goal of a cleaner & healthier environment, one city at a time. Mariel Hemingway UPCOMING EVENTS: Author of “Healthy Living MN media sponsors: from the Inside Out” MINNEAPOLIS noveMber 6-8, 2009 • MinneapoLis Convention Center FRIdAY: Business-to-Business Only SAT. & SuN.: Both B2B and for Consumers Nigel Barker Discussing LA media sponsors: “Saving the Seals” from his film Sealed Fate LOS ANGELES 2010 January 22-24, 2010 • La CONVENTION CENTEr FRIdAY: Business-to-Business Only SAT. & SuN.: Both B2B and for Consumers NYC media sponsors: NEW YOrk CITY 2010 MarCh 19-21, 2010 • JaCob Javits Center FRIdAY: Business-to-Business Only SAT. & SuN.: Both B2B and for Consumers PA media sponsors: PHILADELPHIA 2010 apriL 16-18, 2010 • Greater phiLadeLphia expo Center FRIdAY: Business-to-Business Only SAT. & SuN.: Both B2B and for Consumers GA media sponsors: ATLANTA 2010 May 21-23, 2010 • Cobb GaLLeria Centre FRIdAY: Business-to-Business Only SAT. & SuN.: Both B2B and for Consumers Each event features: • Over 200 Booths / Exhibits at each venue • Interactive Seminars / Speeches • Massive National & Local Press Coverage • Eco-Film Presentations Internal Reference: 09242009 • A vehicle to reach millions of consumers / businesses ALL DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE www.GoGreenExpo.com
  2. 2. expo pavilions An event designed to showcase your brand to thousands of BOTH eco-minded businesses & consumers. Go Green Expo, has created a time & cost effective solution to help drive the “green economy”. Exhibitors will now be able to save time, travel & money by exhibiting all 3 days at both the Business-to-Business Expo and the Business-to-Consumer Expo all for just $1,495! Choose your Category: HOME / BUILDING BUSINESS / ELECTrONICS • Green Building & Home Improvement • Green Office Products & Services • Home Cleaning Products & Services • Green Investing • Green Pet Products & Services via the • Electronics & Technology Pet Expo uSA pavilion • Sustainable Furniture & Interior design TrANSPOrTATION / TrAVEL • Gardening Supplies • Eco-Vacations HEALTH / BEAUTY / FASHION • Hybrid & Alternative Fuel Vehicles • Pedicabs & Eco-Limousine Services • Eco-Fashion • Mass Transportation • Beauty Products • Eco-Car Rental • Health / Wellness / Nutritional Supplements FOOD / BEVErAGE ENErGY / CONSErVATION / rECYCLING • Organic Food & Wine • Power Alternatives: Wind, Solar & Water Exhibits • Green Cookware • Energy Efficiency • Healthy Snacks & desserts • Waste Management • Community Action • Building Products MEDIA / EDUCATION / JOB FAIr • Newspapers, Magazines & Media kID ZONE • Job Fair Pavilion for Experienced Professionals • Hands-on Activities • Environmental News • Art Competitions • Film Presentations • Bring Green to School • Eco-focused Charitable Organizations • Eco-Friendly Toys • Seminars / Speakers Our January 2009 Los Angeles Go Green Expo - 10,000+ participated!
