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Getfeedback 360 degree feedback options

Getfeedback has over 15 years of expertise in designing and running 360 degree feedback surveys online. We provide small and large organisations with leading edge, user-friendly 360 degree feedback surveys and comprehensive reports on their people. This presentation provides viewers with an overview of our approach, tool and options available.

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Getfeedback 360 degree feedback options

  1. 1. Getfeedback 360 Degree Feedback Abigail Clayton
  2. 2.  Help businesses improve performance through their people  Experts in the measurement of people at work  Use well proven, evidence based psychological models  Recommend best in class diagnostic tools  Form trusted partnerships with our clients Introducing Getfeedback
  3. 3.  RPO  Behavioural assessment  Leading psychometric tests  Assessment and Development centres  360 degree feedback  Training in core behaviours  Employee opinion surveys Tailored. Targeted. Effective.
  4. 4. A selection of our 360 clients Farther details available on
  5. 5. 360° feedback
  6. 6. Our 360 Experience  We’ve run over 20,000 survey based projects to date… …involving between 1 and 1,500 delegates  We can generate over 100 surveys per second  Systems availability – 99.95% in last 12 months  Bound by UK and European Data Protection Act
  7. 7. Surveys available  Off the shelf or bespoke  Your questions, your scale, your branding  Web-enabled and available 24x7  Technical audit completed prior to launch  Data secure and saved until submitted – re-access at any time  Fully tested  Multi-lingual capability Individual Contributor, Manager, Leader, Sales, Legal and Educational Schroder based 360s available off the shelf.
  8. 8. Administration – Managed Service  Single Project Manager  Project dates and deadlines agreed at outset  Weekly status calls and reports  Fully outsourced administration • Set up • Launch • Reminders • Monitoring completion status • Report generation & distribution Participant Information Provided Setup Launch Reminders Issued Progress Monitoring Report Generation Reports Delivered by GFB Technical support provided to participants and nominees
  9. 9. Administration – Self Managed  Training to use system  Top-class, secure technology  Manage your survey administration in your time  Generate your reports when required  Secure administrator log in  Set up various administration permissions Systems Training Provided Setup Launch Reminders Issued Progress Monitoring Report Generation Technical support provided to participants and nominees
  10. 10. Reporting  Define your requirements at outset  Off the shelf or bespoke  We can advise on best practice  Individual reporting  Group reporting  Group comparison reporting  Year on year comparison reports
  11. 11. The 360 Experience
  12. 12. Our surveys are quick to set up and simple to manage…
  13. 13. Our surveys are quick to set up and simple to manage… …during systems training we will provide you with sample text and process advice. Automatic reminders can be scheduled at set up.
  14. 14. Each participant receives an email invitation to the 360 process and a link to their nomination page…
  15. 15. …the participant then accesses the nomination form…
  16. 16. …the participant then accesses the nomination form…
  17. 17. …and enters their nominations in the spaces provided… There are no limitations to number of nominees and further respondents can be added at anytime. Rejected emails are automatically flagged.
  18. 18. …once submitted, the participant is taken to their self survey introduction…
  19. 19. …before continuing into their survey where they can rate their own behaviour.
  20. 20. At the same time each of the nominees is automatically emailed by the system inviting them to provide feedback on the participant…
  21. 21. ..each nominee is then taken to the survey introduction page…
  22. 22. …before rating the participants behaviour.
  23. 23. At any stage the delegate can re-access their nomination form to check the status of respondents Project managers can review response status at any time without logging into the system.
  24. 24. Individual and group reports, designed to provide maximum insight, can be generated as soon as enough data is received.
  25. 25. Reporting and Feedback Options
  26. 26. Individual Report Sections Introduction Introduction to 360 feedback, the development journey and competency framework overview. Using the Report Overview of nominees, scale and how to read the report. Overview Competency breakdown and benchmarks, Johari window data display and 10 highest and lowest scoring statements. Detail Question by question breakdown and competency summary Open Ended Comments Development Planning Preparing for change and development activity planning
  27. 27. Group Report Options Individual comparison report Comparing individuals within a group and group summary data. Often used in training needs analysis, team planning, development events and mentoring. Group comparison report Comparing groups of respondents with one another. Often used in wider business planning and analysing specific behavioural gaps.
  28. 28. Feedback Options 1:1 Feedback Face to face and telephone feedback individual service available. Maximum 4 feedbacks per day. Feedback training One day programme for consultants to interpret and feedback individual 360 feedback reports. 1 day training programme. Half day one off charge required to update materials in line with your bespoke reporting and process.
  29. 29. Why Partner with Getfeedback? •Ongoing investment in our technology and tools for 10+ years •We understand security, compatibility and compliance Talent Managers •Our solutions are developed to drive change and development. We can advise on best practice and co-create new solutions Peace of mind for you and your employees •We take the headache out of large surveys, the technology is robust, reliable, secure and scaleable Project management •We understand completely all aspects of successful project implementation •Your single point of contact throughout the programme •IT support via email and phone  Technical excellence
  30. 30. What next?  To trial our 360 degree feedback tool or discuss your specific requirements further, contact us today: 01491 845533 To stay up to date with our case studies, research and products, get social: getfeedbackltd