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Minera am-mining-may13-bro-s


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Minera am-mining-may13-bro-s

  1. 1. www.mineraesperanza.clMineraEsperanzaBringing hope to a community
  2. 2. BringinghopetoacommunityVery much a Chilean business in every senseof the word, Minera Esperanza is committedto contributing to both the economic andsocial futures of local communitiesMineraEsperanzawritten by: Will Daynesresearch by: Abi Abagun
  3. 3. MineraEsperanzaIt was during the 1990s that professionalsfrom Antofagasta Minerals Group madethe discovery of a new deposit in theSierra Gorda mining zone. Though it wasaccepted from the off that developingsuch an asset, located at the heart of thedriest desert in the world, would be ahugely challenging undertaking, the workof thousands of people has contributed tothe transformation of a geological resourcesinto a new mining company called MineraEsperanza.The site of the mine itself is located at anelevation of 2,300 metres,180 kilometres to thenortheast if Antofagasta Cityand 30 kilometres from thecommunity of Sierra Gorda.Minera Esperanza is a partof the Antofagasta MineralsCompany, the only nationalprivate group of its kind inChile. The group’s activitiesin the country’s large coppermining sector extendsthrough its sister operations,Michilla and El Tesoro, in the Antofagastaregion and its Los Pelambres operation in theCoquimbo region.Construction of the project began in mid-2008 with its start-up period commencingin November 2011 and the mine now fullyinto its operation phase. During its first tenyears of operations the mine is expected toproduce approximately 190,000 tonnes ofcopper concentrate and 230,000 pounds ofgold as its main by-product annually. Totalreserves meanwhile are estimated to total587 million tonnes of copper concentratewith a total grade of 0.53 percent, with morethan 0.22 grams of gold retrieved per tonne.Getting the project to the point where it istoday has required a total investment of some$2.7 billion.Minera Esperanza is a company createdand managed by Chileans. As such it hasalways possessed the core ethics that areshared among Chilean operations withinthe sector, which sees all of its work basedaround the principal of creating sustainablevalue. Sustainability itself has been adoptedas a pillar of the company’soperations by its managementteam, incorporatingeconomic profitability, carefor the environment andthe progress of communitieswherever its operations aresited.Such principles require thecompany to not only respectits human and environmentalsurroundings, but also striveto enhance them. Indeedwith its use of seawater in its process, itsintegration and use of new technologies thatare more environmentally friendly, and itsefforts to provide new opportunities to localcommunities, Minera Esperanza represents aclear example of sustainable mining in action.The exclusive use of seawater in itsoperations is one of the most significantsustainability aspects of Minera Esperanza,with this water being pumped through a 145kilometre long pipeline that follows the samealignment of the mine’s concentrate pipeline.587BilliontonnesEstimated total reservesof copper concentrate
  4. 4. It is the pumping system, which includesfour pumping stations located in the EsperanzaPier sector located in Caleta Michilla and inthe company’s deposit at Sierra Gorda thatmakes this innovation possible. The mine’sconcentrator plant possesses the highest levelof seawater consumption, estimated to bemore 600 litres per second. Of course someprocesses that occur in and around the assetdo require fresh water. This is obtained fromseawater that is desalinised through a processof reverse osmosis.In addition to its wishes to adequatelyaccountable for all the possible impacts of itsoperations in the region, it also strives to assistThe hope conveyorMineraEsperanzain any way it can with local challenges andwith the development of the communities inwhich it exists. During its very early days thecompany developed a community relationsplan. This plan is very muchin line with the sustainabilityprinciples of AntofagastaMinerals, which is based ona number of values includingthe ideas of respecting peopleand the environment, andadhering to all necessarylegal regulations.The company’s socialprogram guidelinesmeanwhile have beenconstructed to be fullyconsistent with those of theWorld Bank’s InternationalmaptekMaptek was founded more than 30 years ago, is a leadingprovider of innovative software, hardware and servicesfor the global mining industry. Maptek products are inuse at more than 1200 sites in more than 60 countries.Products cover the whole mining cycle from exploration toreclamation. Vulcan™ is one of the world’s longest standing3D mine planning and modelling packages. I-Site™ is anintegrated hardware and software system for 3D laserscanning, surveying and imaging. BlastLogic™ featuresintelligent 3D drillhole validation and load design software,and Eureka™ provides an interactive 3D environment forvisualising and interpreting geophysical and seismic$2.7 BillionTotal investment in the project to date
  5. 5. Association (AIA) and to the MejillonesIndustrialists Association (AIM). As a memberof these institutions in the Antofagastaregion, the company has contributed greatlyto the development of a number of socialresponsibility programs that have worked tostrength the skills sets of countless local menand women. Furthermore, it has collaboratedin the promotion of activities linked to thedissemination of mining activities by meansof exhibitions open to the community.Minera Esperanza has also complementedthese activities with its own initiativesthat in turn have gained the support andcollaboration of the above organisation. Anexample of this collaboration in action wasFinancial Corporation, which themselvesinclude an exhaustive set of social andenvironmental performance standards thatare applied to all sustainability projects.The company is also guided by the EcuadorPrinciples, used as a measurement tool byfinancial institutions that have investedin this mining project, that underline theneed to have social management plans,public evaluations, complaints and claimsmechanisms, among other recommendations,which have been integrated into MineraEsperanza´s daily activities.As well as being a part of the AntofagastaMinerals Company, Minera Esperanza alsobelongs to the Antofagasta Industrialistsits hosting of the first Antofagasta RegionSuppliers’ Business Round, which was heldin December 2009 in the commune ofMejillones. This event provided a forum togather knowledge shared by the company,and by other small and medium sizeenterprises from within the region. The aimof this event was to clearly promote localemployment and sustainable developmentin the zone, things that Minera Esperanzacontinues to care deeply about.The truck workshop and aerial view of Minera EsperanzaMineraEsperanzavincent@bus-ex.comSeenContact us today and put yourcompany in the spotlight!Fully OperationalAfter Earthquake.Forty years ofexperience in seismicdesign and riskassessment formining projectsaround the world.Mining facility shownfully operated 2 daysafter 2007 Tocopilla,Chile earthquake.S & S CONSULTINGENGINEERS LTD.Telephone:56-2-22318406Email: info@sysingen.clwww.sysingen.clFor more information aboutMinera Esperanza
  6. 6. Produced by:www.bus-ex.comMinera