  3. 3. Step 1: Please select your participation level $1,495 • Standard $2,995 • Upgraded • 10’ x 10’ booth space • 10’ x 20’ booth space in premium placement within your • Logo, 50 word company description and link to your pavilion website on GoGreenExpo.com • Logo on Go Green Expo homepage • Logo, brief company description and website in Official • Featured listing (250 words) on GoGreenExpo.com Show directory • 10 free passes to the event • 1/4 page ad in official show directory $5,995 • Premium • 10’ x 40’ prime booth space in premium placement within your pavilion (20’ x 20’ if space permits) • Logo on Go Green Expo homepage • Enhanced company description on GoGreenExpo.com • One-time shared email blast to all consumers, buyers & exhibitors (over 10,000!) • 1/2 page ad in official show directory • Guaranteed speaking opportunity • 20 free passes to the event • Company logo in newspaper advertisements All above packages INCLUDE Pipe & Drape, Skirted Table, Garbage Bin & 2 Chairs ! Step 2: Additional Exposure 1. Upgraded company listing with 250 word description on GoGreenExpo.com.................$495 2. One shared email blast to all consumers, businesses & exhibitors (over 10,000)................$995 3. Lanyard Sponsor: Your logos placed on business buyers, exhibitors & sponsor lanyards...$5,000 + cost of lanyards Other Sponsorship Options: Sustainable Planet Film Festival or Live Acoustic Music Showcase: $10,000 • Sponsorship of Eco-Film Festival or Live Music Showcase on tradeshow floor • Food & Beverage service allowed at your expense • 10’ x 20’ booth space • Signage inside and outside of screening room and stage for music showcase • Website link from our site to your site • 50 complimentary tickets to Go Green Expo Internet Cafe Sponsor: $10,000 • Four computer Kiosks on tradeshow floor with company logo Can’t Exhibit? on the desktop Virtual Exhibitor: Only $495 • Tradeshow floor signage If you cannot participate in the live trade-show, become • Company webpage to be activated anytime internet is used a virtual exhibitor and have your product publicized to from computer Kiosks tens of thousands of GoGreenExpo.com visitors through • Promote your booth location on trade show floor your online profile and photos for one full year! • Company logo on Signage in this area • 10 complimentary passes to Go Green Expo
  4. 4. Enhance your brand with full media sponsorships Sponsors (partial list) & more! Call Us For details on these sponsorships... $250,000 • Title Sponsor $100,000 • Platinum Sponsor Exclusive Sponsorship - Reserved for One Corporation Job #: HOME 122344 • 20’ x 30’ prime booth space Revision: FINAL This printout is for indicating • “presented by your CoMpany naMe” in all Go Green165 PMS 347 PMS 7401 expo color breaks only. File Name: 122344_eologo_withthd_pms.ai Time : 1:45 PM • Platinum Recognition on website including logo and website link Do not use for color matching. Do not measure for accuracy. PMS Colors: Black advertising (print, radio, email, direct mail, etc...) • One-time dedicated email blast to all consumers, buyers & • 20’ x 40’ prime booth space exhibitors (over 10,000!) • Title Sponsorship Recognition on website including logo and • newspaper print advertisement in the sponsor’s newspaper website link (size TBD) • newspaper print advertisement in the sponsor’s newspaper • television commercials for 3 weeks (Call for details) (size TBD) • Full page ad in official show directory • television commercials for 3 weeks (Call for details) • Guaranteed speaking opportunity • Full page ad in official show directory (back Cover) • Banner on trade show floor recognizing you as a Platinum Sponsor • Two dedicated email blasts to all consumers, buyers & • Sign with company logo in Registration area exhibitors (over 10,000!) • Company Logo on print advertising, including newspaper, • Signage in entrance and registration areas with sponsor status magazines & invitations and logo • 200 complimentary passes to Go Green Expo • A VIP meeting room / Hospitality suite for your own company’s use • 300 complimentary passes to Go Green Expo $75,000 • Gold Sponsor $50,000 • Silver Sponsor $25,000 • Bronze Sponsor • 20’ x 30’ prime booth space • 10’ x 50’ prime booth space • 10’ x 40’ prime booth space • Gold Recognition on website • Silver Recognition on website • Bronze Recognition on website including logo and website link including logo and website link including logo and website link • One-time dedicated email blast to all • One-time dedicated email blast to all • One-time dedicated email blast to consumers, buyers & exhibitors consumers, buyers & exhibitors all consumers, buyers & exhibitors (over 10,000!) (over 10,000!) (over 10,000!) • newspaper print advertisement in the • newspaper print advertisement in the • newspaper print advertisement in the sponsor’s newspaper (size TBD) sponsor’s newspaper (size TBD) sponsor’s newspaper (size TBD) • television commercials for 3 weeks • television commercials for 2 weeks • television commercials for 1 week (Call for details) (Call for details) (Call for details) • Full page ad in official show directory • Full page ad in official show directory • Full page ad in official show directory • Guaranteed speaking opportunity • Guaranteed speaking opportunity • Guaranteed speaking opportunity • Banner on trade show floor • Banner on trade show floor • Banner on trade show floor recognizing you as Gold Sponsor recognizing you as Silver Sponsor recognizing you as a Bronze Sponsor • 150 complimentary passes to Go • 100 complimentary passes to Go • 50 complimentary passes to Go Green Expo Green Expo Green Expo Other Sponsorship Opportunities! • Tote bags ($10,000 + cost of materials) • Staff branding ($10,000 + cost of materials) • Attendee bracelets ($10,000 + cost of materials) • Water bottles ($5,000 + cost of materials) • directional signage ($1,000) • Name badges ($5,000 + cost of materials) & many more!
