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Household Insurance Sector Spotlight webinar April 2014


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Household Insurance Sector Spotlight webinar April 2014

  1. 1. Webinar archive at Sector Spotlight: Household Insurance AbilityNet Webinar 1pm, 30 April 2014
  2. 2. Webinar archive at Welcome Mark Walker, AbilityNet Robin Christopherson, AbilityNet
  3. 3. Webinar archive at A review of six of the leading players in the UK household insurance sector undertaken in February 2014 • Our methodology • The findings • Conclusions • Q+A Please use the chat box to ask questions at any stage Sector Spotlight: Household Insurance
  4. 4. Webinar archive at • Accessibility Testing • User Testing • Design Reviews • Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Integration • Accessibility Accreditation • Service Agreements • My Computer My Way AbilityNet
  5. 5. Webinar archive at UK Household Insurance • Household insurance market is forecast to reach £8.6bn by the end of 2017 • Overcapacity in the market continues to keep competition high • Banks are losing customers to the direct channels • Top 10 brands account for 45.8% of the market • Consumers are more cautious when purchasing home insurance • Research into current prices is a major part of the buying process • Huge competitive pressure on rates charged and cost per sale • Online services critical to success
  6. 6. Webinar archive at AbilityNet Accessibility Performance Index Red – many issues identified - immediate action required. Amber – some issues identified - attention needed. Green – no immediate issues identified.
  7. 7. Webinar archive at Methodology • Monthly review of specific sectors • Identify relevant sample • Test using Compliance Sheriff • Test using disabled users • Consultant review • Share report with people we have tested “If you can’t complete a transaction in two minutes on a phone or tablet then someone with a disability may not be able to complete it at all”
  8. 8. Webinar archive at Technical Compliance • Tested using Compliance Sheriff • Tested home page and one link down • Results reviewed by a consultant • Score agreed as red, amber or green
  9. 9. Webinar archive at
  10. 10. Webinar archive at Compliance Sheriff: Compliance Sheriff Health Score – 25%
  11. 11. Webinar archive at Compliance Sheriff: Top 10 Issues Pages Form does not provide submit button. 20 Data table must have one row or column of headers 18 Data table must have caption to identify table 18 Data table is not using proper markup. 18 Adjacent links for same resource found 18 No summary provided for data table. 18 Non-decorative IMG element contains empty ALT attribute. 12 Page does not use headers according to specification. 11 FRAME element does not contain a TITLE attribute. 6 AREA element has null ALT attribute. 3
  12. 12. Webinar archive at User Testing Two user journeys: • Getting a quote • Looking for graduate careers opportunities Testers included: • Dyslexia – 6m of the population – of which 4m severely so • Sight loss – est 2 million in UK • 360,000 people registered as blind or visually impaired • Hearing Loss - 10 million people in UK • British Sign Language user – approx 50,000 users • Able-bodied
  13. 13. Webinar archive at User Journeys Task 1: Imagine that you are renewing your household insurance and are browsing different providers for a quote. Please visit the website and see if you can get a quote for house insurance. Task 2: Imagine you want to apply for a graduate job with this company – but only one that is relatively local to you. See if you can find graduate opportunities for your area.
  14. 14. Webinar archive at What the users said: Aviva
  15. 15. Webinar archive at What the users said: Aviva • The website overall was well set-out but I found the headings with a yellow background difficult to see – magnification user • The website pages were well spaced so it was easy to navigate with magnification - magnification user • It was good to be reminded what information was required but after the date of birth no information was given as I tabbed through the form so it wasn’t consistent and I didn't know what I was supposed to be entering. It just said ‘edit’ which left me a tad confused – blind user • I like how the website is designed so that everything is well spaced out (not cluttered), making for clear and comfortable visibility and ease of use – BSL user
  16. 16. Webinar archive at What the users said: AXA
  17. 17. Webinar archive at What the users said: AXA • I like that after you receive your quote, you can purchase additional insurance such as Student cover, etc. - dyslexia • I found the links on the homepage of the website difficult to see and had to increase my magnification level as the text was very small. I also found the white text difficult to read – magnification user • The headings on the careers part of the website were a lot easier to read as there was a good contrast with blue text and white background. The headings were also spaced out so it was easier to navigate with magnification – magnification user.
