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Building Accessible Apps and Barclays Banking App March 2015 final


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How does building an accessible app differ from building for the desktop

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Building Accessible Apps and Barclays Banking App March 2015 final

  1. 1. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Building Accessible Apps Barclays Mobile Banking Case Study AbilityNet Accessibility Webinar Thursday 19 March 2015
  2. 2. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Building Accessible Apps Understanding Accessibility and Apps Barclays and the business case for accessibility Refreshing Mobile Banking App – the project Testing - what we did and what we found Issues encountered and how we dealt with them Lessons learned
  3. 3. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Welcome Head of Digital Inclusion Robin Christopherson AbilityNet Klara Wilhelm Senior Propositions Manager, Barclays Joe Chidzik Senior Accessibility & Usability Consultant AbilityNet Paul Smyth Head of IT Accessibility Barclays
  4. 4. AbilityNet Accessibility Services • Workplace Services • Student Services • Accessibility Services • Free IT Support for Disabled People • My Computer My Way • Tech4Good Awards AbilityNet Adapting Technology. Changing Lives.
  5. 5. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Accessibility Goes Mobile Increasing part of AbilityNet’s work Web-based Apps vs Native Apps Accessibility concerns across all platforms Specific concerns in each major platform Strong link to usability Same basic approach – include accessibility as early as possible
  6. 6. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Online & Mobile banking Telephone banking Through innovation Branch banking Barclays and Accessibility
  7. 7. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Barclays and Mobile Banking Late to market with our mobile offering – our competitors ahead of us… But room to innovate through customer experience •3.8m customers •1.5m unique logins per day •4 platforms - iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry Mobile presence very important - nearly half of Barclays customers go straight to mobile
  8. 8. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Achieving Accreditation • Embedded in re-design initiative • AbilityNet Accreditation set as a goal for the project • Made accessibility a critical part of the project • Inclusive design benefits all customers • Accessibility consultants part of the core team • Took part in weekly design reviews from as early as concept stage • Regular user testing with a range of customers • AbilityNet regular onsite visits supporting design & development team
  9. 9. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Project Timeline June 2014 • Fed in hot issues and learning from previous accessibility reviews • Weekly design show and tell with core team including accessibility consultants • Iterative approach with regular user testing • Wireframes annotated with accessibility hints • Build accessibility reviews November Sign off December App store submission January AbilityNet accreditation
  10. 10. AbilityNet Accessibility Services What we did differently Accessibility Review BEFORE Too late to impact design significantly, only allows for retrospective changes Ongoing Accessibility Reviews NOW Part of core project, informed inclusive design
  11. 11. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Testing Apps Constraints with testing code because it’s an app Typical testing processes for apps •Voiceover identify buttons, labels. Etc •Visual check layout, colours, instructions, evaluation against standards •Disabled user testing Tested this app 3x using special build that didn’t need log in
  12. 12. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Issues raised in testing Form field labelling Ensuring input fields are well labelled is particularly useful for screenreader users
  13. 13. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Issues raised in testing Passcode entry Custom keypad 5 separate text inputs for a 5 digit code No feedback for screenreader users •which input field they were on •how many digits had been entered. Solution: •Accessibility hints added so that the user heard: “Digit 3 of 5 entered”
  14. 14. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Issues raised in testing Menu behaviour Menu behaviour is critical for screenreader users
  15. 15. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Lessons learned • Making accessibility part of core project adds value to usability for all customers • Include accessibility in day to day working tools & documentation • Don’t rely on separate site and guidelines - Personas with impairments - Accessibility annotations part of UI guidelines - Design patterns for development teams • Accessibility considerations make great design for all customers • If included as part of design phase, can avoid costly retrospective enhancements
  16. 16. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Benefits of this approach • To customers and their customer feedback • Increased knowledge and skills of the team members • Enhanced the contribution of in-house teams and consultants • Raised awareness internally in relation to other mobile apps • Design patterns embedded in our own tools
  17. 17. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Questions • Please use the questions box on the gotomeeting panel
  18. 18. AbilityNet Accessibility Services Contact Us Accessibility services +44 (0)1926 465 247 @abilitynet Next AbilityNet Webinars Controlling your computer with your voice, 1pm, 14 April 2015 UX and Accessibility, 1pm, 23 April 2015 Sign up at