Why you should invest in aboriginal art


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art is something that can be appreciated and enjoyed every single day without losing value and that applies even more so to Aboriginal paintings. The owner earns more from his proud possession over time as the work's price increases

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Why you should invest in aboriginal art

  1. 1. WHY YOU SHOULD INVEST IN ABORIGINAL ART!Investing big money in art was never meant to be amoney-making scheme alone. The collecting of paintingsand artworks never set out to be a rich man’s entity, butunfortunately, it always has been looked upon as ahobby of the rich especially taking into account howmuch some paintings can cost; the more well- knownones really make big bucks at auction! Minnie Pwerle Aboriginal Art
  2. 2. But did you realize that collecting artwork can be amassive investment for the future not just for the richbut for anyone who wants to enjoy art and at the sametime gain financial investment too? And that is onereason why Australian Aboriginal Paintings are becomingincreasingly popular for collectors from all over theworld.Art is an asset which is appreciable, so to speak. Best ofall is that the stock market doesnt have a big impact onit making it a low risk, high reward investment. Sobasically speaking, investing in good, quality paintings isrelatively risk-free!For over two decades, Australian Aboriginal Art hasshown a steady financial growth and has proven itself tomake considerable profits for many investors who haveinvested and indulged in this particular form of art. Infact, when at the peak of the economic downturn back in2008, where all art sales worldwide fell down to all-timelows, Aboriginal Art sales overseas actually rose by 161%.
  3. 3. The price range wouldnt be too much of a problem forstart-up collectors either as prices for really good qualitydot paintings by famous artists can range from as low as$6,000 but they do go as high as $300,000 and even$100,000. So even if you are just a newbie starting offyour collection, you have assurance that you can find apiece of Aboriginal art well within your budget. And atthe same time, have full confidence that your prizedasset will continue to grow in value despite what upturns and down turns the world economy may beexperiencing. Emily Pwerle Aboriginal Art
  4. 4. It is also worth mentioning that when you buy anAboriginal artists work, youre not only investing in theartist him or herself, but youre also supporting theircommunity and their culture. The revenue earned fromart sales provides them with the budget they need tocontinue working and sharing their stories and culture.Summing up, art is something that can be appreciatedand enjoyed every single day without losing value andthat applies even more so to Aboriginal paintings. Theowner earns more from his proud possession over timeas the works price increases. A lot of well knowncollectors buy art for the simple reason that it makesmoney for them – you can buy it not only because youlike and admire it but also because you can get a safe andreliable return on your investment. And at the end of theday, thats two great reasons for discovering all aboutAustralian Aboriginal Art.If you would like to learn more about investing in Aboriginalpaintings then you are welcome to get our free guide over atour website www.AboriginalPainters.com.
  5. 5. And to check out our wonderful selecting of Aboriginalpaintings by famous Australian Aboriginal painters then clickhere to see our website.