  5. 5. Exhibitor testimonials (partial list) LIFESOUrCE Water Systems “HALLELuYA! You are to be commended for a first rate, top-notch show. The attendance, the fellow exhibitors and the onslaught of quality advertising made the Go Green Expo the best new show we have ever done! As one of our salespeople noted, “The GO GREEN EXPO was what every show should be.” Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making the Go Green Expo a great experience.” Environmental Solar Design “The show was a great success! I’ve done over 50 shows and this one by far was the best one I’ve done so far. I really appreciate everything you did to put it all together. I really enjoyed the setup, the service by your staff, and how organized everything was.” Lady Muse “The Go Green Expo this week end was amazing. It is the best green event I have been part of and seen so far. Keep up the great work.” WorkGreen.US GoGreenExpo.com - LA was a HuGE success! “I wanted to share with you the exciting go green expo that is currently being held at the LA Convention Center. The event coordinators are fantastic and the event has been a complete success. It is amazing the energy and like-minded people that attended the show yesterday. if there has ever been a time in our history to stay focused on what have HAVE and what we are grateful for is NOW. Our mission is to preserve our earth for our children and generations to come and its great to see the amount of positive energy being spent on the green movement!” Media exposure (partial list) In the press (partial list) La times • January 25th 2009 “Nearly 10,000 people went green Saturday during the first Go Green Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center… Once inside, a bustle of environment-conscious builders, business owners and families took in more than 200 booths displaying the latest trends in a global campaign that has gained momentum in the last few years.” Fox news • January 23rd, 2009 “Green has become just that for many retailers, as enviro friendly is all the rage and big bucks for this multi-billion dollar industry. To give you an example of the economic strength, even with a tough economy, about 300 vendors will pack this part of the Los Angeles Convention Center and the crowd is expected to be overflow when the doors open early on Friday. Why you ask? Well, many states and municipalities are offering green tax write offs and paybacks, people can come and see solar power, better building materials and even green cars, all meant to help the environment and save some cash in your pocketbook.” recycleyourday.org • January 26th, 2009 “Yesterday, I went to the Go Green Expo and it was a blast- I was exhausted after walking around and checking out all the different cool eco-booths but overall it was great fun. I learned lots of information on how to make the world and my lifestyle a greener place. There was quite a turnout- folks of all ages.” ecorazzi • January 22nd, 2009 What started out as a single event in NYC last year, the Go Green Expo has bloomed into a 4-city extravaganza, kicking off at the LA Convention Center this weekend, January 23-25. In addition to over 200 booths of eco-friendly goods and services, the Expo features: Interactive seminars and speeches, Film screenings, demonstrations & hands-on activities & more.”
  6. 6. 2008 / 2009 Go Green Expo Speakers (partial list) Ed Begley, Jr. Mariel Hemingway 2008 / 2009 Speaker Peter Fonda NFL’s Ovie Mughelli Laura Turner Seydel Senator Presented by: Author of “Healthy Living Josh Dorfman Actor & Activist Captain Planet Foundation Andrew Dinniman LifeSource Whole-House from the Inside Out” The Lazy Water Systems Environmentalist Terry Ruggles Mark Alan Hughes Julie Edelman Kevin Wall David Bach, Nigel Barker Senator NBC News Anchor Director of the Mayor’s Author of The Founder & CEO, NYT Best-Selling Environmental Activist & Larry Farnese Office of Sustainability Accidental Housewife Live Earth Author of Photographer in Philadelphia “The Automatic Millionaire” & “Go Green, Live Rich” Alex Matthiessen Boise Thomas Ira Blumenthal Steven Kellert Dr. Pat Bryan Au Albert Esser of DELL Riverkeeper Star of Alter Eco Captain Planet Yale University The Dr. Pat Show Author of Foundation “Raw in 10 Minutes” Ken Rother Ashley Van Dyke Dr. Allen Hershkowitz Ralph Avallone Josh Tickell Sherry Beall Michael Richter Treehugger Green Race Car Driver Senior Scientist, President / CEO of Green Director of “Fuel” Host / Producer of NHL & Environmental NRDC Energy Council “Healthy Planet, Healthy Me” Capital Partners on KPFK Radio
