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  2. 2. ABOUT…… United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund Formed by U.N.General Assembly on dec 11, 1946 Becomes a permanent part of U.N in 1953 Renamed as U.N Children’s fund Headquarters in Newyork
  3. 3. GOALS Provide long term humanitarian and development assistances to children & mothers in developing countries Emphasize developing community level services to promote health & well being of children
  4. 4. ORGANISATION In 191 countries through country programmes & national committees Guided by 36 member executive board Head – executive director Income- contribution by diff govts & private donors Nobel prize- 1965
  5. 5. FOCUS AREAS  Child nutrition  low cost protein rich food  With FAO, aided Applied Nutrition Programme  Enriched food in endemic areas of nutritional def.
  6. 6. CONTD...…. Immunisation _production of vaccines & distribution Prevent spread of HIV _antiretroviral medicines for children & mothers with HIV
  7. 7. CONTD…. Water Sanitation Hygiene UNICEF TAP PROJECT in 2007, New york• For clean accessible water
  8. 8. CONTD….. Basic education & gender equality _quality based education for boys & girls _educational supplies
  9. 9. CONTD…… Child protection from _violence _exploitation _abuse
  10. 10. GOBI CAMPAIGN To encourage strategies for child health revolution Growth charts to monitor child development Oral rehydration Breast feeding Immunisation
  11. 11. UNICEF IN HEALTH In collaboration with WHO, FAO, UNDP, & UNESCO More attention on health aspects of mother & child Eradicate TB, malaria , venereal disease – with WHO Recently, idea of “Whole child” . Country health programme
  12. 12. UNICEF IN INDIA Programmes on Reproductive & child health Child development & nutrition Child enviroment Child protection& education
  13. 13. CONTRIBUTIONS BCG vaccination programme Penicillin plant- Pune Triple vaccine plants
  14. 14. FUND RAISING
  15. 15. THANK YOU !!!