  18. 18. Webinar archive at What the users said: Direct Line
  19. 19. Webinar archive at What the users said: Direct Line • The form looked easier than it was I think because when I pressed ‘continue’ nothing happened so I think there was an error that wasn't spoken to me - • I thought finding a graduate vacancy was going to be easy but I couldn’t seem to find an actual job as the drop down boxes weren’t working as well as I would have liked with my screen reader and the keyboard – screen reader user
  20. 20. Webinar archive at What the users said: Hiscox
  21. 21. Webinar archive at What the users said: Hiscox • I found the link on the homepage difficult to read as some of the black writing was faint but once you clicked on the links the black and red text was darker which was easier to read – screen magnification • I found vacancies for graduates but it had Flash on it so couldn’t find a list of jobs and places. Shame about the flash as apart from that the website was so good! – Blind user • Needs to be redesigned for visually impaired users. First of all, all the links should be labelled and written in HTML but not in Flash or any other animated content tool and not just a list of incomprehensible clickable objects! – Blind user
  22. 22. Webinar archive at What the users said: NFU Mutual
  23. 23. Webinar archive at What the users said: NFU Mutual • The information that is presented on the web site is good, but extremely complicated to navigate for a visually impaired user. Everything has to be dug out, instead of found on the home page – blind user • I like the idea of giving guidance and support for comparing and choosing the product that is mostly suitable for a customer. But a form of how to get a quote has to be included below these sections where possible and I couldn't find one anywhere – blind user • I found the links on the careers website easier to follow then on the main website and there was good contrast with white and black and blue on white so they were easy to read - magnification
  24. 24. Webinar archive at What the users said: Zurich
  25. 25. Webinar archive at What the users said: Zurich • I used insert+f7 as per usual to bring all links on the page into a list and it said homepage the first time, then Home - which I took to mean home insurance - good job I was right! They should make sense out of context like this – Blind • Rather disappointingly, I was also unable to enter the Text Relay service prefix 18002 before my home number (allowing for accessible calls), as I had reached the maximum number of digits allowed. As a deaf person I must be able to request the use of the Text Relay service – BSL • I do not know what kind of lock I have on my doors and had to guess. Would help if there was a link on the quote form to an explanation, plus pictures, of different type of locks - Dyslexia
  26. 26. Webinar archive at Accessibility Help Looking for best practice Using our experience as expert witnesses The quality of the Accessibility Help Page is a useful indicator Plus we look for additional accessibility that disabled users are catered for eg BrowseAloud or My Computer My Way
  27. 27. Webinar archive at
  28. 28. Webinar archive at AbilityNet Accessibility Performance Index Red – many issues identified - immediate action required. Amber – some issues identified - attention needed. Green – no immediate issues identified.
  29. 29. Webinar archive at Conclusions: An Opportunity Missed • This is a typical set of results • Mostly amber, some red, very little green • They raise legal, marketing and governance issues • But almost all issues raised could be addressed quickly and easily • Some easy wins and an opportunity for competitive advantage • Better designed pages and forms • Better user experience for all users
  30. 30. Webinar archive at Questions and Answers • Please use the chat box or the questions box to ask your question • We will then turn on your microphone and ask you to repeat your question • Any question not answered can be covered in a follow up email • A video and audio recording of the webinar will be available afterwards • The slides are available now on • A copy of the sector report is available on request from
  31. 31. Webinar archive at Contact Us Next webinar: Global Accessibility Awareness Day, 15 May 2014 More free webinars from AbilityNet: Talk to us about our Accessibility Services 01926 465 247 @abilitynet