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Inmet mining emea-mar12-bro-s-0 Researched Abi Abagun

  1. 1. Inmet MiningDigging for victory
  2. 2. Inmet Mining: Çayeli BakirDigging for victory Turkish mine Çayeli Bakir is the only mine in the north-eastern province of Rize. Jane McCallion talks to managing director Iain Anderson about the mine’s recent multi-million dollar capital investment programme and its close relationship with the local community
  3. 3. Inmet Mining: Çayeli BakirOperations ayeli Bakir is an undergroundunderground copper and zinc mine located in the north-east of Turkey, close to the Black Sea coast. The facility, a wholly owned subsidiary of Canada’s Inmet Mining, became operational in 1994 and is expected to run until at least 2017. The mine is located in a unique environment, with the local community living very close to the facility—in fact, almost on the edge of the mine site, says managing director Iain Anderson. While the company is well known in the local area, the mine itself has a fairly small footprint and, says Anderson, most people driving past would not even realise they were close to a working mine. Çayeli Bakir is a major employer in the area, with 85 per cent of its 490 employees employed from within the province of Rize. However, despite having a ready local workforce, things have not all been plain sailing. “We don’t have a strong mining culture in this area—we’re the only mine in this province,” explains Anderson. “So to support our local community employment support programmes, we’ve obviously had to provide a lot of training for our employees so that we can maintain our standards, particularly on safety and the environment.” In addition to its undertaking to employ local people, the company’s commitment to the community is evidenced through its active programme to promote local procurement. “We’ve had a number of success stories, such as a local trucking co-operative that hauls our concentrate
  4. 4. Inmet Mining: Çayeli Bakir from the mine site to our port facility in Rize,” says Normet Normet is one of the key suppliers for Inmet Mining Anderson. “That local Corporation. It provides advanced solutions to Inmet’s co-operative meets our underground mining operations at Cayeli, Turkey and safety requirements and it’s Pyhäsalmi, Finland. In Turkey, together with Penamaden, been a real education and Normet offers mining machines and construction chemicals learning process for them. for different underground processes such as mine support They have upgraded their by mobile robotized concrete spraying, mechanized skills and services to provide explosive charging and underground logistics with utility vehicles. In addition, Normet provides a comprehensive us with what we need and range of life time care services. this has both added value to us as a company and created opportunities for them.” Çayeli Bakir has approximately 13 major Many mines have set up their own mine- customers located across Europe and in to-mill teams; we’re trying to take that one China. “We manufacture and sell two types step further with ‘mine-to-mill-to-market’. of ore concentrates: copper concentrate and There are always competing objectives zinc concentrate,” says Anderson. “We also between mine, mill and marketing; so by have an integrated approach to production. bringing all of those disciplines together and WeeklyBecause a month is a long time to wait... Your weekly digest of business news and views Management team
  5. 5. Inmet Mining: Çayeli Bakirdeveloping an integratedapproach, we’re trying to Weir Minerals Weir Minerals delivers value engineering and innovation tofind that optimum point,” our customers, extending the lifespan and enhancing thehe explains. “And this is performance of critical processes in many of the world’sone of our continuous most challenging environments. Our global network ofimprovement strategies.” technology centres, applications specialists and service Continuous improvement centres ensures that we can provide equipment that giveshas become something of a our customers the lowest cost of ownership.watchword at the mine, with Weir Minerals has worked with Cayeli Bakir for a number ofa number of programmes years. By moving to a direct sales and service presence in Turkey, Weir Minerals recognises the significance of Turkeyimplemented to ensure as an emerging territory and looks forward to cementing aoptimum efficiency. “We strong relationship with Cayeli Bakir over the years to come.use a mixture of 5S, lean www.weirminerals.comand six sigma techniques,”reveals Anderson. “We havea number of green belt six sigma projectleaders in the company and two black belt sixsigma trainers—and this approach has led toa number of improvements across the site.However, we have picked a lot of the low-hanging fruit, so it’s becoming increasinglydifficult to identify high value opportunitiesthat deliver a really good return,” he admits.“For that reason, we’ll soon be engaged in anew continuous improvement project, whichwill be carried out by a consultant. The aimof that project is to identify the value driversof our business and identify opportunitiesthat might be hidden from us.” In 2011, the company spent Operating machinery “We’ve had to provide a lot of training for our employees so that we can maintain our standards, particularly on safety and the environment”
