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Augment reality

  1. 1. U1156782 – Anna Ablett Augmented reality Young Pregnancy What To Expect extended app Module TID1085 Art Direction & Picture Editing
  2. 2. U1156782 – Anna Ablett Brief Look into different photographers and how the use techniques for their individual message. I plan to learn about aperture and shutter speed and do some practice photography. Photography usually has a message within the photo weather the intense or not. I could look at social issues shown in photography. Augmented reality is about creating an artificial aspect within a context. I will look into examples of augmented reality to get inspiration for my idea. Apps have become a significant part of our society recently and I will explore the best apps on the market and what section I would want to explore for my project. I will demonstrate this by experimenting with different picture editing techniques for my message. I will archive this by planning my vision of my images first, then creating the image using photography and art directing skills and knowledge. I will record my notes and development to show this outcome. I plan to create an advertisement for my app idea that will show my concept and encourage people to buy/use the app and links from the app. I plan to show this by incorporating knowledge from the course and specifically the photo studio and art direction into this project.
  3. 3. U1156782 – Anna Ablett Photographyresearch • Originally oil paintings were commissioned by the rich to show status, with the technology growth everything has become more accessible for the poor and nowadays it is argued there is a image pollution in the world as everything and everything can be instantly captured in a photo and shown worldwide, losing the value and messing behind photos. • In class we discussed the meaning of ‘Portrait’ and ‘Contemporary Art’ • Here is my findings: • What is a portrait? What should it be – A representation of a subject • Should the photographer control the content or the sitter? – Both, if the image is for an artistic creative purpose then the photographer should be in control but if it is a family portrait (for example) then the sitter would be most in control of the image outcome. • What should a portrait convey? – A concept (weather a metaphor, imagery, or just a person) • Is it social or cultural commentary? – Both, however it is influenced by technology available. • Is it art? – Yes, it is a creative solution to expressing a concept. It should have a intension or meaning. However this is a subjective question and I personally think it depends weather the image what created for an art purpose or not. Yet this is no longer a distinguisher as art is now shown anywhere, originally just a measure or in a frame but now art can be digital, on the web, in the street, ect.. Photographers RichardAvedon PhilippeHalsman Richard Avedon has been given the title of most famous American photographer. His most interesting work was his portrait images of famous celebrities. He would talk to the celebrity about certain issues, here he talked to Marilyn about bad things in her life and then shot the photo. The idea is to break down the idea of a portrait of a famous person showing their best pose and replacing it with the person looking vulnerable showing their true essence. It is important to consider if this is more a true portrait than an oil painting? This portrait concept reminds me of a photography I saw on a university trip to the Bradford Media Museum for the course but for a different brief. Philippe Halsman was a photographer that did a series of portraits where the subjects were jumping, including for the Duke and Duchess of Winsor 1956. His idea is when asking the subjects to jump their photo mask they create falls down and the real person and real personality appears.
  4. 4. U1156782 – Anna Ablett Photographyresearch Absolute Marilyn Photographers ShizukaYokomizo„Stranger‟series Philip-LorcaDicorcia„Heads‟ This series called „Strangers‟ it involved the photographer arranging a time to secretly take a picture of a person through their window. It is interesting to see how someone lets you into their life and what they have chosen to show you, for instance the man in underwear is more open than the women in a coat, or is she about to leave her house? It is a great example of social commentary for the people that chose to do this project. This series is meant to be a secret camera capturing people‟s images on the street without their knowledge. However when looking at the composition and eye line of the images I think it is more constructed than let-on, for instance they may have been a sign saying to look at the camera, on these may have been actors. • When asked to pick an advert that uses photography I chose the Absolut Marilyn advert. • The photographer was Steve Bronstein that sais “The bottle is like a big lens, anything put behind it is distorted and reversed” so he decided that rather than shooting the bottle in front of a black background, he chose to place a sheet of matte plexiglas behind it, and illuminate it with a soft glow. • The advert was made in 1995 however I think it looks very modern for it‟s time. • The bottle is centred to make to make it the main point of interest and show it‟s importance for the ad. • The bottle is made to look desirable and glamorous. • The slogan “Absolute…” has become a famous iconic slogan that has really made the brand what it is today. • The advert is representing Marilyn Monroe‟s iconic image from the film „The Seven Year Itch‟. The original image captures the essence of Marilyn‟s personality of fun loving, lively and sexy and by using this image in the advert they have associated those connotations with absolute vodka. • I think the photography within the advert makes the product seem mature and desirable therefore I think it is a successful advert and is very aesthetically pleasing.
