Creating successful year end fundraising campaigns


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  • Creating successful year end fundraising campaigns

    1. 1. Creating Successful Year-End Fundraising Campaigns Richard Dietz Nonprofit R+D @nonprofit_rd #YEFR
    2. 2. Agenda • What is a Year-End Campaign? • Why You Need to Launch a Year-End Campaign Today • Tools of the Trade • Best Practices for Year-End Campaigns • Q&A
    3. 3. Our Goals Today • Convince you why you need to launch a Year-End Campaign • Provide ideas and tips to get you going or improve your current campaign • Get you to take action and launch the campaign ASAP – No campaign is ever perfect or “ready” • Start where you are now – Only way to improve is to get something out there and test – Pick one or two ideas and add them to your campaign 3#YEFR
    4. 4. New Information? • “I already know that” / “I’ve heard that before” • The key is what have you DONE with the information. • Use the information here today and Take Action 4#YEFR
    5. 5. What is an End of Year Campaign? 5#YEFR
    6. 6. Definition for End of Year Campaign • A coordinated multi-appeal fundraising campaign that capitalizes on the end of year giving cycles that is a part of a larger donor cultivation system • Key ideas from the definition – Coordinated – Multi-appeal – Giving cycles – Part of larger system (Donor Engagement) • Also known as: – EOY Campaign – Year End Campaign – Holiday Campaign 6#YEFR
    7. 7. Why you NEED to launch an End of Year Campaign 7#YEFR
    8. 8. Why an End of Year Campaign? • NPO’s raise from 40% to 70% of their funds at the end of the year – Up to 22% in the last two days of the year • People like to give during the holiday season • People like to get their tax breaks • Great way to update your supporters about the year’s accomplishments and what you have planned for the new year • Great opportunity to find new donors 8#YEFR
    9. 9. Tools of the Trade 9#YEFR
    10. 10. Tools of the Trade* You only need four tools to run a solid Year-End Campaign Online • Place to make your case – website • Way to take money – donation form • Way to connect with potential donors – email marketing • Way to track results – online analytics 10#YEFR
    11. 11. Best Practices and Tips for End of Year Campaigns 11#YEFR
    12. 12. Best Practices - Basics • Prepare and Plan – But keep it simple for now – Start from where you are and improve every year – Use the Year End Campaign Planning eBook 12#YEFR
    13. 13. Best Practices - Basics • Multiple Touch Points – Multi-channel if possible • Easy Donation Process • Vivid Examples of How Donations Will be Used – Example: 100 will provide 25 new books for the library 13#YEFR
    14. 14. Compelling Campaigns • Tell a Great Story* – Inspire them with your passion – Individual stories are best • People give to people • Emotion >> Rationality – Make it timely – Online Video * Templates in the eBook will help you here. 14#YEFR
    15. 15. Compelling Campaigns 15#YEFR
    16. 16. Get Your Message Heard The end of year can be crowded and noisy…. • Timing – Be compelling, Be First, Be Often • Event Fundraising – The 890% Difference – Another way to engage and stand out – Tie the events into your end of year fundraising – eBook – Event Fundraising Best Practices • Create a “Signature” event or campaign • Peer to Peer Fundraising 16#YEFR
    17. 17. Follow Up / Cultivate Donors • Follow Up – Easy way to stand out from the crowd – Develop donor engagement (Two Way Communication) – Welcome email or series – Small favors • Multiple thank you notes throughout the year – Thank You Update – Thank You and Small Favor – Thank You and Success Story – Thank You.. But still work to do • Measure and test throughout the year 17#YEFR
    18. 18. Resources and Templates for End of Year Campaigns 18#YEFR
    19. 19. Resources • Start Where You Are • Google is Your Friend – Search for “End of year appeal example,” “thank you card example,” etc. Gets you off the blank page. • Sage E-marketing – • Timeline and Templates – Downloadable eBook 19#YEFR
    20. 20. Resources Sage Fundraising Online – 6 Ways Sage Fundraising Online Helps with Year End 1. Easy, simple and clean donation and registration forms 2. Create multiple forms and deploy them quickly 3. Event Fundraising 4. Contextual Giving – Tell a great story 5. Keep control and ownership of your data and money 6. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 20#YEFR
    21. 21. Conclusion • End-of-year campaigns are not as difficult as they seem • Take action – Pick one or two ideas and implement • Only YOU can figure out what works for YOUR organization 21#YEFR
    22. 22. Q&A / Resources Download the Year-End Fundraising eBook Download the Event Fundraising eBook Download the Year-End Fundraising Webcast Slides Learn about Sage Fundraising Online Contact Richard Dietz: Contact Sage: 512-850-6501 22 800-811-0961