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Hp.1.3 project activities


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Hp.1.3 project activities

  1. 1. The project<br />8.1.3 PROJECT ACTIVITIES<br />Name: Muinat Abisola Alausa<br />Below is a list of some of the key activities that you will need to carry out to complete your project. Consider each one in turn and write down what this will mean for your project and how long you think it will take. Completing this worksheet should help you with Section 4 of your Project Proposal Form<br />ActivityHow I will do this for my projectHow long will I needGenerating Ideas Project- PhotographyTheme- Nature and WildlifeEnvironment- My local area and any other areas suitable for my theme. I will need only a week to achieve this.Action PlanningI will need to draw of how my photos will be laid out in the exhibition day and what on every column or row.I will need to do a budget of my expenses to buy frames for my pictures. I will need at least maximum 2 days to draw almost accurately with colour used.ResearchI will be researching on at least 3 to 4 range of professional photographer and their work. I will be analysing one specific photographer that is close or similar to my theme. I will be researching on the history of photography and how it all started.I will also be researching on the development of photography and how it will be improved in the future. I will also be interviewing a professional photographer of how he got into photography and why. I will need at least 2 week to achieve this as I will be using not only computer but different sources such as book to do my research.Pre-ProductionI will be doing a storyboard drawing of how I want the photos to be laid out for my Exhibition. I will be looking at specific environment and how it will suit my theme. It will take me about 2 days to achieve this.ProductionI will also be visiting different areas that are Local and other places to photograph my themes (Nature and Wildlife). After the pictures have been photograph and saved on the computer I will be then printing and laminating them and put them in a frame for the Exhibition. It will take me 2 days to photograph the pictures (one day for each theme). For the printing and framing and laminating will take me at least 2 days depending if the equipment that are available.Post-productionThis is where the Exhibition will take place. I will have a classroom that shows my work on one side and another student work on the other side.This will take about 30min as the time for the exhibition is during school time and during break.EvaluationAfter my Exhibition as finished I will either give the audience4 a evaluation sheet of what they think of the photographs and how it effect their opinion on our environment or ask their permission to film them to record their opinions on the photos.I will be evaluating from the start of when I choose what my project is this will be filmed hopefully or if it is not filmed it will be recorded in writing. I will then evaluate what happened in the Exhibition and if it went well or not and how it could be improved. Writing the evaluation of the Exhibition will take me no more than 3 hours with detailed analysis. For the filming of how my project went, I hope to film for at least 30 minutes; the clip should be at least 3-4 minutes long. But however if this don’t happen I will just write an essay about the whole project which will take at least 3 hours to do. CommunicationI will be communicating with different people: The person for the interview, people at the exhibition and many more.There is no time limit for the communication as I will be communicating with people every day for this project.But I will be communicating with the person I will be interviewing for at least 5 min or less. I will be communicating with people at the exhibition day and that will be throughout the exhibition so that will last for 30mins. <br />