  5. 5. U1156782 – Anna Ablett PhotoStudio • What I have learnt from the Photo Studio about photography and art direction: • Jpeg vs Raw – Jpeg is a picture format that is easy to use however Raw file format is hi-res and better to capture with if I am editing the photo. I decided to capture in both Jpeg and Raw • A – Aperture = How much light can enter the camera lens by adjusting how big the camera hole is. (Higher number, smaller lens, less light) • S – Shutter = how quick the lens closes deciding how much movement is captured. (Higher for faster images to be clear) • Iso – Sensor Sensitivity = More sensitive to light and dark • Auto focus dose not work on white backgrounds as it needs a contrasting colour to focus on. Tip: press capture halfway down (setting the focus) then recompose photo to how you wanted it.
  6. 6. U1156782 – Anna Ablett Aperture/Shutter/IsoPractice • Here is some initial practicing into using a camera. • I felt a significant amount more confident with the settings after practicing. • I think I would now be able to change the features to the right settings I would want for an image.
  7. 7. U1156782 – Anna Ablett • We were given the task to take pictures of alcohol bottles and create quick adverts by imposing a background. • Tips: – Remove labels on back of bottles so it doesn‟t shine through. – Use a light box, creates a lot of light – Light from behind and use reflectors to get light on front – Use black and grey card on the sides to define edges – Make sure the bottle and liquid doesn‟t look milky or plastic if it is glass. – Think about the context of the photo and how you want the bottle to look. – Shot in portrait to fill up more of the shot. BottleTask Used black card to darken edges Too dark Too Blurry Chosen images as in focus and best lighting Too washed out (milky) and blurry
  8. 8. U1156782 – Anna Ablett • For southern comfort I decided to re-shot the bottle as I thought more about what context my advert would have and the target audience. • I also wanted to experiment more with the lighting and composing techniques. • Here are some photos of the lighting set up in the photo studio: BottleTask Very bright! Be good for a beach scene but looks more like lucozade than whiskey Used a side lighting effect Too dark on the label and lid Washed out Be good for a pirate scene Too much shadow on the side Be good for a western/ cowboy scene Used a low angle shot to make the bottle seem more desirable and powerful which is the connotation I was wanting to create
  9. 9. U1156782 – Anna Ablett • For this vodka bottle shoot I found it very hard to capture the label as it was very shiny. In some photos it created a big shadow in the middle and when I tried to use the reflectors it became too bright with a shine line. I decided to use an anti-shine spray on the label to make it more matte. BottleTask Label to dark Weird shadow lines Still thin shadow line Bright shine line Very milky/plastic/rubber looking The bottle looks more like glass and glowing to look desirable. And the label is all readable Trying to get the label readable meant the bottle was very dark and dull
  10. 10. U1156782 – Anna Ablett Here I explored different Photoshop techniques. Bottletask-Photoshop • I originally wanted to use a beach scene for the advert. • I overlaid the bottle on top of a beach picture and then experimented with adjusting the shadow effect to make the bottle stand out more. I then tried to make the bottle look as if it was on the beach. • I then thought about using a beach bar scene at night which matched the connotations I was trying to create of tropical, fun, drinking experience. • I tried using a lends blur on the man to see what effect this would give • I also played around with an image of a lecture and a quote he said. • I first imported the image into Photoshop and used the pen tool to draw around the bottle and delete the background. I then adjusted the levels to lighten the bottle.
  11. 11. U1156782 – Anna Ablett More exploring for development and final BottleTask • After creating these images that I likes I experimented with other images using the same effects. • Here I have taken a sign and placed the bottle around and within it. • I really like the bottom advert but I think there should be more happening in the advert. • I then found this image of a bar tender at night at a beach bar that I wanted to use, • I adjusted the levels and curves to make the image look more appealing. I then imported the bottle where his bottle was. • However then I thought it would be a good idea to import the peach schnapps bottle onto shelf. I tried to edit them so they looked as if they were really on the shelf. • I then added this strap line and this was my final image.
  12. 12. U1156782 – Anna Ablett • On Location Photography PracticeLeedsTrip Street photography Urban photography Pregnancy and babies Pregnant mannequins Shutter speed Alternative angles Market items • The Leeds trip was mostly about getting experience with the camera. I also managed to get some images that could help with my project so it was useful taking those photos. • I really likes capturing textured and thinking of the composition of the image I was creating. • I learnt from taking the pregnancy photos, I want to take the photos straight on and concentrate on the roundness of the belly or directly on the side of the body, otherwise it is hard to emphasise the roundness of the belly and that the person is pregnant. Also when taking photos of the women, the cutest were when the mother was interacting with the baby/belly and this gave a warmer image so I will incorporate what I have learned from this trip into my final image.