  7. 7. Go Green expo is growing • apply to exhibit today! Please fax back to: 212.655.4501 step #1: apply to exhibit Company Name: _________________________________________ Website: _____________________________ Contact Name: ___________________________________________ Title: ________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________ Email: ________________________________ City: _______________________________________________________State: ____________ Zip: _______________ Tel: ______________________________ Fax: ________________________ Billing Contact: (if different) _______________________________________ Billing Tel: _________________________ Billing Email: ___________________________________________________ Billing Fax: ________________________ Billing Address: _____________________________________ City: ________________ State: _____ Zip: ________ step #2: select cities, booth sizes & pavilion One low price for all 3 days; sell to Businesses on day 1 and BOTH Businesses & Consumers on days 2 and 3! CITY Standard Upgraded Premium Virtual Event Total $1,495 $2,995 $5,995 $495 Minneapolis, MN November 6-8, 2009 q q q q $__________ Los Angeles, CA 2010 January 22-24. 2010 q q q q $__________ New York, NY 2010 March 19-21, 2010 q q q q $__________ Philadelphia, PA 2010 April 16-18, 2010 q q q q $__________ Atlanta, GA 2010 q q q q $__________ May 21-23, 2010 select pavilion: Grand Total $__________________ q energy / conservation/ recycling q health / beauty / fashion q food / beverage q home / building q media / education / job fair q travel / transportation q kid zone q business / electronics step #3: select a sponsorship (optional) For bronze, silver, gold & title sponsorships details please call us @ 212.655.4505 x223 terms & payment BY SIGNING BELOW, I AGrEE TO THE GrAND TOTAL AND THE TErMS ON THE FOLLOWING PAGE AND ACkNOWLEDGE THAT GO Green expo is not responsibLe For shippinG or drayaGe Costs assoCiated With events. Printed:________________________________________________ Signed: ____________________________ Date: ______________ If paying by credit card, please fill out the following: q American Express q Visa q Mastercard Credit Card Number: ___________________________________ Expiration date: ______________________ CVV Code:_________ Name on Card: _____________________________________________ Authorized Signature: __________________________________ payment policy: • 50% deposit due w/ registration form; remaining 50% due 90 days prior to event Please make checks payable to Go Green Expo • invoices 30 days past due are subject to 2% monthly late fee payment address & contact information: • registration forms submitted within 90 days of event must be paid in full Go Green expo, LLC cancellation policy: 276 5th Avenue, Suite 303 • cancellations must be in writing New York, New York 10001 Internal Code: • notice received 90+ days before event will be refunded 50% tel: 212.655.4505 x225 fax: 212.655.4501 10132009 All dates subject to change
  8. 8. rules & conditions 1. In these Regulations and Conditions, the term “Exhibitor” includes all employees 15. The right to distribute and/or sell any article of food, drink, or tobacco is of such, and any “co-exhibitor” and any employees of such, and the term held by catering concessionaires authorized by the owner of the exhibit facility. “Exhibition” shall be deemed to mean GO GREEN EXPO. The term “Organizers” No Exhibitor may sell, give away, or distribute any such article without the written refers to Go Green Expo consent of the Organizers. The foregoing should not be construed to prevent the 2. The Organizers reserve the right to refuse the application of any party whose Exhibitor from distributing product samples. product, service, or proposed exhibit is not in keeping with the character of the 16. The Organizers accept no responsibility for breakdown or failure of any of the exhibition. services provided for, or in connection with, the Exhibition. 3. Exhibitor agrees to make payment for space as outlined on the face of this 17. The Organizers reserve the right to refuse any person, including any employee agreement. If payments for space are not made when due, the Organizers may, at of an Exhibitor, admission to the Exhibition at their discretion. their sole discretion, re allocate space allotted to the Exhibitor. 18. Without prejudice to the rights and remedies of the Organizers in respect 4. The Organizers shall have full power to determine in every respect the allocation to any breach of the Contract on the part of the Exhibitor, the Organizers may at of area and position of space. their discretion allow the Exhibitor to withdraw from the exhibition subject to the 5. Exhibitor shall occupy the space allotted to them no later than 5 P.M. on the following conditions: (a) The Exhibitor must give written notice to the Organizers day before the opening of the Exhibition. In the case of default, from any cause that he desires to withdraw. If the Organizers allow such withdrawal, they will notify whatsoever, the Organizers shall have the right to re-assign or otherwise deal with the Exhibitor of their decision in writing; (b) Any such notification by the Organizers this space. Subletting of exhibit space is not permitted. to the Exhibitor will constitute a cancellation of the Contract subject to the payment 6. Exhibitor is responsible for the cost and erection of tables, counters, or other by the Exhibitor to the Organizers as outlined on the face of this contract; (c) contrivances for displaying goods and for all support services including, but not Upon payment of such amount to the Organizers by the Exhibitor, the Contract shall limited to, such matters as cleaning, electricity, plumbing, and drayage. be cancelled and neither party shall have any further claim against the other. 