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Neuro fibroma


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Neuro fibroma

  1. 1. Neurofibroma
  2. 2. Definition Benign tumor arising from CT of nerve sheath. Horizontal mobility only.
  3. 3.  Consists of neural (ectodermal) & fibrous(mesodermal) elements. Benign Single/ multiple Fusiform swelling in the direction of nerve fibre.
  4. 4. Sites Cranial Spinal peripheral
  5. 5. Types Nodular Plexiform Generalised Elephantiatic Pachy dermatocoele
  6. 6. Nodularo Commonly affects peripheral nerveso Adultso Single , smooth, firmo Moves perpendicular to the direction of the nerve.o Presents as painful s/c nodule.o Skin can be lifted up.
  7. 7. Plexiform Along the distribution of 5th cranial nerve- ophthalmic division Enormous size Skin thickening Hangs downwards Cosmetic problem Variant- patchy dermatocoele
  8. 8.  Tingling paresthesia Obstructs vision Erodes into bone, orbit & deeper structures Myxomatous degeneration
  9. 9. Generalized von Recklinghausen’s disease 1 in 4000 births Inherited autosomal disease 2 types- Type 1- chr.17 mutation Type 2- chr.22 mutation
  10. 10.  Soft, non-tender, multiple Café au lait spots Lisch nodules May be associated with MEN type2b Skeletal deformities Neurological disturbance
  11. 11. Elephantiatic Advanced stage of plexiform variety Involves limbs Dry, coarse, thick skin Congenital origin
  12. 12. Pachydermato cele Variant of plexiform NF Neck is involved
  13. 13.  Familial type- assoc. with scoliosis Intestinal NF- ppts. intussusception
  14. 14. Complications Sarcomatous changes Cystic degeneration Haemorrhage into tissues Neurological deficits Muscle atrophy Spinal dumbell tumor Kyphoscoliosis osteoporosis
  15. 15. TreatmentExcision- Symptomatic Cosmetic Recent increase in size Malignant transformation
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