  13. 13. U1156782 – Anna Ablett Brainstorm Social issues Brief Augmented realityApps Young Pregnancy Obesity Binge drinking Something that interacts with reality to create something new Informative Games/ Entertainment Helpful • Internet programs – show reality with overlaid information • Phone - Uses a phone app that uses camera to identify something and then shows new information • Webcam – uses a coded image that when scanned with a webcam program creates a new 3d image Apps are one of the fastest growing trends now-a-days. Here are a few graphs that show age groups and popular apps (these are USA based but typically correct for worldwide). My sister is pregnant at the age of 22 and frequently uses apps and books for information about her pregnancy. I also know that teenage pregnancy rates have been increasing. An app idea could be keeping track on the baby‟s growth and giving information about the baby and ways to keep healthy, especially aiming at young people as they will most likely use smartphone apps and know less about pregnancy. There has been many issues recently around obesity, including children eating healthy, best way to diet, the fast growth of obesity. I could create an app for health eating and gives information on foods, such as fats, sugar and salt levels. I know from my own experience the binge drinking culture is enormous and dangerous. I could create an app that helps give drinkers information on how to drink a more healthy amount and the dangers of binge drinking.
  14. 14. U1156782 – Anna Ablett • I decided for my project I will create a pregnancy app aimed at young people (aged 13-30). – The main target audience for smartphones and apps is 18-34 year olds. – Health and fitness apps take 13% of the app market. – This will be a helpful app for the social issue. – My sister is pregnant so I can give a good insight into the audience. • Initial Idea: have an informative pregnancy app about the baby‟s growth and ways to stay health during pregnancy, including tips from mums. The augmented reality aspect of the app will use the camera to super-impose a image of a sonogram onto the pregnant women‟s belly according to how far on they are (for instance 3 month pregnant women will see a general healthy 3 month scan). Youngpregnancyapp Audience: There are many worrying statistics on teen pregnancies, my research has lead me to estimate at least 45% of first pregnancies to be within the age 13-30 therefore this will be my target audience as, weather a teenager or not, first pregnancy and a young pregnancy is more likely to be the audience that owes a smartphone, uses apps and knows less about pregnancy than more experienced women. I watched a 2009 series of teen mom for research and found these statistics: one in 10 children in USA is born to a teenage mother 1 out of 6 girls in America will become a teen mom 2011: Birth rates, 11% for women aged 15–17 years, and 7% for women aged 18–19 years
  15. 15. U1156782 – Anna Ablett Pregnancyapps Main points: Integrates with Facebook and twitter and other social media sites. Reliable information from known brands and medically reviewed. User forums and due-date club Pregnancy to-do list Recipes Lifelike 3D illustrations Contraction timer Customize the app with baby‟s name and due date Cute interface Can email entire history of your contraction to your doctor or midwife. Helpful tips for stress and sleep during pregnancy Work out routines Shop for baby items and see reviews
  16. 16. U1156782 – Anna Ablett Pregnancyaugmentedreality • Friso Mum is a soft wear aimed at dads. The mother wears a t-shirt with a coded picture on that can be scanned with a webcam to show 3D image of a baby on the screen based on the stage of pregnancy the user selects on the registration page. Also has useful tips, for instance week 5 “how to deal with nausea”. And has the baby speaking telling you the development, for instance week 12 “now you can hear my heart beat and I can open and close my mouth”. • I found some different soft wear/ apps that use similar features as my app idea. However there is nothing like my app idea on the market. • Simubaby is a soft wear that used a belt with a picture code attached that a webcam can scan to show the size of the baby. • How big is the baby is a website with a printable code image that when scanned with a webcam shows a baby in your hand. • mybaby3D is an iPad where the user can input when their due-date is and see a 3D baby image of the according size. This is also rotatable and moving. This app allows the user to share onto social media sites.