7. While participating in the exhibition, Exhibitor agrees to comply with all 19. The Organizers reserve the right to alter, add to, or amend any of these applicable municipal, state and federal laws and with the provisions of any labor Regulations and Conditions. Should any question arise, whether or not provided agreements which might cover activities conducted within the exhibition facility, for in these Regulations and Conditions, the decision of the Organizers shall be and with all Rules And Regulations of the venue. Exhibitor agrees to indemnify the final. No alteration, addition, amendment or waiver to or of, these Regulations and Organizers against any claim, action, or loss occasioned by any breach thereof. Conditions shall operate to release any Exhibitor from this Contract. 8. Prior to the opening of the Exhibition, the Organizers will provide the Exhibitor 20. The purpose Go Green Expo is to promote the sale and use of organic products with a list of rules and regulations for participating in the Exhibition. Exhibitor and related equipment and services. Exhibits must be consistent with this purpose agrees to adhere to these, and any other, rules and regulations that may be issued and must adhere to the following standards: (a) No exhibitor shall discourage from time to time by the Organizers. or promote the limitation, use, distribution, or marketing of any organic product or 9. All materials used for the building, decorating, draping or covering of booths related product or service. (b) Exhibitors may encourage or advance their own and/or stands must be non-flammable, or rendered so by being immersed in a products, equipment or services. However, exhibitors shall not unfairly criticize fire-proofing solution. All exhibits are subject to inspection by the public safety the products or methods of any other exhibitor. (c) No exhibitor shall directly or authorities having jurisdiction over the exhibit facility and the Exhibitor agrees to indirectly promote or advertise any idea or product, which is inconsistent with the comply with the ruling of said authorities on all matters. stated purpose of this exhibition. (d) No exhibitor shall infringe the copyrights, 10. Liability insurance of no less than $1,000,000 property damage and personal trademarks, or other intellectual property of any third person or unfairly compete injury, with Broad Form endorsement, naming Organizers as an additional insured, with other exhibits. (e) No exhibit shall have an undesirable or unreasonable and requiring at least 30 days prior notice to Organizers of cancellation or material deleterious effect upon another’s exhibit. (f) The organizers reserve the right modification, must be obtained by Exhibitor at its own cost and expense. Exhibitor to prohibit or remove any exhibit which, in their sole discretion, detracts from the agrees to provide Organizers with certificates of insurance or duplicate policies no general character of the exhibition as a whole, or consists of products or services later than 90 days prior to opening, and with further evidence of insurance upon inconsistent with the purpose of the exhibition. The right to prohibit includes, but is request. In no event shall Organizers be responsible for any loss of or damage to not limited to such persons (dressed in a sexually aggressive or offensive manner), Exhibitor property occasioned by theft or other insurable casualty. Exhibitor shall things, conduct, printed matter or anything of a character which the organizers, in obtain at its own cost and expense theft and casualty insurance in an amount equal their sole discretion, determine objectionable. to the value of Exhibitor’s property and shall provide Organizers with proof of such 21. As an accommodation to Exhibitor, Organizers may list Exhibitor in a catalog insurance upon request. The Organizers assume no risk; and by the acceptance prepared and distributed in connection with said Go Green Expo. Organizers shall of this agreement, the Exhibitor expressly releases the Organizers of and from any have no liability to Exhibitor for any errors or omissions contained in such catalog. and all liability for any damage, injury or loss to any person or goods which may 22. This agreement may be terminated by Organizers at any time on the breach arise from the rental and occupation of said space by Exhibitor, and agrees to hold of any of the conditions by the Exhibitor, or breach by the Exhibitor of any other and save the Organizers harmless of and from any loss or damage (including but contract he may have with Organizers or their affiliates, including failure to make not limited to attorney’s fees and other similar costs of defending claims or law suits payments when due pursuant to any such contract, and thereupon all