Intensive pulse polio immunisation


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Intensive pulse polio immunisation

  1. 1. 1948-Thomas Weller&Frederick Robbins succeed in growing poliovirus in live cells
  2. 2. 1955:Dr.Jonas Salk- inactivated,injectable vaccineSystemic immunityNo local immunityNo protection tocommunity.
  3. 3. 1961:Dr.Albert Sabin-live oral vaccineEasy to administerRelatively cheapInterrupt WPVtransmission66%-herd immunity
  4. 4. 1980-OPV in UIP1988-global goal to eradicate polio by 2000(WHO).zero incidence of WPV transmission anywhere inthe world.Excludes VDPV(1case/1million vaccinees)
  5. 5. 1995-IPPIIstround-9th dec 1995&20th jan 1996.Under 3 yrs irrespective of immun status87 million childrenJan 10,feb 7 2010
  6. 6.  Conducted on NID sudden,simultaneous,mass admn of OPV,0-5yrs Mass immunisation campaigns 2drops using dropper supplied with vial Extra doses No min interval b/w PPI &scheduled OPV doses
  7. 7. Nov- feb:low transmn seasonJun-sep:peak transmn-envt sources of infHouse to house search for missed children &vaccinating them on next 2 days.
  8. 8. 1998Colour monitors/labelsCircle of deep blue colourWhite square,heat sensitive materialHigh temp,colour changes to blue-ineffective
  9. 9. 1988-125 endemic contries2008- 4(India,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Nig eria)SEAR-India(UP&Bihar)Kerala –last case in Malapuram,2000
  10. 10. Poor service delivery mechanismsLow public awarenessLack of comm participationLack of co-ordn b/w diff working units