  17. 17. U1156782 – Anna Ablett • I want to joined with the What to expect brand and create an extension of their free app to create a paid for app that uses the features from my app. Whattoexpect The free app already includes most of the features I would want to include. Therefore my extended version will include the augmented reality features and also my own. The information is well trusted and is linked with the website massively. Google play store says the app has been installed 500,000 - 1,000,000 times. IPhone app Android app Website
  18. 18. U1156782 – Anna Ablett • Initial Idea: have an informative pregnancy app about the baby‟s growth and ways to stay health during pregnancy, including tips from mums. The augmented reality aspect of the app will use the camera to super- impose a image of a sonogram onto the pregnant women‟s belly according to how far on they are (for instance 3 month pregnant women will see a general healthy 3 month scan). • Improvements: • The information will alter between using “him” or “her” each week (this was a favoured feature in the best pregnancy books rather than referring to “it” or “the baby”). Or the user can select which gender if they know. • The app will have a screen where you select your due-date/ how far along the user is to shows the most useful information to day/week knowledge. • The augmented reality will show a video of a sonogram as women get to see videos in hospitals and only have pictures at home. • The video will be 360 degree rotatable so you can see the baby from all angles inside the mother‟s belly. • The camera will detect where the mother‟s belly is so that it can accurately place a baby in the womb area. • The video will be able to switch between the black + white sonogram view or the 3D scan view (3D scan view is only available in hospitals at a free) • The app will also have another option that when selected the camera can hold up to a women‟s side belly and estimate how large her belly will grow in 1 month, 2 months, 3 months…. • Another aspect of the app encourages taking a picture of the mother each day or week and then at the end of the pregnancy will create a time-lapse video of the pregnancy (This can be shared through social media). • The app will link to a website that also shows the information provided and a social networking service for mum-to-be when they can create a profile, keep track of their baby growth, contact other mums, and a questions forum for any concerns. • I will make the app so that it is accessible across Google, Android, ect. • I will also make the useable on smartphones, tablets and other devices that apps are used on. • I plan to make my app easily changeable into different languages so that it can be downloaded worldwide and across different cultures. • I would want to connect with a trusted mother website for my information such as, they do have their own free app but I planned if I made my app into a more advanced version of their app that cost money I think they would join with my plan. That way app is connected to a brand that is known a trusted.
  19. 19. U1156782 – Anna Ablett • I used some online stock images to practice with before I took my photos to get an idea of how I would edit the photos and what the images would look like.Concept&imagedeveloping Imported an image into Photoshop Overlaid an image of my sister‟s sonogram Used feathering, and layer masks to blur the scan onto the belly Overlaid an image of a phone I also did another image of the belly- growth effect. I decided to use a different image of a phone that had a hand in. It makes the image look more real and give the idea the father is using the app which makes the concept sweeter. Concept drawing/ thumbnails
  20. 20. U1156782 – Anna Ablett • Here are the photos I have taken of my sister at 18 weeks pregnant Photos I chose this image because it shows clearly she is pregnant and her hand placement makes the image more emotionally warming. It is also in focus and bright. Here are some images I took of a male hand holding a smartphone in the camera scan position. Her scans
  21. 21. U1156782 – Anna Ablett • Here I have shown the stages of Photoshop I did to edit the image. Editingphotos Imported into Photoshop Cropped to size Edited out background items with clone tool Adjusted the levels Adjusted Brightness and contrast Changed the curves Blurred the image to make her have a “glow” Used a layer mask to paint black to show the detail Final Before After
  22. 22. U1156782 – Anna Ablett Developmentofimage When I was experimenting with more photos of my sister I created this image which I really liked. It gives a very warming feeling to the picture and can show both aspects of the augmented reality. I did the same experiments with a phone on this picture. When trying to create the image with the over lay of a sonogram and a male hand holding a phone the images didn‟t look they way I had planned. I tried different effects and using a better quality image of a phone, but they still didn‟t look proper. I was happy with the final image as it looks the most professional while demonstrating the app.
  23. 23. U1156782 – Anna Ablett Developmentofapp • I used images of the existing app to determine what my extended app with look like.
  24. 24. U1156782 – Anna Ablett Promoting I want to advertise my app in Pregnancy & birth magazine. The main audience is pregnant women ABC1C2, late 20s early 30s, then content of the magazine focuses on the main concerns of the first time pregnant woman - health, diet and beauty from the early stages of pregnancy to 3 months after the birth. This is my ideal target audience and a single copy cost £2.80 therefore the readers are more likely to pay for a pregnancy app. Thisisthepromotionaladvertisementformyapp.Itswritten likeamagazinearticlebeingfriendlyandinformative highlightingthefeaturesoftheapp.
  25. 25. U1156782 – Anna Ablett Final The app is aimed at 13-30 year old women in their first pregnancy.