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Digipak initial response

My individual response for the promotional package for my A2 Media project.

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Digipak initial response

  1. 1. Initial Response (Digipak) Abigail Kernaghan
  2. 2. Structure27/09 Track list for the Album Sleeve with additional diskQuick detail on band and what is included in the pack Beneath the disk is a simplistic image, location? Recognisable image that is related to the artist/ songs. As well as name of album and band. Images of the band/ shots of what is shown on the DVD.
  3. 3. Images Locations Close–ups/Abstract Band photo-shoots 27/09 The abstract images create depth of feel for the artist and music genre. However, I must find a way for these to be related to the band/songs themselves. Images of the band are clearly an effective idea, it gets straight to the point so the consumer is interested in the product. Could be included on the inside of the case, to give a personal touch. Using locations is a simplistic way to create an interesting and atmospheric feel to the product. It gives context to the music included and an idea of what may be featured in the promotional DVD.
  4. 4. Font Band Name Band Name Band Name Band Name Album Name Album Name Album Name Album Name 27/09 When I initially cycled through the fonts available in PowerPoint, I was disappointed when I found that no font is appropriate for my style of product. They are clearly made for bulk writing and not individual logos. I first considered downloading a font from the internet, but then decided that in order to find the ideal font I would approve of more than any other, and would not require my compromise – I would be best to design it myself, and find a way to scan it as a logo in the production process. CASTELLER: This is the best of all fonts available, with the depth of the structure, having some variety in the thickness of the lines. However, I am not too fond of fonts in which the upper and lowercase letters are not distinguished. MS Mincho: This is the most effective of the fonts I narrowed down for the Album name. Because it is slim and simplistic whilst still creating an abstract effect. It is not too uniformed, nor too crazy/childish.
  5. 5. Colour Scheme I chose these colours to match the theme of the video as well as the magazine advert. The contrast between light and dark would be effective. However a pop of colour is crucial so that it does not become cliché or dull. The pop of colour; the orange links with nature, the sun, fire and things in their purest and warmest form. The message and theme for my products will be simplistic and things stripped down to their bare essentials, but also with a powerful message. Black, to convey the severity and explicit messages portrayed by the artists. This would clearly work well on a digipak case, as it would maintain structure and sleekness. White, again shows simplicity, and to a certain extent beauty. Not only would there be contrast between light and dark. But also harsh and soft colours. Grey allows there to be many shades that control the emphasis of different texts or images. This would not only be an effective decision, but also a sensible one. As this colour is very versatile and adaptable. 3/10
  6. 6. Content The Digipak is essentially the release of a new album by Bastille, with an exclusive bonus DVD to celebrate the success of the artist. I would like the content of the DVD to be never-before-seen music videos, some not available in any other format. That way I can credit the video I have shot during my coursework for the song ‘Icarus’. The name of the album is being changed from ‘Bad Blood’ – the official name of Bastille’s album, to ‘Rituals’. This is so that graphically I can create an image that relates to the title, and will help me to avoid the same design and connotations as the band itself. The track list for the album will be the same as the original album, however, I would add some bonus tracks to emphasise the exclusivity of the promotional DVD. The genre for the music is alternative indie pop. I will convey this using artistic design, expression, font and colour scheme. Therefore the font will be unique and interesting enough to be interpreted as indie, but structured enough to show maturity of the music. The expression of the artists/anyone included in the images is key when portraying the meaning of the music, so nothing too childish or excitable. However the songs will vary in the positivity of their message, so the images cannot be restricted to solemn expression either. The images would be extremely significant in the presentation of the package. I like the idea of an abstract image for the cover. Perhaps a close-up of a prop included in the music video or relating to a recognisable lyric from the artist. I am also interested in the idea of silhouettes/shadows as it creates depth and adds emphasis to images that include colour. These will definitely be used for my magazine advert, but could also be connected and intertwined with my Digipak as well. There are crucial features that must be included in the design of the Digipak. These being; the central panel having a disk tray for the CD, a sleeve for the DVD, a track list and small description of the contents of the bonus DVD, a picture of (at least) one band member, the band name, the album name, 3 separate images. 10/10
  7. 7. Design BONUS DVD including: - Exclusive videos of the songs Icarus, Weight of Living, and These Streets - A personal message from Bastille themselves Bastille Rituals Pompeii ThingsWeLostintheFire BadBlood Overjoyed TheseStreets WeightofLiving Icarus Oblivion Flaws DanielintheDen LauraPalmer GetHome 10/10