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Abloy novel keysystem - convenient and long lasting security


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Locking security is an essential part of any successful organisation, whether it is a school, hospital, apartment or office.
ABLOY NOVEL is perfect master key system for your organization regardless of the number and type of applications or the complexity of your operational requirements.

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Abloy novel keysystem - convenient and long lasting security

  1. 1. The Unique ABLOY Cylinder Mechanism ® • Rotating discs instead of springs and pins • Bump proof and virtually pick proof • Unsurpassed features and benefits
  2. 2. Long Lasting ABLOY NOVEL Key ® • Pleasing to handle and use • Symmetrical and durable • Patented AWS, Anti Wear System
  3. 3. Professional Key Security • Cylinders, keys and key blanks protected by patents until 2027 • Duplication of keys strictly controlled • Additional keys with the related keycard and by the authorized ABLOY Centers only ®
  4. 4. One Key – Many Applications • All products operated with just a single key in one master keying system • The application can be a door, gate, drawer or cabinet
  5. 5. has a key role in worldwide security 100 years of experience Global and local reliable service Continuous R & D and testing Designed and produced in Finland