Exhibitor’s brought against the Organizers) by reason thereof. The Exhibitor’s duty to hold and rights hereunder shall cease and terminate, and any payments made by him save the Organizers harmless hereunder shall not be affected by any contention on account hereof prior to said termination shall be retained by Organizers as that the Organizers were negligent, and that such negligence was a contributing or liquidated damages for such breach, and the Organizers may thereupon resell proximate cause of the damage, injury or loss in question, unless and until a court said space. of competent in a matter involving third party liability finds that the Organizers were 23. Approval of this contract is at the discretion of Organizers. Approval may guilty of negligence greater than that of the Exhibitors and that the Organizers’ be withheld, among other reasons for: (1) Poor credit history, including but not negligence proximately caused the damage, injury or loss in question. limited to past due amounts owing to Organizers or any affiliate of Organizers. 11. In no event shall the Exhibitor have any claim for damages of any kind against (2) Violations of Conditions, Rules and Regulations of contract provisions in any the Organizers in respect to any loss or damage, direct or consequential, because previous Event conducted or sponsored by Organizers or their affiliates. of the prevention, postponement, or abandonment of the Exhibition, by reason 24. Termination of Exhibit. In the event that the premises in which the Exhibition of any of the events referred to in Condition 10, or otherwise if for any reason is to be conducted shall become, in the sole discretion of Management, unfit for beyond the Organizers’ control the Exhibition facility becomes wholly or partially occupancy, or in the event the holding of the Exhibition or the performance of unavailable for the holding of the Exhibition; and, in such an event, the Organizers Management under the contract are substantially or materially interfered with by shall be entitled to retain all sums paid by Exhibitors or such part thereof as the virtue of any cause or causes not reasonably within the control of Management, Organizers shall consider necessary. If, in the opinion of the Organizers, by re- the Exhibition may be terminated or moved to another appropriate location at arrangement or postponement of the period of the Exhibition, or by substitution of the sole discretion of Management. Management shall not be responsible for another hall, or building, or in any other reasonable manner, the Exhibition can be delays, damage, loss, increased costs or other unfavorable conditions arising by carried through, this contract shall be binding upon the parties, except as to the virtue of cause or causes not reasonably within the control of Management. If size and position of exhibit space, which the Organizers may modify as they deem Management terminates this contract and/or the Exhibition (or any part thereof), necessary under the circumstances. then Management may retain such part of an Exhibitor’s rental fee as shall be 12. The liability of Organizers to Exhibitor for all claims relating to the Exhibition required to recompense Management for the expenses incurred up to the time such or this application, in contract, tort, or otherwise, shall not exceed the amount of contingency shall have occurred and there shall be no further liability on the part the fees paid to Organizers by Exhibitor in connection with this application. In no of either party to the other. For purposes hereof, “cause or causes not reasonably event shall Organizers be liable to Exhibitor for any consequential, indirect, special within the control of Management” shall include, but not be limited to: fire, casualty, or incidental damages, even if Organizers have been advised of the possibility of flood, epidemic, earthquake, explosion, accident, blockade embargo, inclement such potential loss or damage. The forgoing limitation of liability and exclusion of weather, hurricane, tornado, governmental restraints, declaration of public certain damages shall apply regardless of the success or effectiveness of other emergency, strike, lockout, boycott or other labor disturbance, technical or other remedies. personnel failure, local, State, or Federal, ordinances, rules, orders, decrees, or 13. Exhibitor agrees to confine all selling and promotional activity to the space regulations and/or any Act of God. allotted by this contract and not to distribute printed matter or materials of any 25. Each 10x10* booth includes 5 complimentary exhibitor badges. All booth nature in the aisles, entrances, or exits. packages are furnished with tables, chairs, company booth signage, carpet & a 14. Non-transferable passes of admission will be supplied to Exhibitors for waste paper basket. distribution to their personnel. Exhibitors will not be admitted to the exhibit facility *8’ x 10’ for all NY shows. without such passes. The Organizers reserve the right to limit the number of passes issued to any Exhibitor.