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New Directions: Impact Report 2017-18


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ANOTHER YEAR OF SUCCESS!! We recognise that not everything that matters can be measured and not everything measured matters. We believe that a skilled, knowledgeable, caring, committed and well led staff team is at the heart of high quality support and we focus on ensuring this across all of our services. Looking forward we will continue to build on our achievements and develop further services and accommodation so we can support more people and their families in the coming year.

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New Directions: Impact Report 2017-18

  1. 1. Welcome From Our Chief Executive I am pleased to introduce our latest impact report as we celebrate the 67th anniversary of our charity. This impact report is based on our data from the last year and shows the real difference we have made to the lives of the people we support. We are committed to continually evaluating and reviewing the outcomes we support people to achieve, the impact of our work, as well as incorporating feedback from the people we support and their families to improve and develop our services in the future. This impact report also enables us to share our exciting development plans for the future. The people and families we support are why we exist as an organisation; everything we do is focused towards providing quality, person centred support at the right time, in the right place and in the right way. We recognise that not everything that matters can be measured and not everything that is measured matters! We believe that a skilled, knowledgeable, caring, committed and well led staff team is at the heart of high quality support and we focus on ensuring this across all of our services. This year we have been working hard to develop more new supported living flats. These will be completed in 2019, enabling 26 new people to have their own quality one-bedroom flats within the heart of Rugby town centre with the individual support they need to live independent, fulfilling and active lives. This is against a very difficult backdrop of changing political and economic challenges that all social care providers are having to work with. Often the people we support have had to overcome many challenges in their lives, so to see them developing their confidence, abilities and potential is what inspires us and motivates us all everyday. I would like to thank all of our staff and volunteers for the incredible work they do. They are passionate about supporting and empowering people to be as independent as possible and frequently go above and beyond because of their commitment to everyone they support. It is this dedication and hard work that has enabled us to achieve such fantastic results again this year. Many thanks go to all the individuals, families and businesses who have supported us in the last year. If you would be interested in supporting us in the coming year in any way, please contact me and you could help us make a real difference. Doreen Woodward Chief Executive Page 2
  2. 2. Contents Our Mission 4 5 6/7 8/9 12/13 14/15 10 11 15 16 Case Studies - Jennifer, Robert and Keiran Supported Living Services Community Day Opportunities Geat Outcomes In Our Short Breaks Service At Home With Our Residential Services Our Achievements 2017-18 At A Glance Thank You Voice Of A Volunteer Looking Forward 2018-19 3 Contents/ Our Mission 2 Welcome From Our Chief Executive Picture Highlights 2017-18 Our mission is to make a positive difference to the lives of vulnerable people, including those with learning or physical disabilities, by promoting their individuality, rights, dignity, independence, choices and inclusion and by providing accessible, flexible support services and opportunities for them to thrive, flourish and enjoy positive and fulfilling lives. Our Values: Our values are central to what we do and incorporate the importance we place on: • Putting the people we support at the heart of what we do • Respecting the unique worth of every person and their rights • Integrity and Openness • Investing in People • Promoting equality of opportunity and an inclusive life Paul Kyle Page 3
  3. 3. A World Of Work: Robert and Keiran’s Stories Getting The Most Out Of Life: Jennifer’s Story New Directions supports people to attend fun and educational opportunities which enable them to form new friendships and try new things. Jennifer has a hearing impairment but she doesn’t let this affect her day to day life. Jennifer is very sociable and says that her favourite thing is to meet new people and make new friends. Jennifer often attends event evenings at Richmond Court and in Rugby, such as moving and exercise, healthy eating and live music. Jennifer said, “I really enjoyed taking part in a musical evening where I had the opportunity to try out different musical instruments, such as electric guitar and drums.” Jennifer also volunteers once a month at St Cross Hospital in an administration role. She says she loves her independence in her flat and enjoys keeping it tidy and doing her housework. She also enjoys researching her family tree in her spare time. Robert who works in a retail shop in Rugby says, “I enjoy working as it helps me to be independent. Work is also my way of keeping busy and I like to be busy. I see new different faces every day.” He continued, “I like having my own well earned money to spend on nice new things for my home.” Keiran works at a local printers, which gives him his independence. He says, “It helps me to have a set routine which is good for me. Most of all, I enjoy working as I have a few different areas of work I work in at the printers, which means I get to experience something new every day.” Page 4 Robert Jennifer
  4. 4. Picture Highlights 2017-18 The Sewing Group at our day activities service made much needed clothes for children in Sudan Sewing clothes for African children Christmas meal get together People getting together to enjoy a fabulous Christmas meal Transition event at Brooke School We held a Transition Event offering services to young people moving into adulthood Sponsored Peak District Walk Some of our staff walked 11 miles across the Peak District and raised over £1,000 for New Directions A fundraiser with a taste of India Mandeep, who works for New Directions raised funds selling homemade samosas and bhajis Live music at event nights Support Workers Jo Litten and Ross McAusland provided an evening of live music Food Hygiene Certificates All our Volunteers who serve at Moriarty’s Cafe received essential training in food hygiene Thank You To Archive Volunteer Mark, who is supported by us is creating an archive to preserve New Directions’ history. Page 5
