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ABOUT YOU get on board


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Who we are, what we do? See for yourself and get on board:

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ABOUT YOU get on board

  1. 1. WEARE THANTHE OTHERS!THANTHE OTHERS!THANTHE OTHERS! ROUTINE: familiar structures, products or teams for years on end – we change too fast COMFORT: endless time for projects, perfectionism, 9 to 5 DO NOT EXPECT: EFFICIENT | We work in an efficient manner in order to meet our dead- lines. In correspondence with our 80/20 rule, we implement 10 small ideas quickly rather than working on the “perfect one” for ages. SMART | We find solutions that are intelligent and uncomplicated. We split big goals into small steps. STRAIGHT FORWARD | We commu- nicate in a clear and direct manner - no politics nor hidden agendas. WHAT IS OUR TEAM ABOUT? 06 | 16
  2. 2. THE TRIED & TRUSTED: what works elsewhere, doesn‘t have to work for us PERFECT PLANNING: detailed concepts and specifications, sticking to a plan at any price LAYING BACK & CLINGING ON: are the enemies of success and moving forward DO NOT EXPECT: WE STAY HANDS-ON | We don‘t take long periods of time to discuss ideas. We make them real. Hands-on is our motto. FLEXIBLE | We don‘t hold on to one idea. New insights lead to new decisions which we face open- mindedly. MOTIVATED | We as a team want to move things and take turns motivating each other. WHAT IS OUR TEAM ABOUT? 07 | 16
  3. 3. COMMITTED | We love what we do and are more than 100% committed to it. ANALYTICAL | We are passionate, however we make decisions on the basis of good arguments and analysis. OPTIMISTIC | We think of solutions instead of problems. Our glass is always half-full. WE DO ITWITH WHAT IS OUR TEAM ABOUT? 08 | 16
  4. 4. WE STAY ONTHE CUSTOMER! WE STAY ONTHE CUSTOMER! CUSTOMER MINDED | We position our priorities based on customer value with the aim of creating long-term relationships with our client-base. OBJECTIVE | We always argue from the customer‘s point of view, because our customers are the ones who should primarily love our shop. DATA-DRIVEN | We understand our customers best, when we compare key figures to the user‘s behavior. Our most important metric is the custo- mer lifetime value. WHAT IS OUR TEAM ABOUT? 09 | 16
  5. 5. WE OURSELVES & IN OURTEAM IN COURAGEOUS | We demonstrate our courage and weigh out the risks autonomously. Mistakes are allowed – they are part of the learning process and we learn from them fast and only make them once. RESPONSIBLE | We take responsi- bility for our tasks, spot problems by ourselves and solve these as soon as possible. DIVERSE | We compliment each other and use our varied know-how from many different areas in order to find solutions together. WHAT IS OUR TEAM ABOUT? 10 | 16
  6. 6. DEBATE-MENTALITY: endless discussions, thinking things over many times – speed is more important to us UNPROFESSIONALISM: disrespectful behavior, arguments driven by emotion DO NOT EXPECT: OPEN-MINDED | We motivate and support each other. We share our know-how with each other. We are open to different opinions and new ideas. SELF-REFLECTIVE | In order to grow, we reflect upon our actions critically and stay modest. We give and receive feedback in an objective manner. APPRECIATIVE | We treat each other with respect. We value our colleagues and their work. CASUAL | We do not have a dress- code and address each other in a casual tone. Our doors stand open for one another. HOW DO WE TREAT EACH OTHER ON BOARD? 11 | 16
  7. 7. Be a part of it when we form the future of e-commerce together – with the goal of climbing to the top of the fashion industry. WHY DO I WANT TO BE ON BOARD? 12 | 16
  8. 8. As part of our team you can build ideas and introduce new processes – cast them aside again and start off anew. Because what matters to us is the outcome. One exciting project chases the next. Boredom? Error-alert! WHY DO I WANT TO BE ON BOARD? 13 | 16
  9. 9. Your learning curve is bound to shoot through the roof in the shortest amount of time, due to the experi- ences that you take with you from here. Startup years are like dog-years – multiplied by seven So give your CV a career-boost and use this journey with us as a springboard for your future. WHY DO I WANT TO BE ON BOARD? 14 | 16
  10. 10. HAVEFUNWITH THETEAM! We are a colorful bunch! Here, you will meet experts from the most varied of fields and work together with like-minded people. Together we have fun, celebrate our successes and motivate each other. WHY DO I WANT TO BE ON BOARD? 15 | 16