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Production timetable


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Production timetable

  1. 1. Production Timetable<br />To Do ListCompleted date/tickNotesAchievementNeed to book the Exhibition Venue 1st May 2011Need to go to Mr Ben Cole who is in charge of the activity that takes place in CFGS school building.Achieved Need to take pictures of nature around my local area25th April- 1st May 2011Need at least 1 week to complete this.AchievedNeed to purchase Frames1st May 2010Need to go to Pound land to purchase the black frames and another local shop to purchase the gold frames.AchievedNeed to buy refreshments for the Exhibition2nd May 2011Need to go to Iceland two days before the exhibition. AchievedNeed to make the poster for the Exhibition venue2nd May 2011Need at least 20 minutes to make this.AchievedThe photographs need to be printed 3rd May 2011Need to print the pictures a day before the Exhibition. the print out should take less than 20minutesAchievedThe pictures put into the frames3rd May 2011The pictures must be inserted into the frames before the day of the Exhibition. This should take no more than an hour. AchievedThe Exhibition day 4th May 2011The Exhibition should start from 13:00pm to 13:20pm.Achieved<br />