  5. 5. Supported Living Services Transitional Support Lewis is enjoying living on his own for the first time since leaving his family home and moving into his own flat. Throughout his transition into independence staff coached him to budget and take responsibility for his finances so his bills are all paid. Lewis said, “Before moving here I had not used a washing machine and couldn’t cook for myself. I have made lots of friends. If I click with someone I click with them, like I have done with Kyle, who also lives here in his own flat, I think the world of him.” Meeting Changing Needs Brothers, Keith and Trevor have been living together for many years in a supported living flat. As they are growing older their needs are changing so we work with other professionals to ensure that their needs continue to be met. We adapt their support so that they can continue living together, keeping their family bond as this is important to their wellbeing. A New Home And A New Life Linda moved out of a residential home into her new supported living flat and is thriving. Linda says, “It’s nice living here, I can get around with my walking frame. Sometimes I like to be on my own but I can also go into the communal lounge to see everyone else. I chose my own sofa, go shopping with supportanddocooking.Ihavemadefriends here and my other friends and family come and see me on weekends and evenings.” Trevor, Keith and their Mum Lewis Linda Page 6
  6. 6. Independent Living In The Community Listening To Feedback Since moving in to his own supported living flat,Bob has made new friends and is enjoying having his own space. He is trying new activities and has become a representive at the local Warwickshire County Council Learning Disability Partnership Board where he speaks up for people with disabilities in Rugby. Bob says, “I get on well with everyone and I feel listened to. I like the tenants’ meetings because we talk about keeping safe and things that help me. I now do my own bills with support and can go fishing and cycling when I want to.” Supporting Young Parents New Directions supported one individual to move in to her new accommodation with her baby. As a new mum, she is supported to live independently and learn how to parent. She is growing in confidence and recently started an online course to gain the qualifications to proceed iinto a career in reflexology. Most of all she wants to be able to provide for herself and her family. She says, “One of the biggest benefits to living here, is that it helps me to do everything I need to for me and my baby.” Experiences To Remember: Skegness Day Trip Bob A walk on the prom in Skegness, a paddle in the sea and ice cream made for a special day out. The trip enabled people to take a well-earned break and make happy memories together. There was also the opportunity to go shopping, visit the arcades and enjoy the rides at the funfair. Page 7
  7. 7. Work Experience People are gaining valuable work experience by serving in a local café in Rugby and preparing a range of food and drinks. They are developing their money management skills and learned about food hygiene and the importance of infection control through attending a training session. They are also working with the public and improving their customer service skills, which will help them to find work in their future and improve their confidence. The volunteers run Moriarty’s café in Regent Street, Rugby every Monday. Community Day Opportunities Educational Equipment New Directions fundraised to purchase an interactive educational piece of equipment called a ‘Magic Carpet’, which is having a huge impact on people like Ellen and James at our day opportunities venue. This sensory technology projects images onto the floor or ceiling and provides many interactive ways in which people are benefitting from using it: Educational - reading, numeracy, matching game Cultural Education - different cultures and religions Games - football, tennis Music - quizzes, instruments History - monuments, learning about world events Healthy Eating - cooking, equipment, healthy alternatives Hayley Michael Ian James Ellen and Michelle Page 8
  8. 8. Young People Helping Out Volunteers from The Prince’s Trust spent time at our community allotment helping people to prepare the ground for growing fruit and vegetables to use in cooking groups. A second group of young people completed their National Citizen Service (NCS) with New Directions and raised £477.72 for our charity. Team Reiss used drama to engage with the people supported by New Directions. They then organised a successful sports day for six individuals, which took place at Rugby College. Changing Lives With Lifelong Learning Exercise For All Abilities Lynne leads a chair exercise group at our day opportunities service. She is a qualified instructor and researches techniques such as using elastic exercise bands for stretching and music to suit diverse exercise techniques. The Care Champions at Warwickshire County Council complimented this session saying, “The chair exercise group was delivered in a way everyone understood and enjoyed.” Creating Music David, who takes part in the weekly Music Group at our day opportunities service, has been learning about notes, pitch and rhythm with musical sessions through Warwickshire County Council. With the group, David put his new skills into practice and they created a group melody by taking it in turns to choose the notes. They are now planning to use its skills towards a performance in 2019. David Team Reiss Page 9
