Blighter or Wrogger?


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What should today's aspiring travel writer do? From the Social Travel Market seminar at the World Travel Market London 2011.

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Blighter or Wrogger?

  1. 1. Social Travel Market 2011 Blighter or wrogger? Abigail King
  2. 2. Who am I?Journalist Lonely Planet, CNN, Huffington Post, France Today, National Geographic Traveler & more Academic journals @abigailking
  3. 3. Who am I?Blogger Inside the Travel Lab @insidetravellab
  4. 4. Who am I?Doctor Swapped a career as a hospital doctor for a life with words and pixels.
  5. 5. Questions• What should an aspiring writer do?• Where should travel companies and tourist boards go for content?
  6. 6. How I did it• Geographical limitations• Bought a book• Signed up for an online course• Started pitching
  7. 7. Where’s your blog?• No books• Online course• Google• Ongoing project
  8. 8. For Writers Advantages• Showcase your work• Creativity• Network• Interviews• Direct income• Assignments without pitching
  9. 9. For companies Advantages• Try before you buy• Faster results• Long-lasting results• Loyalty• Social media can no longer be ignored
  10. 10. For writersDisadvantages • Slow start • Rapid changes • Many roles
  11. 11. For travel companiesDisadvantages •Less control •More groundwork required
  12. 12. Thank @abigailking @insidetravellab