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Guerrilla Marketing


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Guerrilla Marketing

  1. 1. GUERRILLA MARKETING(Promotion of Central Fest)In October we had a workshop with Nikki Shaill from the Guerrilla Marketing onways we can promote our festival effectively.Nikki is part of the Lady fest Festival she works on the marketing side. She came tovisit our class and she talks about what lady fest is and how it is promoted. She talksabout what is Guerrilla Marketing which means ‘surprise attack’. Guerrilla marketingis mainly used with festivals who are working on low budget such as our festival‘Central Fest’. This method might not cost a lot of money but it takes a lot of time andeffort to make it effective and interesting to people.She did a promotion called the ‘The Great cake escape’. She baked hundreds ofcupcakes and attaches messages with a toothpick to promote something. All thecupcakes have different messages to them. She talks about how it took her a great dealof time to do this but the result was worth the effort.After she talked about her work she gave us a task of doing our own Guerrillamarketing around the school premises.These are pictures of us doing and making the Guerrilla marketing.