  9. 9. Great Outcomes In Our Short Break Service Boosting Confidence A pamper party hosted by Infinity Hair and Beauty Salon provided a little ‘me’ time and a makeover for all the ladies who took part. Leanne, Hayley, Rose, Susie, Linda and Tina were in high spirits on the day, treating themselves with a little bit of luxury and enjoying the buffet and refreshments. Christopher Learning Life Skills Christopher has increased his independence at Milner House, our short break home. He has learned to make simple meals, gained life skills like hoovering and laying the table and interacts with new people during his stays. Encouraging Self-Reliance Jason wanted to visit the Butterfly Farm in Stratford upon Avon while staying at our short break service, Milner House. With support he researched the costs, how to get there, picked a date and invited others to join him. His confidence has grown and he is now planning his next adventure. Jason Tracy HayleyLouise Several people who visit Milner House were supported by staff to develop its garden as part of our healthy eating initiative. They have planted a bay tree and grown potatoes, lettuce, rhubarb, courgettes, strawberries and rosemary to cook with as well as sunflowers. People will continue to maintain the garden and use the fresh produce to make healthy meals during their visits. Healthy Eating Initiative Page 10
  10. 10. Outstanding Service This year’s Care Quality Commission’s report for Vicarage Road praised the positive culture of the home which empowers the people they support to live the life they choose, make decisions, pursue interests, maintain independence and be part of their community. They were awarded an outstanding rating. Emma from Paint and Glaze showed everyone how to decorate ceramics with their own designs. This session was funded by a charity quiz in aid of art therapy. The ceramics were fired so that people could use them in their home. At Home With Our Residential Services Going The Extra Mile At New Directions people are always thinking about new ways to get everyone together for fun and educational activities. Birthdays are special occasions and this year Peter chose to have an outdoor summer party with an icecream van, ponies, owls, alpacas, rabbits and farmyard animals to entertain friends and family. People are supported to maintain their independence in many ways, including going food shopping at the local supermarket and helping to make their own meals. Tony’s holiday to Disneyland, Paris enables him to reminisce about the time he spent there triggered by the films which were taken of him and the items that he brought back from the holiday. Using objects of reference will help Tony to remember his enjoyable experiences. Ian Ernie Peter Page 11 Tony
  11. 11. training courses Volunteer hours provided Over 1,000 Number of staff 135 51 3 OUR ACHIEVEMENTS 541 We provided ANOTHERYEAROFSUCCESS Qualifications achieved or in progress by our staff 42 Good rating in all our CQC reports 100% ISO 9001 Quality and Investors In People Standards Achieved 2018 2018 Number of new staff44 Page 12
  12. 12. ANOTHER REMARKABLE YEAR Number of people using our services 155 Support hours delivered this year 276,048 26 Number of new homes coming in 2019 Families received a break from caring Number of people we support in paid work or volunteering 23 Community Café with Volunteering opportunities 50 2,500 Activity sessions delivered at our day opportunities service 2017-18 AT A GLANCE Page 13
  13. 13. Thank You Rugby Rotary Saturday Breakfast Club Donation National Citizen Service Fundraisers The Prince’s Trust Volunteers Rugby School Artists Some Of Our Donors 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 8 9 10 11 Marks and Spencer Rugby College Mike Hailwood Masonic Lodge Masonic Relief Chest Scheme Charities Aid Foundation Markel International Services Abbeytax Sir Edward Boughton Long Lawford Trust Tesco Bags For Life Nationwide Windows And Doors The Challenge To everyone who helped fund our sensory gardens Page 14
  14. 14. Voice Of A Volunteer Rugby Dunsmore Rotary Club Donation The Jaggard’s Memorial Bench Donation Our International Dance Day Video With Tiger Feet Dance Our Video Production For The Friends Of St Cross Page 15 Claire has been volunteering with New Directions at our community allotment to gain experience in horticulture. She would like to have a career in Horticultural Therapy. Claire feels volunteering with us will help her to use gardening as a therapeutic way to engage and help others. Claire said, “I heard about New Directions by attending sessions on horticultural therapy at Ryton Organic Gardens. I really enjoy volunteering at the charity’s community allotment because of the friendly people and because I am out in the fresh air. New Directions is very dedicated to the individuals who it supports.”Claire (centre)
  15. 15. Measuring, evaluating, reviewing and reporting on our impact as well as listening to feedback about our services enables us to improve what we do for the future as well as demonstrate the value and difference we make. Despite a challenging financial climate, we will continue to deliver high quality services, develop further services and accommodation so we can support more people and their families in the coming year. Going forward we will continue to build on our achievements: • Having the right place to live is key to unlocking an independent life for anyone so we are developing a further 26 new supported living homes in Rugby in 2019 to meet the needs and aspirations of a wide range of new people with disabilities or support needs • The support we provide is only as good as the people who deliver it. We will continue to invest in effective recruitment, induction, training, development and valuing our staff, which is key to our continued success • Develop more volunteering and work opportunities so the people we support can gain valuable work experience. Our latest partnership is running Moriarty’s Café in Rugby • Support more people with disabilities to develop stronger community connections, support networks and friendships in their lives • Increase our presence and visibility in the local media, challenging attitudes about people with disabilities and educating others • Continue with the implementation of our digital technology strategy that will benefit the people we support and enable us to record and share information more efficiently with them and others • Building on our recent Care Quality Commission inspection reports of our services, which has rated all services as good and one as outstanding • Grow our impact through the development of new effective partnerships with individuals and organisations that share our values • Evaluate any new methods to involve the people we support and their families in service design and delivery and to ensure their voices are heard, as their valuable feedback will help to improve what we deliver in the future. Looking Forward 2018-2019 New Directions Rugby Ltd newdirectionsrugbyltd @CeoRugby New Directions Rugby Ltd