  6. 6. Inmet Mining: Çayeli Bakir Mine control room C$15 million on improving efficiencies and conditions underground. The investment was directed into new equipment for “We manufacture and sell two types production, new equipment for safety and environmental compliance, and new mine of ore concentrates: copper management software. Investment in production has largely concentrate and zinc concentrate” been made into sustaining operations. “We’re running an underground mine in environmental and safety aspects has acceptable before is no longer acceptable inspired and conditions there are pretty tough on equipment, so occasionally that equipment been the age of the mine. “Çayeli Bakir has been in operation for a number of years and now.” With safety in mind, the company has invested in a number of new refuge stations needs to be replaced. That means we’re over that time, environmental restrictions in the mine, which are self-contained and Your weekly digest of continually upgrading and replacing items on mines have increased,” says Anderson. designed to support life for approximatelybusiness news and views such as mobile equipment that we use “So we have acted to bring the mine into 36 hours. Each refuge has its own oxygen underground for production purposes,” compliance with new standards and new supply and has a scrubber system to remove says Anderson. best practices and are committed to doing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. One factor that has driven investment that. Similarly with safety, what was The use of PITRAM mine management
  7. 7. Inmet Mining: Çayeli Bakirsoftware, and the implementation of mine control room, we’ve given one of our seniorcontrol, has also been very important supervisors the ability to see the wholefor Çayeli Bakir in terms of improving mine, to see the big picture, and the ability toefficiencies and smoothing the running co-ordinate our manpower and equipmentof operations underground. “Mine control according to our short-term like air traffic control tower, but in an “PITRAM has been the backbone of ourunderground mine,” says Anderson. “In mine control philosophy and has led to anan underground environment, you can’t improvement in efficiency and allowed us toalways see the activity simply because it’s co-ordinate our resources more effectively,”separated by distance. By setting up a mine he continues. “That means that when “We believe that the techniques we’ve developed here work well and we will continue to refine them” The mine is located in Rize province manpower and equipment arrive at a certain One of the major ongoing challenges facing location in the mine, we know that location Çayeli Bakir is the nature of the deposit has been prepared beforehand. Previously, and the geology of the area. “Çayeli Bakir it was being managed by a supervisor in has been a very successful mine, but it is a the underground who was trying to juggle challenging mine too,” Anderson comments. the activities in his head—and when you “In a number of areas the ground is not very imagine that we’ve got around about 40 competent and we’ve had to implement a people working on any given shift, and about very rigorous ground support regime using 70 pieces of mobile equipment, it becomes rock bolts, cable bolts, mesh and shotcrete to pretty difficult logistically. So certainly, we keep areas accessible and protect the safety believe that the implementation of mine of people working inside. It has been a major control and PITRAM has led to significant challenge and one that I’m not going to say and measurable improvement in completion we’ve overcome—but in the second half ofEmployee at work of our activities week-on-week.” last year we were continually mining in
  8. 8. Inmet Mining: Çayeli Bakir C$15 million Investment made into improving efficiencies and conditions underground, 2011 excess of 100,000 tonnes of ore consistently month-on-month, and one of the reasons for that is the ground support regime that we’re using and additional resources that have been allocated. We’ve got on top of a number of areas, but it will still remain challenging for the life of the mine. However, we believe that the techniques we’ve developed here work well and we will continue to refine them.” While the mine is only projected to continue working until 2017, Anderson is hopeful that further exploration success may mean it can continue for longer. “Mine reserves are essentially defined by whether or not they are economically viable; and that really depends a lot on our cost structure and metal prices. So certainly I think that in that five-year timeframe [until 2017] we have to be realistic; and in the event that we don’t have exploration success or copper prices don’t go through the roof, we will be prepared to address both the environmental and social aspects of closure.” For more information about Inmet Mining: Çayeli Bakir visit:The mine is committed to www.inmetmining.comemploying local people
  9. 9. Inmet Mining Corporation330 Bay Street, Suite 1000Toronto, OntarioCanada M5H 2S8T +1.416.361.6400www.inmetmining.comProduced